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    Canonnuser reacted to Django in Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?   
    latest specs sound great!
    i remember that shootout.. so unscientific with different lenses on each body.. and such weird "test shots" .. brown foliage, a baby & fruit lol.. 
    anyways Fuji came in 4th btw.. Pentax 8th.. it's all pretty subjective though (aside from iPhone lol)
    as a recent Fuji convert (XT2) after spending years on Canikon i must say i'm very satisfied with the Fuji X experience & results both in stills & video.
    what sets Fuji X apart are 2 things: X-trans sensor which eliminates chroma noise and gives a more filmic luma noise at high ISO & the film simulations which make use of Fuji's extensive knowledge in film color science. their AWB is also second to none, nailing even the most difficult mixed light situations.
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    Canonnuser reacted to OliKMIA in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    Indeed, WTF. Is it a sponsored post?
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    Canonnuser reacted to Robert Collins in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    You know I already find it pretty staggering the amount of patience shown towards Canon and their lack luster releases. It seems every other camera manufacturer can release products that their customers can get genuinely excited about. 
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    Canonnuser reacted to Michael Ma in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    That rolling shutter at the 55-57 seconds in...Doesn't look good.
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    Canonnuser reacted to OliKMIA in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    What a joke this company. What are they afraid of? Sony and Pana both have a professional cinema camera line, yet they still manage to sell small mirror-less video without killing their pro segment (incredible!). It could have been a hit with Vloggers and gimbal work, but no. I can't even say it's a disappointment, Canon is very consistent.
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    Canonnuser reacted to Oliver Daniel in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    Well, I don't usually get annoyed over a new camera release, but this did annoy me. 
    I see it as a completely utterly pointless release like it's some kind of sick joke.
    It's like bringing out a flying car in sexy colours which doesn't actually fly, it jumps. One inch off the floor. 
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    Canonnuser reacted to samuel.cabral in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    It doesn't have a clean HDMI output... oh my...

    https://***URL not allowed***/canon-m50-announced-canons-finally-goes-4k-mirrorless/
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    Canonnuser reacted to Eric Calabros in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    Did you notice that they just reused their 24mp sensor again (bean counter love this profit margin). So all other EOS cameras with this sensor (mirrorless or DSLR) could really output 4k in crop, but they deliberately didn't use it! God damn 
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    Canonnuser reacted to ajay in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    Canon's main strength is DPAF and to purposely remove it from 4k is ... vintage Canon. I truly believe they sit around in meetings discussing how they are going to cripple their next camera. I would have much rather seen this camera w/o the crippling lack of DPAF, ridiculous crop factor and heftier battery for $250 more.
    Why do I keep hoping Canon will wake up? This is a lesson in futility.
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    Canonnuser reacted to Andrew Reid in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I don't consider removing features like Canon LOG a committed spec bump for video users. The 1DX II is the kid at school who could have been president if only he did his homework.
    So two things going on here... the market for professional photo journalists and sports shooters... And the market for consumer electronics and televisions.
    In the photo journalist market Canon and Nikon rule and it is very hard to break the deadlock, props for Sony to try with the A9 but it's a first effort in a VERY long haul, especially to break the stranglehold of the Canonikon lenses.
    The consumer electronics market, the 1DX and D5 are nowhere, they don't often appear in shops or even on Amazon, and that is where 4K is most important for Sony and Panasonic, because it doesn't just sell cameras, it sells TVs and other AV equipment as well.
    Canon don't make TVs so they don't think they need to be a part of the market.
    Where this will hurt them is with the pro video and rental market, and with us enthusiasts... They are dropping the ball. The C300 II wasn't as successful vs the FS7 and FS7 II, as Canon would have hoped for, and it has already had a big price drop or two. The C300 is old, past it, people are selling them in large quantities... how do I know that? Because the used price has fallen so much (increased supply vs falling demand). The C200 II is the real replacement for the C300 but the reception has been lukewarm and the codec isn't competitive vs Sony. Perhaps they will drop the C300 II price further or quickly bring out a Mk III instead and drop the C200 down a peg.
    The reason the C-EOS camcorders are going to struggle due to poor video on Canon DSLR range is complex but all to do with the eco-system of EOS bodies, EF lenses, halo effect, marketing, brand perception, upgrade paths, up-selling, enthusiasts turning pro, all sorts of factors.
    Canon need to get a grip and fast.
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    Canonnuser reacted to Francesco Spiezia in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I am still an avid 1DC user mainly because it hits my checklist of needs and I love the image science. The sad truth is Canon will continue to dance around in the market between DSLR and 'Video Cameras' never truly creating a reliable roadmap for the user. Canon is the kid in school with all the potential but never applies himself fully.
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