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  1. As long as those companies pay Sony to package their sensor features and capabilities, Sony will always be able to deliver more spec'd out products with CMOS sensors for cheaper.
  2. 8bit correct? I thought I saw that in the next firmware they will be adding ability to unlock 4K60p 10bit 4:2:0 internal recording and you only get the 10bit 4:2:2 with external.
  3. Well you in luck because Panasonic has awesome track record of adding features in consistent firmware updates. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to buy Panasonic over other brands. I know they’ll keep it fresh for the users.
  4. The S1 will get it in paid upgrade for V-Log and 4K 10-bit 60p internal.
  5. Wed photo video did a preview of it and the autofocus in video was pretty stellar looking, as in it looked like a Sony or canon camera.
  6. The Aputure Dec device is interesting but too expensive and bulky. I just want something that looks like a speed booster that has electronic contacts on both sides for electronic passthrough and an electronic ND powered off camera batteries. doesnt canon own metsbones? They could easily do this for their speedbooster.
  7. Not a whole lot right now. ? G9 has 20MP sensor (same as the Gh5). More robust IBIS. Pixel shift technology for ultra high MP photos (80MP) for static scenes. It’s a GH5 Tweaked a bit for just photos. It still takes great video but has a recording limit. I was suggesting Panasonic shift the GH line to be video centric and keep the G line photo centric. As I believe the strength of M4/3 is in video and it’s less compelling in photos. Unless Panasonic can deliver a high megapixel sensor with good enough low light to be compelling against full frame. People want that shallow depth of field in their photos now and m4/3 is just not going to do it out of the box. They are the better street camera in my opinion though. Smaller lenses means more discreet. I would like to see Panasonic move the GH6 in the same direction as they moved the GH5S. Less but bigger mega pixels for better low light. Dual ISO. Internal ND ? HDMI type-A out. Kinda like what Sony does with the A7sii versus the A7Rii. Tune the M4/3 format for video capture. They obviously think full frame is the future for their photo professionals. A GH6 with a fixed 16MP sensor that super-samples 16MP down to a final 10MP 4K image for added noise reduction and killer electronic stabilization (GoPro 7 levels and better). The cinematic pros can flip a switch and turn off “IBIS” and have their fixed sensor and 5K anamorphic modes. Improve the dual iso performance. Include next generation DfD AF. Support 4K 120p without a crop. Better codecs, better flip screen, better weather sealing. Offer a better ND solution (internal or via adapter). Anything is better than screw on lens NDs. That’s a great gimbal but on the heavy side. A Moza Air Cross 3 is a nice, light feature rich gimbal that I would recommend. I wish DJI would release a Ronin-S mini or something.
  8. A GH5S + a light gimbal (I’ve had my eye on Icecam Vision 3; anyone have experience with it?) is a killer combo that does almost everything well except maybe extreme DOF and if you need that then a speedbooster will fix it. In my opinion you can’t beat the versatility of a good m4/3 camera for video like the GH5(s) series. Almost any lens can be adapted to it. It offers a great balance between DOF and lightness/size of lenses and, when you need it, can be adapted to get the look you want. Every time. panasonic would do well to recognize this and deliver the GH6 as a full fledged video monster. Forget the photo quality. The G9 is better in that regard.
  9. Wow, I can’t believe Olympus dropped the ball on this one. This was their chance to prove they could pack enough compelling features into a M4/3 camera to justify the price point of $3000. If they had electronic ND, 4K/60p and amazing IBIS it would have a chance in the video world. Everybody wants the Pro full frame look now in photos. It’s over. If Panasonic doesn’t release a killer M4/3 camera with these features then I’m afraid GH5S will be the last m4/3 camera I buy. I’ll give up sensor size for compelling features any day. Stop adding compelling features....what’s the point.
  10. Consumers might have 8K TVs but how many will be playing 8K content on them? It’s not the screen sizes it’s the cost of storage and data transfer rates that drive resolutions. They start to become quite expensive once you reach 8K. But I’m sure Samsung or LG would love to sell you that 7 foot 8K television to hang on your wall for bragging rights.
  11. I would really hope Panasonic considers adding this to at least their GH5S cameras. It is a cinema-lite camera after all.
  12. I'd take better quality 4K, i.e better dynamic range, 10bit, HDR, compressed RAW codec over 8K any day. 5 years from now I'll take 8K standard. I think people are under estimating the burden of handling 8K video. With media costs where they are at today, 8K is just stupid in a consumer camera. There are a lot of factors that make a particular scene in a video compelling. Resolution is at the bottom. Yes, I'm aware a 480p video is worst than a 1080p, but there is the law of diminishing returns. From most important to least. 1. Audio 1.5 Composition ? 2. Lighting 3. Dynamic Range 4. Bit rate 5. Bit depth 6. Resolution (1080p and up)
  13. I think its scientifically proven that Sony users are more likely to die penniless and of heart failure caused by high blood pressure. Prove me wrong.
  14. Fuji did a spectacular job this year, except for the puzzling X-H1 release. Panasonic continues to be racked over the coals for giving, imho, the best ergo, codec, features, in a camera. It’s a workhorse but people are still complaining about its very useable (as of Oct) autofocus. Canon shit the bed, plain and simple. Nikon did OK. Sony A7iii weak sauce all almost everything but price.
  15. Latest rumor is that it has a built in ND filter. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-the-olympus-e-m1x-also-has-a-live-nd-filter/ Things are moving in the right direction for a $3,000 MFT camera.
  16. I have a GH5s. In real world use the noise performance has been pretty great. Stellar in fact compared to GH5. There have been a few shots in candle light that had some noise in the shadows, but I made the mistake and was too underexposed. Noise reduction in post and poof my OCD was fine again. Totally usable even before. Also, I don’t touch V-LogL. I’ve been using the HLG profile with Paul Lemmings LUT, exposing to the right, and it’s been outstanding.
  17. I agree. M4/3 can't compete in the megapixel race but it is well positioned with its tiny sensor to move in this direction. A combination of IBIS and electronic stabilization with feedback from an accelerometer and gyro (like the gopro 7) and you could have gimbal levels of performance. I can't see M4/3 surviving in the high end market any other way. I'd love the GH6 to have a 20MP sensor, 4K120p, gimbal levels of stabilization, Fuji/Pany organic sensor with ISO performance as good or better than GH5s, and internal ND (via the organic sensor), and articulating screen. Slap on the new 10-25mm f1.7 and you have perhaps the perfect run and gun shooting, b-cam, street journalistic style video-adventure -camera ever? I would pay good money (3K+) for this as well. If Pany or Oly could make a M4/3 mirrorless camera that I could take out of my backpack and run around and take 4K 60/120p stabilized video without a gimbal that looks like it was shot on a gimbal, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  18. I lurk. My post was in jest, but I'll take the credit for amply informing you. P.S. The Ari Alexa has not arrived yet.
  19. I think webrunner5 might be one of these brand infiltrators Andrew was talking about.
  20. Panasonic doesn’t want to use PDAF because they don’t want to pay a licence or royalty fees. Panasonic developed their own sensor so they don’t have to pay a licence or royalty fees. Canon has patents on DPAF and they aren’t about to give up the only thing that Canon has going for it. Sony owns the sensor market. They make the sensors in the DJI drones, in the GH5s, the Nikon D850, iPhones, etc...(the whole reason the sensor in the Canon R sucks is because its not a Sony sensor) Sony’s whole market strategy with the A73 was to set the price point lower to squeeze out the competition. They make royalties on all these other sensors used by a lot of their competitors. They can afford to take hits to their margin when they make money on their competitors cameras. Computational photograpy is the future. More powerful chips in cameras are the future. Don’t believe me? Pull out that iPhone or Samsung smartphone in your pocket. Look at what samsung and apple are doing. They are the #1 and #2 camera brands in the world. Panasonic needs to innovate in this direction. DFD is f*cking amazing for AF-S. I for one hope panasonic can improve on their DFD tech for AF-C. It can be generalized, software updated, and not baked into hardware. I’m glad they are taking an innovate approach to improving it with machine learning (ML). I own a A73 and, yes, the autofocus is good if you want to be lazy but it only gets you 85% of the way there for video. If you aren’t a vlogger or bad wedding filmmaker you are already shooting in manual to nail the shot and get paid. This FF camera is Panasonics lasts chance to be relevant in this shrinking market. They need to innovate the hell out of the mirrorless camera and offer something novel or die on the vine. I hope they don’t leave m43 users behind. The industry is moving to FF for the money, so they can sell you a $3000 camera with decent autofocus and $2500 lenses so you can hold it 2 feet from your face and be the next Peter McKinnon. I hope they have a m43 compatible mount and sensor that gives me multi-aspect ratio, can take m43 glass, can shoot great 4K 120fps m43 video and options for great FF glass if I want it. I don’t want to lug around a 200-800mm full frame lense that costs 14k and weights 9 pounds. This is the undeniable advantage of m43.
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