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  1. @Andrew Reid Have you heard anything from Panasonic about the open gate being 4:2:2 and not 4:2:0? 

    In your article the screenshots show 4:2:0

    but the official release documentation shows 4:2:2

    Thus I'm kind of wondering if the messed up the documentation, or they will actually have 6k 4:2:2 10bit in the release.

  2. I just picked up a GH5 to replace/augment my G7. I'm just a hobbyist messing around in my workshop shooting tutorial style videos, but i'd like the footage between my two camera to be as consistent a s possible. My shop has decent lighting CRI 85 bulbs, and only one window that's blocked out while shooting, so its a pretty controlled environment 

    Thus I've been considering using my colorchecker, resolve, and probably a little manual tweaking to generate a LUT that could be be used to standardize ("correct") footage. I Know it wouldn't be perfect and would still require tweaks, but is would still be faster than grading everything from scratch, or using the color checker in every clip.

    Anyone think this would be worth doing? Any tips or suggestions?

    EDIT: It looks like I created this in the wrong forum, but I don't see a way of deleting it or moving it.


  3. @Andrew Reid

    I work in the industry (developer), and these types of issues where addressed several years back, its just that a lot of people outside the industry don't know about them.

    Other ways to combat this, is to have an xml sitemap so search engines can find your urls faster and easier. 

    another thing you can do is file a DMCA take down request when you see someone is using your content without your permission. I've personally done this, and gotten a few click bait sites shut kicked off google. For example if someone uses your words or imagery even if it links to your site, you can get them penalized.

  4. 1 hour ago, Vesku said:

    Generally I frame the video when shooting and GH5 has so good stabilization that there is not so much need for post stab. In most cases I would prefer more resolution with 16:9 than reduced resolution and unnecessary pixels with 4:3. The heavily compressed video would be better for 16:9 if the camera would not waste bitrate for extra height of 4:3.  

    The reduction is resolution is nothing 192 pixels or 3.7% of the width as you are almost at the maximum sensor readout. not to mention the cost of the  extra pixel height is negligible on the quality because its 4:2:0 sampling not 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 etc.




  5. 22 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Yes it is possible to use 4:3 as a normal recording mode and crop to whatever aspect ratio you like, such as 16x9

    It is only just dawning on me for some reason, that they added a 5K video mode, haha.

    Just like that! Bang, first 5K mirrorless camera.

    open gate shooting will be awesome!

    We can digitally stabilize, punch in, and down-sample in post while still being able to deliver in 4k! 

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