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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Best 120p + camera advice   
    Nx1 is very good at 120fps.
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    rooney111 reacted to SuperSet in GH5 180fps Clips for Download   
    It's a little early but just playing with those clips a bit more, I'm really not that happy with the colors. This reminds me of my GH4 and my struggles getting really good color out of it. It's a little better than my Sony A7s and 6300 but not as good as the Samsung NX1. 
    To be honest, I'm a little bit less enthused about it now than I was last week.  Hmmm.. decisions..
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    rooney111 reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    180fps looks like it does suffer aliasing and moire to quite a severe level but it's great as a creative bonus.... NX1 120fps probably a bit better but that still has aliasing and moire.
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    rooney111 got a reaction from Kisaha in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    Very surprised how the Fuji decided to not to implement touch into the XT2. Touch focus imo is a very handy feature. Also surprised it didn't make way into cons list, imo a camera of this day and age could use with touch focus at least as an option if required. But nevertheless XT2 seems like a beautiful camera with nice performance to match.
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    I'm very, very happy I own the NX1. Even happier now that no new camera still matches it as an overall camera system. With the 180mbit hack and the new arouke's luts my footage is more than great, for my own standards.
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    rooney111 reacted to Nathanael McKinley Myton in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    ah indeed you are correct. I did read a good part of the article, but ended up skipping around a bit as I was got a little bogged down in some of the minutiae of crop factors and comparable cameras. And notably didn't see a 50mm in any of the pictures (I like pictures)
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    A big "bravo" to Andrew, being the one and only, still mentioning the NX system cameras.
    Despite popular belief,
    1) the cameras haven't self destruct, yet.
    2) There are still new ones (that means, with new warranties that last from 1-2 years since purchase),
    3) Samsung still services cameras (at least in Europe that I have positive experiences),
    4) are still top overal hybrid cameras, for the reasons Andrew mentions plus 28mgpxls, 15fps, hack/mode scene achieving great things, battery life (anyone using 5-8 batteries for a7 cameras, will appreciate using half on NX, for the same amount of work), you have to grab one to realize the unbelievablr handling, and use one to appreciate the very clean and clear menu system and exceptional ergonomics.
    Thank you Andrew for your unbiased opinions. To be fair and honest is becoming more and more rare in the new era of nationalism/financial instability/isolationism/alienationism/e.t.c
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