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  1. I'll be using it in a custom camera rig like this one I made for my old pre-amp. I was thinking a v-lock sysyem would give me the abillity to not only power the f4 but also the camera and a monitor.
  2. I've got no issues with constructive criticism even if it's negative. However far to many people go full a-hole because they can hide behind the anonymity the internet provides.
  3. I've had time to do some more research, and I've come to the conclusion that while more expensive, a v-mount system will offer greater flexibility in the long run. For mounts I'm looking at these. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1100249-REG/lanparte_vbp_02_v_mount_battery_pinch.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/839207-REG/Movecam_MOV_306_0209_BATTERY_BRACKET_FOR_V_MOUNT.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1142049-REG/wooden_camera_wc_204700_d_box_v_mount_base_unit.html The Lanparte unit is the cheapest and comes with most of the cables I would need. The movecam unit seems more versatile, but cables could be hard to find. The wooden camera unit seems the most flexible, but would be really expensive to get up and running. Right now I'm leaning towards the Movcam unit as all the outputs are regulated except one, and the locking lemo connectors mean one less thing to worry about. to mount the NP-F batteries I'll most likely use a cheap adapter like this one. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Battery-V-Mount-Converter-Alternative/dp/B075R8DMKF/ Thoughts or opinions?
  4. You need to be careful with this line of thought, because some times people go through life changes, Marriage, moving, child breath, family health issues, personal health issues etc etc. Any of them can have an impact on a creators content. The number one thing that annoys me, are the negative little piss-ant commenters, doesn't matter if its my videos or someone else's. They complain the presenter is talking to much. or not enough, is giving to much detail or not enough, is talking to fast or to slow etc etc etc. I mean honestly, it takes a special kind of a-hole to act like that considering the content they are watching is free 99.9% of the time.
  5. It depends on how it's used, and who is using it.
  6. Sorry i was unable to respond sooner ive been held up in a hospital while my first born came into the world. Id definetly be interested in that video.
  7. Can you share the components of your system?
  8. In a few days an F4 is going to show up on my door step, and while I won't need an external solution immediately, I know a few months down the road i will. With that in mind I'be been doing research into what my external power options are. Most small monitors and lights support NP-F batteries, so I'm strongly leaning towards a system that uses them, as that will limit the types of batteries and chargers I need. Not to mention I think it allows for greater flexibility. Hawk-Woods make several adapters that let you go from NP-F directly to hirose (DV-SQNR for example). IndiPro tools makes some more general solutions that also leverage NP-f batteries. can anyone recommend anything else that doesn't involve going to a full on v-lock or NP-1 style system?
  9. Just an FYI, it's no longer on sale as the "Deal Zone" sales only last a few hours.
  10. I have a love hate relationship with auto complete, any time I use a non standard word it trys to change it. ?
  11. Have you been digging through my camera bag? ? I do shoot with 2 cameras, and my second camera is a G7. I bought the G7 back in early 2016 for my honeymoon, it's what got me into M43. I purchased it specifically because I could shoot amazing stills and UHD video. My set up is as follows: GH5 is the A camera G7 is the B camera (hacked so i don't have the 30min record limit) RodeLink for my dialogue/explanations Azden SMX-30 for machine/room noises Saramonic sr-pax2 pre-amp to combine the RodeLink & SMX-30 signals as well provide enough clean gain so the gH5 is always set to -12 Besides a tripod, I've also got some cheap custom wall mounts I made so I could get shots where a tripod isn't feasible. Two of them are cheap articulated TV wall mounts, and the other is a wall mounted 4' light boom pole, that doesn't bat an eye at the G7 being mounted to it. Just today I purchased a Zoom F4 because B&H had them on sale for $420. I eventually want to get some testicle syncs as I hate manually syncing clips. I have two much light in the shop if you ask my wife, shes says it's like an ER. When everything is on, I'm dumping 86,400 Lumens out at 6500k.
  12. You can get everything or nothing, by that i mean you get everything the rear lcd is displaying or none of it. Audio levels are nothing to right home about though. I have emails out to a few places, but I expect this would be a buy it and then return it if it doesn't work type of deal in the end.
  13. What I'm doing, is documenting woodworking, machining, and welding projects in my workshop. I'm usually dealing with something sharp, abrasive, spinning, hot, or combinations of the prior. Thus, I try and avoid tripping hazards at all costs., I've seen the aftermath of someone falling into a saw blade before, and it's not something i want to ever personally experience. I'm usually moving around in the frame a lot, and nothing screws with exposure like dropping a shiny chunk of metal in the frame. That's why I was looking at 7" monitors I wan't see everything clearly. I could probably work with one of the 5.7" models, but is seems none of them have audio level functionality.
  14. I want to validate it, changing it is a different issue!
  15. The resolution coming through the app is horrendous. I've used it a lot, and in my opinion it's fine for checking framing, but useless for checking focus. Every time I look at it, I always feel the need to check the cameras lcd to verify focus.
  16. I'm just doing a one man show as a hobby, so I do everything. At times I'm far enough away from the camera that small monitors are pretty hard to see clearly.
  17. This will be my first monitor, but I've experimented with a 5" smartphone, as well as a 7" & 10" tablet. For my use case bigger is better. I'd go with a 10" monitor, but I don't want to pay for it. ? I looked at the Lilliput, Id prefer more custom function buttons if i can get them.
  18. I'm looking to buy a monitor for my GH5 in the not to distant future, but I''m kind of stuck on what to get at this point. What I'm looking for is a 7" monitor that supports UHD signal monitoring and has features like audio monitoring, false color, pixel to pixel, zoom etc. I've narrowed it down to 3 options. FEELWORLD T7 Pros: aluminum housing 1920x1080 IPS display hdmi pass through top and bottom 1/4-20 mounts Cons: only 2 custom function buttons and they are on the top The specs say nine grid, zoom, pixel to pixel etc aren't supported in 4k. This seems odd though because I have seen you-tubers review older models talk about how great the zoom like features are. also it isn't clear if they mean 4k as UHD or cinematic 4k as it supports both. FEELWORLD A737 Pros: aluminum housing 1920x1080 IPS display 4 custom function buttons that are on the front of the monitor Cons: no hdmi pass through The specs say nine grid, zoom, pixel to pixel etc aren't supported in 4k. This seems odd though because I have seen you-tubers review older models talk about how great the zoom like features are. also it isn't clear if they mean 4k as UHD or cinematic 4k as it supports both. only 1 1/4-20 mount on the bottom Bestview S7II Pros: 4 front mounted custom function buttons (one reviewer mentioned it can go to 7) physical on/off switch hdmi and sdi in/out 1/4-20 mounts on all 4 sides Cons: plastic housing the specs only say 38040*2160P @ 24,25,30 Hz it seems odd that 23.93, and 29,97 wouldn't be supported considering 24 and 30 are. Has anyone used any of the monitors or have any opinions on them? I have emails out to my retailer of choose, as well as the manufactures to clear up the ambiguities but getting response is a crap shoot at best.
  19. Are you asking about hybrid log gamma? if so its really just a different color space, namely rec2020 instead of rec709. Driftwood did a video about it, and i concur it's a pain in the but to try and grade on a standard definition monitor. here is the info from ffprobe.
  20. I just want to add a slight technical note to this. It's two different luts, that are designed to yield the same end results.
  21. It's true, people just complain about the electoral college when there candidate looses.
  22. It looks like it works pretty well, when you stay within the realm of reasonable. I'll never understand the jumping completely in and out of frame tests, Honestly who shoots that way.
  23. I really dislike all these people doing auto focus tests, as it seems like some don't know what they are doing, and others are just posting click bait to get views/subscribers. At 25p you are giving the processor very little data to work with. The higher the frame rate the more data points the processor has to work with and the better that auto focus will be. f/1.6 at 42.5mm and the distance he is is sitting from the camera, is again making the sensors job as hard as possible. if I had to guess He has a working DOF of about 3 to 7cm.
  24. The real benefit of the 400Mbit ALL-I over the 150Mbit Long GOP, is that it's much easier to edit, when you are editing at full resolution and not using proxy files, or trans-coding.
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