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  1. On 9/18/2020 at 11:11 AM, wolf33d said:

    In my opinion, here is what GoPro needs to make next year to truly stand out and offer a worthwhile upgrade: 

    - GoPro X. Bigger sensor than the 9 and 4K120p along with 10 bits recording. 
    - Gopro Max 2. Dual 8K30P sensor that gives a 4K image when you use it in Hero mode. It's like having a normal GoPro in every direction, no need to frame. And a mode that gives 2.7K60P when in hero mode (unlike FHD today). Same sensor size as today to make all that possible. 


    Wouldn’t the camera have to be a lot bigger to accommodate some cooling?

  2. 7 hours ago, Llaasseerr said:

    Yeah that's a fair point about not carrying the light meter in the wilderness. The grey card is great to have in your pre-roll though. For me personally I found false color a great quick way of doing it. For on-the fly shooting I use a vari ND and a grey card and wait til I get green hitting the card on the false color then I'm good to go.

    I hate frankenrigs too, but maybe look at getting a cheap small 5" lightweight plastic hdmi monitor with false color and custom LUTs like the Fotga. Just an aside, from what I gather the Pana S1H has a tool for exposing based on looking at a grey card - that sure would be nice in other small mirrorless cameras.

    I use the same exposure method - green card and false color.  It's a shame that Sony doesn't have it built in like BM.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Hangs4Fun said:

    I plan on mostly Sony TOUGH G cards (and a handful of original Sony UHS-II G cards (SF-G128) since those are V90 cards (well, actually HOLD that thought).  Also will be using some larger Sony TOUGH M cards which are V60 cards.  Most of my internal recordings will be on the V60's, with my B Roll and Slowmo on the V90 cards.  Will go external RAW for some, in which case, I have aquired several SSD's for my Ninja V (only one of which is an Atom X)

    OK, back to the V90 statement.  

    **WARNING**  For anyone who invested in those awesome Sony UHS-II G series cards like the SF-G128, SF-G64, SF-G32, they are currently NOT reporting themselves as V90 cards to the A7SIII (even though they clearly have the performance of a V90 card).  I brought this to Sony PRO Support today during a Zoom meeting, and proved that those cards generate the following error (currently) on the A7SIII:

    "To perform shooting with this setting, use a memory card higher than SDXC V90 or a memory card higher than CFexpress VPG200 Slot 1"

    He brought it to Engineer's attention today and will get back to me on what Sony is going to do about it.  Apparently those original G cards, just didn't have the label in the metadata of the media to say it is a V90 which is what the A7SIII's software does when you switch from mode to mode.  When you stick a memory card in, it handshakes with it and puts in temp memory info about the memory.  Then as you switch modes they have logic that ensure you have a V60 or V90 or even CFexpress Type A. 

    Will pass along more once I hear back from PRO Support.  Might have to hack the info in the memory card to use it like a V90, not sure yet..

    Good info, thank you.

    So any V90 card can handle all the modes including slow mo and All I?

  4. 3 hours ago, Kino said:

    If you look back on the clips that were posted, such as the plane at the airport, you can see that while Komodo has trouble with noise and low light, the color fidelity is not sacrificed as it can be with a lot of cameras in the $6K range. When the lights go down, the bit depth does not suffer: it does not go "thin" or start looking like 8-bit footage when you withdraw light. I can't speak to the colors in the grading process as I haven't downloaded any of the R3D files, but you can probably get it to match any of the modern RED sensors close enough. This is, after all, intended as a gimbal camera and not as a main one. So it is somewhat taking the place of the very capable RED Raven 4.5K, albeit in a very different marketplace. Nowadays, for just two thousand more, you can get a Kinefinity MAVO LF ($8K brain), which is an incredible camera for the price and I think a much better option as a proper cinema cam:


    Bang on color. Fantastic.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Ashit Tandon said:

    To be fair, Matt praised the camera and made one statement that made me jump out of my seat. He said that the colors on this bad boy were actually better (not as good but better) than the canon colors


  6. On 7/25/2020 at 3:26 AM, BrunoCH said:

    A music video shot on XT4 + Sirui anamorphic 50mm + Weebill S. 

    F-log 10 bit H265, Editing FCPX, Color grading Resolve with RCM, without LUT.


    Hi, A question about this setup..

    I see some shaking at the start. I thought the XT4 has IBIS so this wouldn't be an issue?  Also, since it doesn't have anamorphic mode, how do you actually shoot with that Sirui?  Anything special you have to do in post?

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