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  1. I had the same.. found on the BM forum that you have to manually go into the audio properties on your PC control panel and put it to 48000 Hz (in my case) ... this worked for me.. cheers Gareth
  2. Yes I'd second the Juiced Link RM222 or RM333 boxes.. very good quality audio. It gives, to my ear,every bit as good a quality direct to the camera as a H4n for example. Saves having to sync up in post. Cheers Gareth
  3. Yes many are jumping ship to the Sony's (FS5/7) ... Which if and when I need a new camera I will look at. It's a shame Canon has this continual policy of restricting their cameras in the belief they are protecting the higher end models. Sony's policy proves that this is a fallacy. The FS5 is indeed a very well spec'd little camera... However I shall stick with the C100 for the moment. I've rigged it so it has all the functionality I need... and remains as compact as the FS5. (I hate these massive franken'rigs). I don't need 4K ... not sure I when I will. Slow-mo would be nice, but is not a deal breaker. And I have a bagful of Canon glass that works so well with the DPAF.
  4. Hi there Thanks for a very interesting post. A nice side by side of the three cameras. However, I’m not totally in agreement with your summary of the models. The reasons I still use the C100 are numerous and for shooters like myself, posting to the web, it is still a relevant camera. You have based your assessment purely on image, (which is fair enough) and from that test I actually think they look pretty well matched. But there are other factors to take into consideration. The C300, your winner, (as it would be mine), is 4.8 times the price of my C100 new (6x more than I paid for an as new, used model with DPAF) so I damn well hope it is a better camera. The same can be said of the 1D C at double the price. (B&H prices). Ok the AVCHD codec is not great, but I think it actually stands up pretty well for web-based content. If you need a stronger, better codec then a Ninja can provide that. Sharpness… on the shots in your test that were actually in focus, the sharpness seemed comparable. Again the external recording on a Ninja is fractionally sharper on the C100. The DPAF is brilliant for fast moving stuff… But compared to the 1D C, whose images I actually find the most pleasing in your test, the C100 has a far better form factor. The DSLR’s are horrible to use for video. I find built in ND’s, a proper handle, on-board audio, phantom power, peaking, wave form, Zebras etc leave any DSLR sadly lacking. These are to me far more important than a marginal picture quality improvement). It would have been nice to see a properly exposed shot using the Wide DR shot on the C100, for which you give praise. As I’ve not used it much. So would I swap the C100 for a 1DC … no, absolutely not !! My days of using DSLR’s for more than a B roll camera are over. Would I swap if for a C300. Hell yes, if someone would give me the ten grand extra over what I paid for a C100. So while I agree with your results order for these cameras… I also feel the C100 boxes above its weight, the only current camera I would possibly we willing to fork out for is the FS5.. a better camera for sure, but I’d need to adapt my range of Canon glass and its AF is not as good. So until I absolutely need 4K I’ll quite happily stick with my aging design C100. Cheers Gareth
  5. I read this morning that there are indeed rumours of a relaunch of Kodachrome... Not that I ever used it much. As news photog I shot mostly B&W before the wire service went to colour neg, then digital.. But it certainly was a beautiful film stock.
  6. If I remember correctly the peaking, assuming your using Magic Lantern... works fine on the 60d, as you get a 1080 resolution before you hit record. It then drops down to a lower resolution during recording, the monitor will probably reboot or go black for a few seconds once you start to record and the quality drop off. Some have the "5D" mode which works ok. The Zacuto was about the best as it stayed pretty sharp even at the lower res, and went black only for a fraction of a second when you hit record. Pulling focus is still possible. I must admit once I got a 5D3, the 60d was only used for timelapse and as a b camera.
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