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  1. I ended up doing this and they are supposed to be sending me some screws.
  2. Can someone help me? I can't find this answer anywhere and it's driving me crazy. I bought the zacuto hdmi protector but the screws stripped. I've managed to get them out but I need replacements. What size are the screw threads on the side of the camera by the HDMI port? The answer isn't in the gh5 manual.
  3. True. I was thinking since they made the micro cinema camera with the same sensor as the og pocket they could do something similar with the 4K sensor in a new body. I think instead of being able to put a pocket or micro on a drone they could just make a mid range that wouldn’t quite be an ursa mini pro. It would have in my dreams. Resolutions: 4K dci, uhd, 2k dci, hd cdng 4:1,3:1, uncompressed bm raw pro res 422 The ursa pro would have the resolutions, prores 4444 options, etc. That’s all just a wish though!
  4. I’d like to to see a new camera from blackmagic to replace the micro, but they should rebrand it as an Ursa micro with the following: -similar design to ursa mini pro but smaller -p4k sensor -mft mount -2 sd card slots, 1 cfast 2.0 -2 mini xlr (or full xlr if possible) -able to connect with ursa mini handle ...And with best wishes... -internal ND -3-4” side flip out screen on side or maybe (back like c100) -sony npf battery price: 2-3.5k
  5. I posted this on DVX but may get a faster response here. I purchased this but am new to log(vlog is my first log format and the gh5 is my first 10bit camera). If your lut says max IRE 80, Sould I set zebras to 75 or 80. Anything over 80 will clip the highlights, right? Skintones will still be around 60-65 ire on zebras? Sorry for the newbie questions. From the few tests I’ve done so far I’m really liking the “soft” variant. Edit: Sage answered on DVX. Answer: middle gray card and anything over 80 ire is clipped.
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