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  1. Thats one of the internet problems nowadays. Everyone has always something to say...something to add to a certain topic but the reality is that thats not true at all. Society as brought us here and keep forcing us to do that (to post something, to write an opinion, to share your own life and so on). And in most cases that results in posts and dialogues with insults and etc. Thats why i rarely post on facebook and although i visit eoshd everyday i dont respond or post a lot simply because i dont have anything to add in terms of knowledge.
  2. I know. It was a joke because of earlier posts on this topic
  3. The blacks are crushed!!! The blacks are crushed!!! Joking...Really nice image Aaron! Keep us up to date, now im curious to see the final result.
  4. I really loved the image that the D5300 produces (with flaat_10 or 11) but it was a pain in the ass using it with lenses with no aperture ring Basically thats why i sold it.
  5. Oh man...You made me miss my D5300 Now i have a G80. The PNGs look really nice.
  6. Dont do this kid! You are going to regret it :D
  7. Great video deezid! This video is so good in so many ways that is surprising that the first thing that cross the mind of some ppl is that "the blacks are crushed". If thats the first thing that someone wants to say about this video its says more about "you" than the maker (or the piece). Even if i think that the blacks should be "less crushed" (wich i also do, but thats not the point) thats the last thing i think after i saw i video like this. But hey....thats me.
  8. I bought a G80 for 730€ (shipping included) from CVP. I think lens turbo II has a nice quality (relying on many opinions online) and you can buy it from 130€.
  9. Hey Sandro. Check the Panasonic G80 and see if it suits you. I have one and i love it. Andrew reviewed it. Btw...take the refund!!
  10. EOSHD is so ooooooooooooold school. You should change it to EOS4K.
  11. I dont post that much because, in my opinion, most of the times i dont have anything relevant to add but i read the forum on a daily basis and of course you should stay
  12. Unless you will use it professionally almost any camera nowadays will do the job. I had a D5300 (i loved the image) but i switch to a G80/85 because it seemed more user friendly. It was the only thing that made me switch. But thats me! I had a limited amount of money and tried to buy something nice with that amount. A camera is just a tool to express ourselves and we need to learn much more than waveforms and such unless you only want to be a great camera operator. Lets all be honest....anything we can buy nowadays with 1000usd (as he asked) will be good. Very good actually.
  13. Is there any "real" difference in Film Convert between the default profile and GH4 profile?
  14. Hey jonpais. Go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeemingLUTOne/ Its a group from the Lut creator Paul Leeming. If you have any questions he usually replies very quickly. I also bought that Lut for my G80.
  15. A guy is posting a GH5 video as a test so all of us can see what can be achieved with the camera (plus a very good lens) and the first thing that cross the mind of some ppl is that auto focus is bad (as far as i can tell the lens is manual focus) and the style is not so good (jerky). Ok then...
  16. Hey Kidz! I read that you already made a few tests with different profiles and stettings on your camera, so...have you already tested the Leeming Lut One for CineD?
  17. Thank you for your constant feedback. Highly appreciated! Thinking about the future...its "sad" (and i guess im right) that metabones doesnt have an auto focus speedbooster with Nikon mount. Altough thats not my main concern.
  18. Yep, but sometimes you get that wobbling effect like it was stabilized with warp stabilizer (when E-Stabilization is activated).
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