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  1. I probably won't earn money for now. Probably no help most of the time. I would like to shoot indoors and also outdoors like street protests, nature (waterfall, birds, etc). Interviews either indoor or outdoor are ok with a lavalier? I know shotguns are sensitive to indoor reverb. But could I use a small diaphragm condenser super-cardioid outdoor with a deadcat?
  2. Ok, thanks! I will read a little bit to make a choice and will come back to see what you think about it.
  3. When you say a Tascam, do you mean something like the Tascam dr-60d mkii? Thanks for the lens comparison, that helps! In lenses, you generally have better quality with a fix 2.8f aperture zoom than non-fix 3.5-5.6f, even if it is not Canon L series or Zeiss. I was wondering if a 100-200$ microphone, whether shotgun or cardioid, plus the tascam, would give 2.8f quality or just 3.5-5.6f quality?
  4. Why top of camera mounting would be the worst for sync? I knew for sound quality, but syncing, I am curious.
  5. I don't find Juiced Link boxes under 250$, even used. Are there other options? Thanks.
  6. I note for the preamp. And about the microphone? Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks. I don't want a handheld mic on the picture, so that is not an option. A cheap wired lav was already on my buying list. It can also be use for outdoor interviews, am I right? Most of the time I won't have someone to boom. I thought I could mount the shotgun on camera, I know that's not the best, but would I loose all the sound quality of it? Could I use a stand support when I can? I wanted a shotgun to select sounds in noisy environments, but also to record ambience sounds like a waterfall, street protest, bird colonies. Are there other type of mics for that? Does a small
  8. Hi, I would like to upgrade from my dslr internal mic (nikon d5100). I am planning on shooting mostly documentaries, interviews, and some outdoor sport, eventually short fictions. I would like to spend as less as possible but still get good quality audio. Should I be better with a good external recorder with internal mics (zoom h4n pro, tascam dr-70d), a less good external recorder with entry level external shotgun (tascam dr-60d mkii + 200$ shotgun (wich one?)), or only a good shotgun with XLR to 3.5mm adapter (rode ntg2, rode ntg4+ (other suggestion with battery power?)). In the last cas
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