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  1. Hi all,

    1. BMPCC 4K and Oly 12-100, but I also frequently use GH5 and A73. I had a hacked GH1 and footage from it still looks lovely even cameras have improved so much.

    2. I am from Finland and now living in the Netherlands. A hobbiest and working with public healthcare.     

    3. I still enjoy listening songs that I heard when I was a teen (such as It never rains by Dire Straits)

    4. I am looking forward to GH6 and A7SIII. Probably I don't need those, but I may want one. 

    5. I miss Finnish forests and sauna. I used to live in the UK and I miss hiking areas (National Trust) and Sunday roasts in good pubs.

    6. I have been following EOSHD every now and then since the GH2. 

  2. Hi Jon.  I watched your video with my HDR-ready LG television by using the internal Youtube app that typically shows HDR content. I also watched the video by using the previous generation AppleTV (non HDR). I was not able to see difference in these videos. Maybe the metadata doesn’t trigger the HDR.

  3. I have been using Lightroom for media management, but I just doesn't survive any more with GH5 files. I quickly tried acdsee, but it doesn't support them either. 

    What I am looking for:

    - quick browsing

    - keyword tagging

    - ability to see the content of the clip

    Any suggestions?

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