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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for a monitor for my bmpcc4k.

    Shinobi can be an option. I would like an opinion on this monitor and its visibility on sunny days.

    Now I have a swit cm-55c monitor that is packed with features but you can see very little under the sun (450 nits). In your opinion with 1000 nits can I see something? I would like opinions from those who own the shinobi or the ninja v (which should have the same panel)

    Are there any valid alternative under 500$?

    Thank you


  2. My pocket arrived today after 5 months of waiting, how wonderful to turn it on .. and discover a fried pixel in the center of the monitor .. Luckily it's not the sensor ... WTF? 

    I ike the camera I can not wait to test it well .. I thought it was a less noisy at 3200 and 6400 from the tests I saw on youtube.. But I must say that the noise reduction in resolve works wonders. The files are rich in information .. Just try to use the qualifier to realize it ..

    What would you do for the pixel? I would hate to have to wait any longer ... Now that it's half rigged (out of curiosity, how much did you expect from tilta? I ordered in February ... the wait continues)


  3. 6 hours ago, drm said:

    @jack86 My Wasabi LP-E6 batteries are 7.2V,  2600mAh = 18.7Wh. With that battery, I get from 30-45 mins of runtime. My Sony NP-F970 batteries are 7.4V, 6600mAh = 48.84Wh. So, if you are using a dummy battery with the Sony NP-F970, I would expect to get from 80 mins to 2 hours of runtime. 

    I suggest that you do *not* use a dummy battery. Put a normal battery in the camera. From your external battery, run an adapter cable to the 2 pin power connector on the side of the BMPCC4K camera. This way, your camera will keep running while you swap batteries. When you remove your external power, the camera seamlessly switches to internal power. This will allow you to run all day.

    This is actually one of my pet peeves about my GH5's and GH5S cameras. I run them with battery grips. If you remove the battery from the battery grip before the camera has switched to the internal battery, the camera will reboot. I have caused a camera to reboot from this numerous times on a shoot. Even worse, is you know that you will need to swap the handgrip battery soon, then forget to do it :( 

    You can get Sony NP battery plates that output 12V. Then, you just need to get the cable to adapt to the BMPCC4K power input.

    Thank you.. Very useful! 


  4. It's possible to put a dummy battery trough this monitor with npf? 


    The output voltage is the same of the battery mounted.... So 7,2 volt if I use this:



    Any risk? 

    I haven't my pocket yet (put my order the 4th November and still waiting :(

    With 10400 mAh how many hours the bmpcc4k can shoots? 

  5. I had read that we could use the camera on ronin S attaching it from the top ... I would like to know if with a second plate offset (used by the "Bubble Gum" boy) the ronin is pefectly balanced

    I sincerely hope so ...the combination ronin S and BMPCC4K could be my new way of working

    reading the manual I think they have done a great job .. a lot of tools available with quick access


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