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  1. Hey Andrew. I always watch in 1080p without any problems. 100mb fibre optic here.
  2. @jonpaisoh my god...unnecessary! You just acted like a spoiled child and without any reason to.
  3. Have you checked the files on the SD card? Because you can have auto brightness on the lcd settings and that gives you the illusion of exposure changes.
  4. This guy made one similar comparison a year ago.
  5. I agree with @kidzrevil here. And, everything is entertainment but not all entertainment is art.
  6. what about this one? https://www.amazon.com/Sevenoak-Universal-Alluminium-Extension-Mirrorless/dp/B01IB7XI98/ref=sr_1_38?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506705545&sr=1-38&keywords=sevenoak
  7. Everythings running smoothly. I visit the forum at least once a day and never had a problem with this new version.
  8. Check this ratio (male/female in high positions). Its the only thing you have to do to answer some your own questions.
  9. Its not that bad. I prefer the other theme (probably because i was used to it) but this one is ok.
  10. Check these videos: https://vimeo.com/kidzrevil They're from a user of this forum Kidzrevil. He uses tiffen filters (black pro mists and black satins) on his G80 and the image looks great. Check the Lenses thread also, it has some examples of it. I think thats what youre looking for.
  11. Thanks Phil A. After following Cinegain links i found that guy and sent him a message. As he only ships to Germany he didnt appear in my search.
  12. https://www.mailboxde.com/ seems to have an affordable price to ship to Portugal. Nice!
  13. Thanks a lot Cinegain! Really appreciate it
  14. I check ebay everyday looking for a BPM or WBPM 1/8 and i never saw a single one for that price (at least shipping to Europe). They are expensive. Great catch man! It was a single sale or do you have the link to share? If youre not in Europe forget about it
  15. Amazing! Its incredible the image you can get out of your G85.
  16. But its not wbpm...its just Warm Pro Mist 1/4
  17. Yeah, i know. Its impossible to find it here in Portugal! On amazon is out of stock. I found a store on the UK but they dont send it to Portugal and another one that wants 40£ for shipping I found Warm Pro Mist 1/4 on ebay (30€) but i dont know if thats what im looking for (i base my opinion on the example video from tiffen). I guess that one is very different from the BPM 1/8.
  18. Hey Kidz, nice looking footage as always! You wrote that you prefer black satin over black pro mist because it flares a lot. What would be the "equivalent" black satin of the black pro mist 1/8? Satin 1?
  19. Hey! Someone created a new channel with those vids. They call it cinematography database fan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtTjh6GOn218KbjhF8mtFLA/videos
  20. You should really try it. In 10 years (and couting) i only had 2 mobile phones (and i only buy one when it stops working) and i never, ever, use internet on it. By choice. I dont want to be online all the time. I dont need it. So, for example, when im on the bus or subway i like to listen to some music or just think about stuff and do a lot of observation. PS: But thats me and my experience...i respect who likes to be online on their smartphone.
  21. Steven Soderbergh does that very often. Directs and also does the cinematography. Just imagine that....it must be a very hard thing to do Imo you should NEVER do that. The same way a director should never edit, but hey....whatever works for them
  22. Bizz

    Ir filter

    You're a very kind person.
  23. WOW! I did not know this! This is epic!! PS: Your opinion is epic too...but not as much
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