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  1. This is quite exciting.... I like the fact that Sony has finally decided to compromise the size for better thermals. Also they seem to have prioritized bit rate (hopefully) and frame rate over 6k or 8k....
  2. I had a very similar problem with a T5 a couple of months ago (admittedly when ipadOS was in beta). Ipad wrote to the T5 but then neither my PC or laptop would recognize the drive. The data wasnt critical so I reformatted the drive and it was ok. Thought it might be an Apple/Windows problem. The Gnarbox 2 is a great piece of kit by the way.
  3. I used to have the A7rii a while back but dont have it anymore so dont take what I say as gospel. Your problem is very 'unlikely' to be related to the card you are using. The problem is most likely related to the camera itself. The A7rii only has a camera to SD card write speed of a maximum of 36 MB/s. https://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/sony-a7r-ii/sd-card-comparison/ Given that an uncompressed raw file is 83MB, you are unlikely to be able to capture shots with a 1 second interval. Switching to compressed raw might help but then the camera needs some time to 'compress' the raw. Obviou
  4. According to Phillip Bloom who is testing Lumafusion 2.1, it should be released 'any day now'. I doubt it will have the changes you want but it will definitely have exporting xml for integration with Premiere and FCP.
  5. The gnarbox 2 is the real deal when it comes to this... (had it a few weeks) As SD card back up it is 'ok fast' - seems to match it 75MB/s claims - also does a checksum to verify the back up - lets you backup to the Gnarbox and an external SSD simultaneously. Integration with Lumafusion, Lightroom CC, Photo Mechanic (via the selects app) is spot on. Wifi transfer is fast and it lets you do usb-c transfer too (over 200MB/s on my pc.) You can do in and out points straight from the Gnarbox in Lumafusion and then it only imports the in/out footage. Wish there was better integration with
  6. This is a really interesting comment especially amongst a Group of people that really actually respect intellectual property rights (my background is more 'property is theft'). But surely the whole point of Colonel Saunders (KFC) is that his 'recipe' is a big 'secret' because you cant patent a 'recipe'. What you need for a patent is an 'individual ingredient' and while redescribing a bayer array might sound like one it clearly isnt...
  7. https://www.dpreview.com/news/3299480531/canon-s-dpp-express-app-for-ipad-will-soon-require-a-monthly-subscription-plan Amazing!!
  8. I dont see why inherently - afterall a video camera is essentially a 'high fps' 'stills camera'. The existing A9 shoots approximately '6k' 'stills' in 14 bit raw at 20 fps - which doesnt seem that far from a 'high quality' video camera and the stacked sensor is a bonus....
  9. I think there is a lot of potential to 'merge' the A7s series and the A9 series. People basically want the same thing - high frame rates, not so many pixels. The stacked sensor supports silent shooting without rolling shutter or video without rolling shutter (potentially). Both sports photographers and video enthusiasts like/accept a bigger body (with sports photography it better balances the huge lenses.) So the A9ii launch might be interesting.
  10. I actually think the delay in the A7siii is that Sony decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign a new body especially for the A7siii. I think we all know that the existing body design is essentially a dead end for advanced video both now and in the future. Look at the S1H - it is a much larger body than the A7 and it has a great big fan.
  11. I think that the reason Sony is showing no real love for APSC is because it wants its customers to migrate to FF (sensor manufacturer wants customers to buy larger sensors!!) This is where Sony has its competitive advantage - the A7r4 is two generations ahead of what Canon and Nikon offers (for stills) - as well as the widest lens offerings. So look at pretty much any a6600 review and it says - dont but it, buy the A7iii. Of course they will lose dedicated apsc enthusiasts to Fuji but I guess that is just collateral damage. There has to be a question of how dedicated Sony reall
  12. A lazy update from Sony. I am sure the reality is that Sony wants to push everyone to FF - so, as in Gordon's video - he says you are better off with an A7iii and Tamron 2.8 zoom. As such they probably give the job of a refresh to the mail room to do in their lunch break. I guess the 16-55 2.8 zoom might keep the vloggers happy - which Sony likes to do as they appear to be the main marketing arm of their camera division.
  13. I wouldnt count Canon out - underinvesting in their camera business looks, increasingly, a pretty smart move. Others appear to be 'rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic' while Sony is installing armchairs....
  14. I dislike iTunes and havent used it in years - even though I have some Apple products. What exactly do you use iTunes for?
  15. The Sony A73s can record proxies along with 4K in camera - however you lose facial recognition focusing...
  16. I would caution about getting out of adobe for stills. I have bought ON1, DXO and Photo Ninja in the past, ON1 raw is simply a buggy mess (and incredibly slow). DXO is ok in parts but quite limited in others (selected adjustments) and I am not sure that Photo Ninja still exists. Now Capture One is very good but will work out expensive (especially as you sort of have to upgrade raw developers with your cameras.) I always find myself going back to Lightroom. And Lightroom is pretty good these days (especially since the introduction of luminosity and color range masks.) Photoshop is unbeatab
  17. I am not optimistic. It seems to me that the whole social media - youtube/facebook etc - thing is 'one circular mind f**k'. It seems that peoples actions are no longer driven by themselves but their perception of other peoples perception of them - the echo chamber of life. IT seems an extremely efficient way of wasting time.
  18. Apparently over half of youngsters want to be youtubers/vloggers... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3617062/children-turn-backs-on-traditional-careers-in-favour-of-internet-fame-study-finds/ So presumably half the world will be youtubers and the other half will spend their time watching youtube...
  19. It was actually Sony who bailed out Olympus after the Yakuza blew a hole in their balance sheet (go figure). But realistically, these companies stay in the camera business because it is relatively sexy - or far more sexy at least than endoscopes (Olympus), photocopiers (Ricoh), image sensors (Sony) and microwaves (Panasonic) or however they make their money.... One would have thought that the market is ripe for a new company (DJI?) to come in and disrupt the market (like say Godox in lighting) but maybe the market is too small or consumers too entrenched in their systems to change.
  20. Camera companies have an enormous capacity for pain. Olympus's camera division last made a profit in 2009. BTW, Leica was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2004. I rather suspect that Sony sees its losses in cameras as a marketing expense for its sensors....
  21. Oh... there is no doubting it is a cash grab. Nice work if you can get it.
  22. The angst about Sony menus from camera 'reviewers' merely reflects the profile of 'reviewers'. Rather than using one camera system like most people, they typically 'test' an array of cameras from many systems. Sony menus are detailed and deep. My A7riii has 23 pages of options for setting up custom buttons. That might seem overkill but it does at least enable me to setting the custom buttons to do exactly what I want. Reviewers dont much like this because it takes longer to set up a Sony camera than others and they have the next camera review on the horizon. Some cant be bothered to make the e
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