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  1. 53 minutes ago, Ty Harper said:

    This one still holds up too ūüėā¬†

    And off topic but his latest poke at Canon and the other cam companies is prob the best one he's done yet, lol...


    It is a pitty that because of these brand fanatics, such as Fuji fan boys, Canons fan boys, Sony, Black MAgic, cinematic extremists and such, inovative camera manufactors such as¬† Samsung, for a period, dont achive success. Despite all the money they invest, and their products being so superior. Now Samsung NX owners are stucked ūüė쬆, because they cannot adapt their gear to any new camera body to come, from other brands.¬†

    Dont forget this video: If i owned a Pro BMC 6K I would be ashamed ūüėě

    1080p crushing 6k?!?!?! Crazy world





  2. 7 hours ago, FHDcrew said:

    Why are we responding to a 5 1/2 yr old post out of the blue?

    ?!!? It is 2023. It is my way of saying, happy new christmas. MAybe they should delete all posts from previous years. Maybe we should all delete the past from our existence, right?!??! 


    I think I made my self clear. Someone should compare the NX1 4K video, against the all powerfull Fujifilm H2's 8K video. After almost 10 years, The Nx1 is still the best hybrid APS camera around... Eat this, Fuji fanboys!

  3. On 5/16/2017 at 11:22 PM, Kisaha said:

    @mercer I didn't offend anyone and I didn't tell you to "shut up", like you do.

    sorry for the language mistake, I am sure your Greeks are worst than my English.

    It is kind of childish that I have to prove that I have a bigger show reel than yours (which I do, by the way). 

    Take a chill pill first, and if you have any facts to add to the conversation please do, I replied with 5 facts, and you with a personal attack and bullying.

    Also, no one needs to know you dislike certain people, you can PM for that.

    It is a cameras shoot out with the NX1 which I am using for a lot of years now, I have the right to express my experiences.

    Hi Kisaha, remember me? Flip21 from Portugal? :)

    People are dumb, Kisaha. People follow a brand even if there are other brands  making better products, and cheaper too. It is crazy. It is like a religion.

    Only someone really stupid can not see, how the Nx1 image is superior, in everyway. If you zoom 400% you can see that the NX1 video is much more detailed, and crisp. But these cinematice freaks call it oversharpened image... hilarious!!! Cinematic people love soft, out of focus image. 

    I just love to see the NX1'4K video against the Fuji H2' 8k Video. I bet people would be surprised. Well, Fuji fanboys would be in a state of shock... Go Samsung! :)

  4. 1 minute ago, Marcio Kabke Pinheiro said:


    Let's go back to Nikon.

    I wish... Covid 19 is destroying business, as it was planned, by the great reset-the 4th revolution. It ruined my life, and many others... It is an important subject... it is an unavoidable subject right now, because it is the cause of all this economic crisis, not the virus of course, it never was about the virus,¬†but the draconian measures taken... I fear for the camera industry... chinese smart phones will kill the business, now with the help of covid measures, and corrupt leaders... ūüėě









  5. 15 minutes ago, Marcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

    For tinfoil hat speech, I have another video forum to suggest to you...

    Yes, everything that goes against the official narrative, makes you mad, because you cannot live in a world other than the one thought world, you cannot live without believing that the system cares for you: The nazis used to say: it is for your own safety... so you use the same strategy communist use to avoid discussion, that is. labeling people: like tinfoil, saying that someone that question this covid fake pandemic believes in flat earth, is a conspiracy theorists.... well, I f I'm all of that, and if you believe that something created by Bill Gates's propaganda machine, that affects only 1% of the entire population can harm you, well, you are just a useful Idiot, as Lenin said... I know the forum right for you: its called OCD Forum, it deals with the virus fear paranoia, and it has no cure, unlike cofake LOL 

    Here your Savior... LOL



  6. This is all because of this cofake-1984 pandemic hoax... People be aware. They are destroying jobs, economy, everything, for the great reset. These draconian measures are being implemented by these technocrats globalists... There is no pandemic. No health problem, only a political one... Devide and conquer, this is their aim...

    We have to fight their agenda... otherwise we will be all out of business soon. There is no cure for the hunger virus.




  7. On 6/9/2018 at 2:28 PM, Andrew Reid said:

    No really, the dynamic range is fine. You have to get the settings bang on. Gamma DR, -2 contrast (not too low), 16-235 and Smart Range + ON. I adjust the master pedestal as well and increase bitrate with the hack.

    None of that existed in firmware 1.0, so people thought it lacking. It isn't.

    The sensor tested for 12.8 stops on DXOMark if I remember correctly...That is more than a Canon 1D X Mark II and 1D C.

    On the build quality I'm afraid I have to have a divergent opinion to you sir there as well! It's superb for the price. All the controls feel solid and the magnesium alloy chassis feels like metal not plastic like it can do on a lot of other cameras (cough, cough GH4).

    It's also very responsive. When does it ever lag? Have you seen how fast it puts down a 28MP RAW before starting 6K readout for video? Compare that to the GH5 with it's laggy end to recording video and on many other cameras there are much slower buffer clearance times.

    Colour science is in Nikon-Canon league.

    Autofocus with the S lenses is superb, on-chip phase detect.

    Better ergonomics than a Sony A7 III.

    £800 used.

    NX-L for full frame.

    It's still the best bargain ever.

    So feel free to nitpick it on the basis that your battery grip might be faulty ;)

    Where can I buy the NXL? Is there any one willing to sell one to me... thanks :)

    On 6/10/2018 at 10:14 PM, Kisaha said:

    That's not bad I guess,


    and honestly, I haven't seen any worthy footage from you either, whatever expensive camera you have bought the last few years.

    NX1 was competing with the GH4, 7Dii and some 16megapixel Fuji cameras with barely any video capabilities. So glad I did the "mistake" and invest on the NX system.

    well said Kisaha... :) It is because of people such as DBounce, that great products like the NX1, don't go any further, and disappear from the market, with no follow up products... people should buy the best product, the best bang for the buck, and in that way, reward the efforts of such brands such as  Samsung that deliver better and cheaper products than competition... for me the NX1 has no parallel. It is simply the best camera I have ever seen to this date...  

  8. Maybe he is a lost cousin of Michael Jackson.... Remember the Jackson five? Jackneeson is a kind of mixture between the Jackson family and Liam Neeson... It could also be the name of a new Samsung Camera... Just imagine, Samsung Jackneeson 2... uau!!!!!! 

    Oh well, what the hell am I doing ;) At least you know that I'm for real, and not a bot... LOL

  9. 4 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    In final testing stages now, so early next week hopefully.

    snif, snif... you didn't answer me Andrew :(

    By the way, I've seen your videos. I love electronic music, and bands such as Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Underworld... and I just adore your videos, I love Radioctivoty, the music reminds me those old C64 musics... and of course kraftwerk :) 

    Listen andrew, I also do Electronic Music... My project is called Lollipop Boy. Do you wanna make me a video? ;)

    Here is one of my musics... the video images are not mine....



  10. 4 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    I edited my comment because I couldn't be arsed arguing the toss with you about a product that you have absolutely zero knowledge of.

    I haven't changed my mind about that one iota with your additional comments.

    Seriously, I would rather hit myself over the head with my router than debate this with you.

    So I'll just step out of it now thanks.

    You see you have these great scientists that are really concerned about the public health and you make fun of them, and the other one, the greek guy, thinks that's funny... that I don't understand...

    Do you really think the industry cares about your health? LOL ...They care about profit.... 

  11. Just now, BTM_Pix said:

    I'd be shocked if I'm not older than you to be honest but don't let that stop you patronising.

    My father died from Mesothelioma so I'm well versed in asbestos exposure thanks.

    With regard to your assertions about this particular device though....

    1) Do you own the product?

    2) Have you measured its emissions and discovered them as being outside of accepted standards and alerted the relevant authorities ?

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say you haven't and are therefore talking from a position of not knowing what you are talking about.

    With all due respect.

    Sorry to hear about your father... :(

    Accepted standards!??!?!? Those are established  by the industry itself.... anyway, there are so many wireless devices, do we really need all of them? Even if there were really those accepted standards, that are always changing overtime by the way,  we have to deal with the sum of all those devices that are producing radiation, and cumulative effects (a tumor may take several years to grow)...One thing is for sure, there is and there will always be conflict in interests...

    The rise in tumors cases, and MS, and other neurological diseases are due to environmental pollution.... which affect all of us, not only the people that use wireless devices... I was happy to find finally a way to connect my tablet via a wire HDMI cable, for health reasons... but what is the point if it comes with a router, and one that is really near my sensitive brain...


  12. 21 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Thanks! Am keen indeed for this. Could probably stick it on the director's monitor to then pass it to me so I get to keep a rough idea of framing (which is all I really need from it, it wouldn't be a dealbreaker even if it had a dozen frames of lag). 


    Looking forward to it!

    Bonus?!? Two antenas?!?? more Wireless radiation?!?!! Electromagneric radiation for free... Yupi!!!  Brain tumor, I'm so happy... hurray.!!!!..  not!!!

  13. 1 hour ago, Snowfun said:

    If that were true then absolutely, if you want to compare technology then go ahead.

    But your posts do also refer to Panasonic owners ‚Äúgetting nuts‚ÄĚ (?) ¬†and the need to feel ‚Äúsorry‚ÄĚ for Sony owners. That‚Äôs not technology - it‚Äôs about people.¬†

    Point out why, for you, the Pocket is the one you’ve preordered (I assume you have) but there’s no need to insult Panasonic or Sony owners et al. For me, I preordered because of an irrational belief that the image quality will be superb (irrational solely because I’ve not seen any) - I also own Sony cameras and I’m fine with that.

    No, I didn't preorder it.... I just said that¬†Panasonic owners ‚Äúgetting nuts‚ÄĚ in reponse to the IronFilm provocation ;)¬† ehehe

    I just want the best bang for the buck. We already know how technology is, things tend to be cheaper, and better overtime--- what I really wasn't used to was to brand's fun boys. I went from Sony to Canon, then to Panasonic, and then, to Samsung...  because I always wanted the best camera, but also the cheappest one too... but I really don't understand why people stand for their favorite brand, no matter what... I wasn't used to fun boys... I though people wanted the best camera, and also the cheaper one... people get really senstitive when people say bad things about their favorite brand gear... 

    When I talked about felling sorry for Sony owners, I meant why did  jase "attack me", and didn't do the same thing when IronFilm said the A6500 comes with overheating? 

  14. 15 minutes ago, jase said:

    Wow, just wow.

    I feel so sorry for you for feeling the urge to state sth like that.

    I'm not sure If I understand you correctly. We are only talking about technology here, don't be so sensitive, relax man ;) ... anyway, I didn't start this provocation ;) ....don't you feel sorry about Sony owners? People are always making fun of them and saying that their A6500 overheats?!?!? I bet you are a GH5 owner? Right? :)

    I don't feel the urge of anything, I'm just saying that one shouldn't be so extremist in defending a brand, because in the end Brands only care about making money... when people start being brands fun boys, it "annoys" me... I always look for the best bang for the buck... the GH5 price was really high, and even so people bought it. It was a worst camera than the A6500, and 1000$ more expensive, with terrible AF.... GH5 owners got really angry also when the GH5s was releases. Is the same with Sony a6300 owners, they feel deceived when the A6500 was released with IBIS etc... 

    PS: I take the "eheh" from my previous comment back ;) ... I din't mean it :(

  15. 16 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Do they throw in overheating for free?

    yes, I guess so, but the viewer/audience doesn't care about that. He wants the best IQ possible, and things in¬†focus ;)¬†. The GH5 IQ is really bad, comparing to the A6500, or any APSc camera, and the AF... it is awfull... but since you are a Sony hater, you can buy the Fuji T20, for 800‚ā¨ ;)

    As for the IBIS you can buy a cheap gimball, for 200$. The A6500 is really light...

    One thing is for sure, GH5/GH5s owners will loose their nerves, and get nuts, when their favorite and expensive panasonic camera price start falling down when we reach September 2018... they will get crazy about the fact that they loose so much money  in a couple of months or so....  eheh

  16. On 23/03/2018 at 9:14 PM, Matthew Hartman said:

    You're starting to scare me bro. Should I be worried? 

    Of course not, I cannot hurt a fly. :) LOLOL You see, I was born with Monthy Piton and British nonsense humor... Woody Allen, etc... I was just kidding... LOL


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