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  1. Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm f/2 ZF.2 on FX Perfect for astrophotography, landscape and close focus is pretty good.
  2. Should be great for the east coast winter too then ... cheers !
  3. how cold was it outside... any trouble with the gimbal and cold weather so far ? thank you good footage btw, I love jasper area
  4. Dxo marks always been like that. It's not THE reference ..it's only a reference for those who actually know how to read the graphs and analyse some of the results. Overall score means as much as saying that the sky is blue.
  5. bigfoot

    nikon d750

    can't wait till the price drop a bit on the used market... and I'm getting one ! Is it just me of this could be a great b-cam to, let's say a Sony F3 ?
  6. ohhh and .. bring 2 body for sure! Bring your favorite nikon and the a6500 working together. Master each one and use them for specific usage. You will know how much shadow you can lift for each one and how much highlight you can protect. Nikon for Sunset/sunrise lapse and everything under 640iso Sony for 4k/120fps gimbal/tripod and milky way/moonlight timelapse Drone for BTS and few insert shots And a sony E to F-mount, same mount - same lenses I've been doing the Nd grad trick for timelapse and landscape since I started doing landscape photography maybe 4 years ago. With the A7s or even my "old" canon 6d, I don't have problem to squeeze the full spectrum of raw data of those camera and they aren't as good as nikon for DR. I haven't tested the a6500 yet but it shouldn't be a big concern.
  7. just get the a6500 if you still unhappy about the DR ..... just get 0.6 or 0.9 ND soft grad for landscape shot under iso 640
  8. bigfoot

    GH5 Prototype

    Highlight rolloff look quite bad ! Seems to burn really easily ... looking forward to see Vlog footage
  9. bigfoot

    GH5 Prototype

    https://livestream.com/accounts/687825/events/6757150 Boring projector talk right now ...
  10. bigfoot

    GH5 Prototype

    panasonic is live at CES, lithium talk for now
  11. some fan boy will always be fan boys... It's just a tool guys, know what work best for you and stop preaching
  12. Don't get me wrong, I really like Bloom stuff... especially is new instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/unmotivateme/ Just not as accessible as other youtubers ... it's not the platform where he will shine at best.
  13. Philip bloom is also a very cynical OP with depression and a very big self-esteem. Rub a lot of people the wrong way... Kaiman Wong went easily over Philip in the "first month" (off DRTV) being on youtube, is always very sarcastic but at least he's funny and understand a bit more the youtube market. You have to understand who is the major viewer on youtube; young geeks. Look at Pewdiepie market.... 50 millions sub
  14. Charlie said: not fast moving subject... Even my a7s with metabones and canon 16-35mm f4 IS was fine in AF with the center point for those subjects. otherwise, nikon have great option also F-mount is quite adaptable too... just focusing backward, mehhh whatever.
  15. I could send plenty of landscape example shot over the last 2 years with it... but I don't feel the need to prove anything here, just saying... the PHOTO mode is awesome too (coming off a canon 7d, canon 6d, nikon d90, nikon d70s, fuji x-pro1 past user)
  16. Of course, STILL a great PHOTO camera Kisaha
  17. You have no idea what you are talking about....? a7s is a great camera. Raw files are amazing, pretty much any lens will be sharp with it. DR is great overall at low iso (13 stop) and really good at high iso (10 stop / 6400iso). 12mp is more than enough for anything out there ...more than that you are a pixel peeper or cropping the shit out of your photos...! Low light is out of this world. 1080p60 s35 is amazing, 4k output too. 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.3x / 1.4x / 1.5x crop without significant loss of quality Slog2 can be tricky but isn't that hard to master and PPoff with 16-235 re map work good for colors straight off the bat. You can adapt any kind of lens on it. Wifi is fine and great for remote shooting. E-shutter for timelapse - buffer is quick enough with a good card to shoot 1 fps continous for smooth sunset / sunrise Peaking/ zebra and all that fun stuff 2.8k aps-c is upscale to 4k on the hdmi out too... No overheating or what so ever on long recording ... i've done often 4h-6h of prores combine with the atomos shogun Autofocus, I have not a single idea... i've never cared. Don't hesitate to buy it... highly recommended. A great tool overall
  18. Can't tell a story with a 80d? you definitely have to get the f*ck out for a walk, put some lipstick on and look at the pretty problem in the first mirror u can find...
  19. Someone had some bitter vengeance cereal last night !
  20. I'm not the biggest fan of sponsored content. But it's the age we live in, unfortunately. Instagram and facebook for example have sponsored content all over the newfeeds, like ALL OVER. The video of the 80d is uploaded by Canon USA on youtube. They pay their publicity like everyone else and target the right mass. I don't see why they are so evil about it. Nofilmschool had this one with DJI a few days ago : http://nofilmschool.com/2016/11/introducing-dji-x5s I'm not a big fan but I will still follow nofilmschool once in a while. As a business owner myself, there's not a thousands road ahead... Eventually; you make you're own publicity and you sell your own salad. At least they put it out clearly, sponsorised post without ANY mention is much worse of a plague to my concern.
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