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  1. 15 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    I tried to take pictures with my S5 but the EVF qualty was so bad that I never used it on a professional shoot. The S5 really cuts corners in the EVF and backscreen.

    This has been my main problem with the S5. It's really difficult to see what you are doing. 

  2. 8 hours ago, deezid said:

    Keep in mind that the S5II has wildly different color than the S1 and S5, which both looked identical.
    Also the S5II has some image-processing related flaws which still need to be fixed. I'll hear from a person who is close to engineers soon hopefully wether this issue will be solved or not.
    The banding artefacts are quite obvious in darker areas on the S5II, so in case you intend to do some lowkey style shooting you will run into problems.

    To be honest I'm not a pixel peeper but I value many posters' opinions here. For me Panasonics have other advantages like their ergonomics. It'll be interesting to see what you get told about the image-processing.

    The S5mk2 is on sale in Spain for 2,590€ with the Sigma 28-70 f2.8. There's also a 300€ cashback for trading in an old camera. I'll have to check if any camera will do (I have an old Lumix point and shoot). That's really good value especially once I discount the VAT. Canon and Sony are just way more expensive.

  3. I like the written blogs, there are not many like yours. They are often worth reading whereas the videos get drowned out in the Youtube torrent.

    There are some great options out there. I’m thinking of selling my S1, which I really like apart from the weight and AF, to get a S5mk2 for those very reasons. I really love my Panasonics, the only thing I have been missing was the AF (old eyes) and that seems to have been solved. I’ll keep my S5, even though I prefer the S1, as it makes more sense having 2 cameras the use the same batteries and cards.

    Friends have the Canon R6 and it’s a great camera too. The R6mk2 looks even better other than the price.

    The FX30 looks very interesting if you are only doing video although I can’t say I have enjoyed using Sonys.


  4. 2 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    Yes and had it for a couple of weeks now. Had a little play but nothing more though it starts earning it’s keep in a couple of weeks.

    I got it specifically for 3 reasons:

    Reliable AF tracking for those few occasions on every job where I need that reliability.

    No 30 minute timer, essential for me for longer wedding ceremonies and speeches.

    Fan. Never had my S5 overheat, but then I used to use my S1H as my principal static unit.

    I'm starting with hybrid weddings this year. Unlike you I come from a video background. I have the S1 and S5 and although they both produce the same excellent images, I find the S1 to be far better to use other than its weight. The EVF and LCD are very good which makes quick shooting much easier than on the S5. I find it to be faster when writing to the cards as well and the IBIS is better which is a real bonus in a wedding.

    What intrigues me about the S5 mk2 is that it has the AF for when it's needed, it has 2 UHS-II SD card slots (should mean faster write times when switching between photo and video), better EVF and LCD (and punch in to check focus) and last but not least, the realtime LUTS. I believe you could have the photos and the videos with the same look straight out of the camera which should great. Have you tried that?

  5. 46 minutes ago, MrSMW said:

    I have been eyeing up S1H’s today. Down well below 2k now on the used market.

    Can I really chop in 2x S1R’s for another however and go down from 4 to 3 bodies as I’d like?

    It’s just one single part (but the key one) of my job that currently stops me. At least without not having a fundamental compromise or more lens fiddling…

    Did you get a S5 mk2? If so how are you finding it? 

  6. 6 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    Nothing wrong with that.

    In fact everything ‘right’.

    If Panny had not brought out the S5ii when they did, I would have flipped to Sony and gone for a pair of FX30’s for video and an A7V for hybrid (but mainly stills).

    No system is ‘perfect’ but if you can’t make any one of them work these days, it’s you, not the tools!

    I would have done the same.

  7. 6 hours ago, John Matthews said:

    What about the higher frame rates? It's great that it has 4k 60fps (with crop), but we don't get much above 120fps. I imagine that's for a video flagship camera. ...not that I NEED any of that, but it's interesting.

    Personally I’m not bothered about high frame rates. I’m all about ergonomics, image and reliability. The GH6’s LCD is a much better design giving much more flexibility.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Dave Maze said:

    Hey guys! Still finishing up my full review. Do you guys have any questions about it? 

    Hi Dave, if you have Sigma lenses more AF tests with them. How good if AF locking onto one person in a group or scene with various people. How good is magnify to check focus while filming? (only Jordan from DP review has mentioned that I think). Let us know what firmware you are on! I think Panasonic should have made every reviewer stat exactly which firmware they are on as there seems to be some confusion there.

  9. I'm no expert but I have a Weebill S. It weighs a little more (895g) but it seems pretty robust and can deal with my S5 and 50 and 24  1.8 or 20-60mm no problem. It fits into my Lowepro 500aw flipside with 2 cameras, sound gear and lenses. They can be picked up second hand very cheap.

  10. 1 hour ago, Michael S said:

    Just a guy, reading the same rumour sites as everyone else, but then decides to make a video about it with catchy thumbnail (expressive face, bold colours) and suppressing a healthy dose of scepsis, hoping to gain some traffic. He's not the only one using that technique.

    Are they all Canadian? Their unhealthy looking faces and obsession with cameras seems to be taking over our corner of the internet! Must be something in the water/ice.

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