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  1. why there is a shadow noise in the black areas?
  2. I am sorry for people who bought EOS R, this one is basically the same, also with eye AF, and almost half the price.
  3. https://aescripts.com/braw-studio native solution for Adobe Premiere (Windows only) works like as in Resolve!
  4. wow that is incredible we do not need ext monitors
  5. no I just found it on my youtube recommendation list. Technical specs: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4k Zhiyun Crane 2 Simga 1.8 18-35 Viltrox Speedbooster ISO 1600
  6. Is it possible to include a file transfer funcition? for stills and maybe video.
  7. finally, there is a constantly updated Bluetooth Android app for this camera. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.wolschon.bmpcc4krecord
  8. all prices are available for Tilta BMPCC 4K cage, here: https://www.cinegearpro.co.uk/products/tilta-bmpcc-4k-cage-for-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-4k
  9. Crazy how ebay sellers make more than double profit for selling BMPCC 4K cameras and people actually buy them almost instantly. We live in an impatient world.
  10. in this vid, the Viltrox looks more blurry but on other vids it looks sharper than Metabones. I am confused.
  11. quite nice with vintage lens (Takumar 50mm)
  12. I want to buy a stabilized travel zoom lens for P4K (that also fits on my Canon 700D). Dou you guys think the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO lens + Viltrox Viltrox EF M2 0.71x would be a good combination (no vignette, etc) for P4K? If I am right I should get around 12-200mm 2.4-4.4 with the speedbooster attached.
  13. anyone would recommend a cheap (under 50 usd) external monitor that has small screen (around 3.5 inch)? i would use it for screen tilting only.
  14. how is the slow shutter speed possible?
  15. what a terrible resolution at 120 fps. I honestly can't get why an awesome hardware intensive codec packed cam cannot do BETTER (less crop and blurry) res at 120 fps. It is not a slow-mo cam I know (and also I don't really like the slow mo hype around) but seriously, it is useless.
  16. I am planning to buy from ebay at around 1000 usd almost unused one.
  17. this is the best all-aound lens for the camera https://www.amazon.com/Olympus-M-Zuiko-Digital-12-100mm-Black/dp/B01LWC5IMC?ref_=bl_dp_s_web_2530050011#customerReviews 12-100 wide-to tele sharp whaterproof great construction great smooth focus ring fixed apreture and IOS.
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