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  1. Think that looks good although it does look like it was taken with a standard profile and not graded. Coming from the A7SII, I found SLog hard to grade and can spot it pretty easily.
  2. Great edit, bad skin tones.
  3. Personally, I think that video looked great.
  4. So IBIS the same as the RX100/ZV-1 series and it’s not very good. and no anamorphic mode. Booo.
  5. Is there a reason why the R5/R6 doesn't have anamorphic?
  6. The SteadyShot in the RX100 series isn’t very good so if that’s what they’re using, Canon has them beat in that regard.
  7. Thank for posting this. Are these all H265 MP4s? Or some of them RAW?
  8. Where are people downloading these R5/R6 clips from?
  9. At the risk of being savaged, has anyone actually seen a 'filmic' looking video yet? The videos I've seen have been good, you know 'video', but nothing close to what I've seen come out of the Blackmagics.
  10. Has anyone made any footage from either camera available for download?
  11. Geez, guy. Everyone gets that you’re disappointed.
  12. ZCam just breathed a sigh of relief
  13. BRAW Gen 5 is going to be really nice
  14. Pocket 6k Pro = the ultimate vlogging cam
  15. ZCam has the right approach with their interchangeable mount
  16. Right, it’s in a small body so it’s obvious they figured out the cooling issue.
  17. Weissman score 2.89, highest ever recorded. Amazing.
  18. It would be funny if this turns out to be, spec-wise, the ultimate vlogging camera.
  19. Watch everyone’s post be wrong here as Blackmagic announces a new camera dedicated to vlogging..
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