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  1. Coiii

    RED Komodo

    Continuous AF on the Komodo. Still beta. Impressive? Yeah.
  2. For this kind of specs they usually go for the most demanding recording modes. I think that the limitations on 4K30 applies to 4K24 as well.
  3. I made a mistake. R6 overheats an 30/35/40 minutes. R5 overheats at a minimum of 15 minutes atHQ 4K120 and a maximum of 35 minutes at HQ 4K60
  4. Canon released a full statement about the overheating issues. Basically says that the R6 overheats in all recording modes around 20/30 minutes. And R5 not overheats only in 4K30 full sensor (not oversampling). Every other mode overheats at 20 minutes. This will be a deal breaker for so many people. I didn't want to believe it at first but wow. Where I live I have +25 degrees Celsius from August to May approximately, with 7 months with 32+c. Damn!
  5. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    The catch it's the crappy color as usual. I don't want 16bit raw. Just put 10 bit raw, 4K60 and VENICE COLOR / CINETONE! Thats all I need.
  6. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    12mp would be a really dumb move from Sony. It should be at least 20mp like the A7III
  7. At first I didn't care about overheating because I rarely shoot clips of more than 1 minute, but after more reviews and tests this is looking really bad. I didn't expected overheating for the R6 so... I don't know, how Canon can fix this? I mean, I can totally understand the 8K recording limit/overheating because I'm not naive and of course heat will be an issue on a body like that... I'm trying to be optimistic here because I think that we all want better tools, but at least for me the R6 is not longer an option because the overheating issues and no All-I... And the R5? I really can't forgive Canon to not solve the overheating at 4K full quality. So, how can they fix that? One idea is maybe enable an APSC/S35 mode at full quality to not stress the 8K full sensor? Add CLog3 as an apology?
  8. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    I promise if this camera has Venice Color or the new Cinetone from the FX9 I'll sell all my Canon lenses and my A7III to buy the A7SIII with a GMaster prime set.
  9. On film set the cameras are always on. They only are powered off on breaks for lunch and diner (sometimes). But they are usually always on.
  10. Why would you shoot on set with a Canon R5 if you know that the camera needs to be on always on? If you have budget for a studio, crew and talent, you sure have enough money to rent a better camera for the job.
  11. That's some serious issue. But if you're shooting that kind of content this camera it's probably not for you. For me this is not an issue because I mostly shoot short clips (30 sec to 1 minute, and some short interviews of no more than 10 minutes), so if your're shooting short content for ads or commercial or narrative work you should be ok. Unless you're shooting at 40ºC I think?
  12. Seems fair? Do you want internal 8K? You will have to pay for it. It's like a tax for access to new cutting edge technology. It applies to every high end tech device. As for myself, I'm not interested in 8K. Maybe for some test, but 4K capture for 1080p deliver will be the way to go for me.
  13. Can't wait to preorder when it becomes available where I live. R5 looks the way to go. R6 doesn't have ALL-I right? Will wait for more video oriented reviews.
  14. I'm not sure if cinema raw light has any special property for "cinema" content. I always thought that it was called "Cinema Raw Light" just because it's a "compressed light weight" raw for the cinema cameras... And since Canon it's less compressed should be better right? It's just speculation because I don't have more info about any special capability of cinema raw light.
  15. I want that reviews now! It's too much to expect something equal or close to the C200 raw light right?
  16. Coiii

    RED Komodo

    This is perfect to me. Loved the feel, quality, colors and texture of the image. I'm waiting for the Canon R5 and the A7SIII to make a decision, but having the A7III and the BMPCC4K (With Canon L glass and Cfast cards) I think that the Komodo is definitely the way to go for something more cinematic and better packed (The BMPCC it's a hell to work with...)
  17. It's real! Now, I can't wait for the EOS R6 or maybe the EOS R II haha
  18. My computer nerd loves this (and loves Linus) but it's so dumb hahaha
  19. I can't complain about the stills performance. It's not perfect like native glass, but still pretty good. I shoot HLG on the Sony (HLG2 + BT709). I decided to shoot everything with HLG because it's my sweet spot for good looking image, easy to grade and good enough straight from camera. It also works very good with highlights. And to be honest, I don't like SLOG 2 or 3 at all. For me its a hell for grading and has a poor performance with blacks and shadows. About DR, I find that the BMPCC4K in real world (not controlled test or charts or stuff like that) its way better than the A7III. It has a way better handling of highlights and shadows, light rolloff its pretty nice and "noticeable" against the A7III in the same conditions, and overall it has a more pleasant image, specially with natural light. For me the A7III it's an amazing camera for events,, sports, food and stuff like that where you need more "fresh" footage, with vibrant colors, a lot of movement and detail. The BMPCC4K for me its more for narrative stuff, interviews or content with slower pacing. That's why I use the A7III for AF stuff and the BMPCC for more dedicated stuff with more optical variety.
  20. Yeah, I got the Sigma MC-11 adapter. It's cheap, good build quality but ZERO autofocus on video for the A7III. It focuses amazing on stills (single shot, eye autofocus, animal eye autofocus, tracking, everything works great) but I miss the video AF. I don't have any problems with manual focus, but my A7III it's mostly my gimbal camera, so AF it's a must.
  21. This makes me even more anxious for the EOS R II.
  22. I'm in a weird position right now. I have a BMPCC4K (love it) but I really hate the battery system (currently using it with a bunch of LPE6 and CFast cards) in order to keep everything small. I also have a Sony A7III for stills and video (mostly for the AF with the Ronin) and it works amazing with the Tamron 28-75. The problem? I have a set of Canon L Series (24, 50, 85, 135) They works amazing with the BMPCC, but I really miss the AF when using them on the A7III. So, here are my plans. - Wait and buy the next EOS R for amazing IQ and AF for my lenses (and sell the A7III with everything) I'm pretty sure that I'm going for it. - Buy a Komodo (and sell the BMPCC and the A7III with everything except the cards to make some money). Can't wait for that camera, it also has RF mount so its a perfect match for my lenses. That's it. I'm just waiting for the announcements to start selling.
  23. To be honest this is the first time I'm reading about this brand and their cameras. They look insanely good for the price, specially the Super35 at $3000. Can anyone please share some insight about the reliability of this cameras?
  24. Yeah. I'll need to check that. Also, anyone has used any Blackmagic monitor? Are they reliable? Any thoughts about the OS and how fluid it works with LUTS?
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