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  1. Mostly boring static camera shots with a few shots with very limited movement. Nothing to show off the RS alas. Colours are nice, but I didn't like the grade in places.
  2. Not really. I never asked for 8K... or even 120fps 4K.. maybe some did, I didn't. In fact, what I was hoping for was a Canon version of the S1H camera with their own colour science and AF. Still waiting....
  3. You can't believe Canon would cripple their cameras when it comes to video functions.... On the contrary, they are where they are today because of it.
  4. If this is true and Canon finds a way to fix or minimise the problem, then good news for us definitely. Not good news for Canon as it will add to their costs and will deliver a whacking big blow to their status in the camera industry. Plus will give plenty of fuel to the Sony users in their feud with Canon users. 不不
  5. They were very quick of the mark with a custom built fan, so definitely they knew. Question is how? Did Canon give them the heads up? I can't see how else they would know and have one designed for the R5 body.. Maybe Canon saw this has something to pacify the video shooters when it became clear how bad the issue was. All feels a bit dodgy to me. If Canon do recall the R5 and R6, the forums are going to go crazy. We'll be seeing Hitler and laughing Spanish guy videos every day.
  6. That made me chuckle... I assume you're kidding; clearly the idea of drilling holes in a 瞿4k camera just on the off chance it may help, would be an act of desperation crossed with madness.
  7. DpReview has become a battleground for Sony and Canon users.. There are extremists on both sides. I feel Canon users are quicker to see that overheating is a potential problem with the A7s III after one video, whereas even articles by Andrew and a few early test videos failed to fully convince some here that the R5 and R6 had a problem there. Only after Canon acknowledging the issue and numerous other reports did finally the proverbial nail drop for some supporters. It will be intesting to see when these cameras become available to users whether all these arguments are actually justified. The Sony A7sIII appears the early winner for reliability, which is a shame as I don't have much time for Sony cameras and the Colour, IBIS and AF is a lot better on Canon. Another reason to hate 2020.
  8. I happily rig my Pocket cameras.... they're used mostly on monopods and tripods anyway. I'd be interested to see how handheld work with the R5 is restricted by the Tilta accessories; many will want to use it for Photo and Video at the sametime. Or even how effective the cooling is to handle the overheating issue. Its all speculation at this point.
  9. The fact that these cameras need a third party cooler to perform reliably only proves their design is limited in the first place. People complained about rigging up a Pocket 4k to make it work, and yet this camera is considerably cheaper than these models and the lack of IBIS and flip screen meant it was never a run n gun camera in the first place. How will rigging up the A7s or R5 affect handheld use? It'll be intereting to see if this tilta cooler does make a significant difference to overheating. Though to be honest, I feel we still don't know enough about the actual extent of the overheating issues in either Canon or Sony, and won't until users buy and work with them in real World cases as opposed to vloggers (biased or otherwise) testing them. I was hoping to pick up the R6 one day to replace my GH5, but Canon's whole release has felt like a fiasco. Sony A7s iii seems nice on paper, but the fact that its photos have less resolution than stills from a Pocket 6K undermines my requirements for a hybrid camera in the first place.
  10. Different lighting, different grading.... hard to tell if its the camera, the white balance choices or the grade choice... On a side note, I like the videos from the Sony A7s more than from the Canon. Not on an image point of view, more just for checking video themselves. I felt with Canon, all I saw were vloggings talking with some footage thrown in. I saw one video on a beach that looked great, and DpReview did one with the R6, but compared to videos linked here, its all talk talk talk I've seen with Canon videos. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, or maybe no one has been able to keep the Canon cameras on long enough to make a decent video out of the footage.
  11. What with Blackmagic giving us 12K, Canon 8K and Sony 10bit 4K finally, plus they're offering 120fps 4K as well; these are crazy times... So many new cameras with crazy specs to tempt us... And yet thanks to Covid, I'm so broke, I can't even buy a Panasonic G100 if I wanted to. (Which I don't). This year has been weird and crazy... Who'd have thought we'd be talking now about Canon cameras overheating and Sony being the more reliable camera for filming...
  12. Neither the R5, R6 or A7s seem to have really knocked the S1H from being a top hybrid camera for primary video shooters. Yes, 60p is cropped on the S1H, but uncroppped 60p 4K seems to have some overheating issues also with the A7s. Though the key thing to known will be recovery time. Canon seems quite severe by all account. I look forward to hearing real World use rather than tests done by vloggers. Its a shame Panasonic haven't mastered AF. I feel we are all still waiting for that perfect hybrid camera that can balance reliability with functionality.
  13. I'm reminded of a quote from Yes Minister where Sir Humphrey states, you should always tell the truth when people can find out for themselves. There was no mention of the overheating in the pre-publicity. Only when the cameras were out for review, were they required to come clean. Whilst they have given figures, it remains to be seen how applicable they are to real World use.
  14. So it's all the fault of the Olympics being called off that Canon is in this mess. 不不 If only they had gone ahead as planned, the R5 would be a glorious success and they'd have been used to film the whole event in 8K RAW. Assuming of course, each event lasts less than 20 mins and there's a significant gap between say the long jump and the short distant runner events to allow the camera to cool down. Did the organisers of the olympics allow in their design for rows of fridges to line the stadium wall to ensure the R5s have somewhere to go and cool down when not used. 不不
  15. Actually, a camera this size and price, shooting 4K 120fps fullframe 10 bit 422 continously without overheating is unheard of. Probably because it is impossible without making it slightly bigger and incorporating a fan. I'm sure the R5s unique features will be matched by competitors eventually, maybe as soon as next year; and will probably be more reliable and useful as well. Theres always a price for early adopters. What's the point of innovation if many of us can't use it practically?
  16. Canon is apparently DOA already and we haven't even seen rolling shutter tests. I agree, we should wait and see the results when the final camera is released. We need more than a few reviews before final judgement can be passed. If its as bad as suggested, I am trying to see how anyone would seek to buy these cameras for Professional use. The 8K and 120fps had created a lot of hype, which has built up since these cameras were announced at the start of the year. I guess what we are seeing is the down after the high hopes people had. Once the hype and over reactions fade, it'll be interesting to see where the final views of this camera lie. How many will buy it and what their experiences with it will be like. I am sure the 8K RAW and 120fps in a Canon body will be too big a lure for many and they will struggle through the problems and produce some great content if they have the talent. Sony endured many jibes over their overheating, often from Canon users. Now the shoe will be on the other foot.
  17. Popular movies will always get more money and more advertising. Comic Book movies are popular with the general movie going audience. That is not the fault of the people who make them. Hollywood wants to make money and comic book movies with some exceptions do that. However there are many other movies released each year and whilst they may not get the huge budgets and excessive marketing, they balance out the comic book stuff.
  18. Even looking on my phone, the 4K HQ looks a lot more detailed than the other examples. It would feel self defeating to spend all that money on a camera touting 8K only to use mushy 4K on it. This and the Cinema 5D review of the R6 have not given much promise for either camera for me. I look forward to seeing final results when the camera is released and hope its better then.
  19. This is worrying. I had hoped the R6 would perform better than the R5 for coping with overheating. I would be reluctant to use this camera even for short periods if its as bad as this review suggests. If this account is accurate and true for the final production camera, it makes a lie of anyone who feels they can get away with using either the R5 or R6 even for short filming segments as opposed to long recordings like Weddings. No doubt many have the R5 and R6 on preorder. It'll be interesting to read more accounts to best judge how serious the overheating problem is.
  20. To be fair, after months of no new releases, or news, we have had Canon, Sony, Nikon and Blackmagic all announce something. If there's a little frenzy on the internet, then its understandable. We've never had in such a short space of time, so much exciting news for forums to bitch over.
  21. Thats me. Stuck at home, no work. I use to bump into fellow Professionals whilst working and chat about gear, but not this year. Forums have become an escape. Its probably making the forum crazier than normal. However it won't be forever and once life returns to normal, we'll look back and laugh at some of these discussions.
  22. By that argument, it is unreasonable to suggest the S1H have decent AF, or the Pocket 4K having IBIS, AF, good battery life and a screen visible outdoors in the sun. Most cameras have their strengths and weaknesses. It seems many are happy to sing praise of the R5 for 8K and 120p 4K and Canons amazing AF, yet shut down any criticisms where the camera falls short. And yes, I won't be getting the R5 for its overheating issue, just as the lack of decent AF puts me off going with the S1H. I think if we limited any particular camera discussion to people who actually purchased or plan to purchase said camera, the forum will be considerably emptier.
  23. I agree the R5 is great tool for Photographers and a crippled one for video users.. Thankfully there are other options out there. Though not with 120fps 4K and 8K RAW. Though I'm sure that will change.
  24. No I didn't. That's interesting to know. Like you I hate proxy; much prefer to work with originals.
  25. I never ever share cards between cameras. I also use software to do a full format of the cards every once in awhile. More to eliminate cases where the unmanned cameras stop recording for some reason. But I have enough cards for each camera. The overheating is a concern. If its too bad, then the camera is a no go for me. If at worst it gives me 30 mins, then I can work with it. Its more for run n gun work where my Pocket cameras aren't the most suitable. I use a GH5, but AF is bad and I don't lile it for the odd photo jobs I have to do. As for the IPB, its not so much about look as about how easy it is to edit. I've been spoilt with BRAW and H265 from my drone is a pain to edit. Doesnt take much grading before playback is choppy.
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