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  1. @Andrew Reid you are assuming that matters to the people making the decisions. For all you know, they could have pulled names out of a hat, or had an intern choose people based on whose work he/she liked!
  2. Your definitely not a very positive person when it comes to expressing how you feel about someone else's opinion or art!
  3. I specifically asked, and they won't give any details on anything that hasn't been released yet. I personally want to know what model supports luts and how much it will cost, as I don't see any benefit to the Atomos line of recorders.
  4. The F5 product page is finally up, and while i see what looks to be a few little improvements I'm still not overly impressed, as nothing has really moved the ball forward. http://www.feelworld.cn/ShowInfo.aspx?id=597&py=FEELWORLD-F5-5-Inch-DSLR-Camera-Field-Monitor-IPS-Full-HD-1920x1080-Support-4K-HDMI-Input-Output-Tilt-Arm-Power-Output Improvements: no limitations around the various zooming features when working with 4k input audio meters integrated battery plate integrated sunshade mount
  5. This is a public forum, if you only want to hear comments that make you feel good, you are best served finding a little bubble you can control.
  6. You must indoctrinate the children, no free will, or discontent allowed. You will take what you are given and love it.
  7. And what about the ”everything is awesome" bubble boys!
  8. How about air conditioning or cruise control
  9. O get over yourself! It's called a differentiator. It's like airbags in a car, at one time it was a gimmick, and 99.9% of people will never need them, but now it's generally considered a negative if a car doesn't have it.
  10. In some ways I agree, but consumers need to bear some responsibility. People don't use their damn brains nearly enough anymore, they are happy for someone else or a machine to do their thinking for them. if you want a laugh read this. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-rtx-gpus-worth-the-money,37689.html then watch this.
  11. Panasonic wouldn't implement ProRes raw, they would implement raw (not the same thing) out over hdmi. If they can/will is most likely a technical discussion not a sales/marketing one.
  12. I'm hoping the GH5 gets the G9's hi resolution mode.
  13. First off, lol... There is literally nothing you could say that could make me care enough to be upset. Secondly, By all means please continue doing what you are doing. You're doing a fine job of proving my (and others) previous points.
  14. Should we add condescending and an inability to take any type of criticism to the list?
  15. See, this is why you don't get any support! You paint the entire world as either for you or against you, when in reality its not anywhere close to that.
  16. @Andrew Reid Have you considered that your own words & actions have lead to you being excluded from events and what not? Honestly some of the stuff you write at times reads like a man PO at the world!
  17. Yea you are correct, i forgot it was added with a firmware update. But even so, that's not something you are going to sell to consumers.
  18. True, but the $7k AU-EVA1 doesn't have it. Raw out is $15k VariCam territory. I just can't see this happening, not at a price point where Panasonic can sell it to consumers and low level pros.
  19. so they released the F5 today per their Facebook page. From what i can tell, it's just an F550 with DC out and a tilt arm like the F6, so not very impressive.
  20. This sound likes someones complete daydream. I can't see this happening for under $5k!
  21. Did you have any issue with green cast with 801? I'm playing with some test footage I shot today to compare 502 vs 801. literally everything was set identically (and I mean everything) other than changing saturation to -5. 801 is darker, but when ever I try and brighten it up, i get a green cast!
  22. It would be a step backwards even for them as all their previous generation stuff has been in the 450-460 nit range.
  23. Your blind faith in Canons understanding of markets needs/wants is laughable. They have a history over the last decade or so of just sliding by on name recognition and past accomplishments. I would go as far as saying the are the most clueless of major manufactures. For example: 5D iV - 4k 30p 500 Mb/s M-JPEG , I mean seriously its not the mid 90's anymore.
  24. That doesn't jive with the marketing video then, because the first image on that page says the 567 is 300nits.
  25. Says the guy with ”psychotic online behaviour" under his name.
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