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  1. I think Panasonic offers the best value and an incredible image. I had the GH5 and GH5S for years. The 10-25 f1.7 was a fantastic lens. I have a S1 and S5 now and the only thing I miss is no crop in 4K 50p.

    The problem with Panasonic AF is reliability. If I could control when it is going to hunt or wobble it’s be ok but sometimes it just seems to forget that it has to have something in focus in AFC! 

    But I still am sticking with them as everything else is great.

  2. Maybe so but it’s a balancing act. Panasonic did well with their L mount lens road map. We could see the cameras were going to be supported by a great range of lenses.

    Whilst the AF in the m4/3 line has improved a bit it’s not enough. Panasonic needs to show us they are going to get it right in the next generation S line cameras. I know so many freelancers like me that rely on AF on a second camera in an interview. My Panasonics have never managed to pull that off without some kind of focus hunting or wobble going on at times. If I new they were going to resolve that I’d be investing in more of their lenses now.

  3. 18 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    The problem is that with nothing but rumors and speculation regarding the future of L Mount, there is nothing to base any decision on other than ‘if’.

    I have often thought manufacturers shoot themselves in the foot by being so Secret Squirrel about their plans…

    Totally agree. I know the last 3 years have been difficult but if there was a clear road map from Panasonic it would make it a lot easier not to be tempted by other brands.

    For me there are only a hand full of things they need to improve. AF in video must be at Sony/Canon/Olympus level, no 40K 50p crop (it's beginning to get on my tits), no more subpar EVFs (S5) and better integration of Sigma lenses (video AF, linear focus etc). I'd really like to know if they are going to address these issues.

  4. On 9/16/2022 at 11:57 AM, MrSMW said:

    One but far from the principal and not anywhere near enough reason alone.

    But not to keep you in suspense, basically moving from what was a 4 camera plus back up camera plus 8 lens approach with L Mount (Panny & Sigma) to a 3 body + 4 lens Fuji system.

    After reading your comments on the Fuji XH2S thread I guess the 4K 50p crop annoys you as well!

    Let me know when you sell your Lumix gear because I might be interested in some of it.

  5. 1 minute ago, MrSMW said:

    Yes. I’ll write a full post in a few weeks when my season is over, but yes, making a move…

    Ok, I'm interested to know your motives and next move! I'm thinking of holding on until the rumoured S5H is released to see how the AF is (I know, I know 🤪). But I was at a wedding where someone was using a Canon R6 and seeing the continuous AF working was eye opening. They were taking photos but they showed me how it worked in video. He said he hadn't missed a photo in the whole wedding and it's more or less the same with video. He said now he really only has to worry about exposure and composition most of the time, which on a long job like a wedding, would make life a lot easier.

    So I guess AF will be one of your reasons!

  6. On 9/14/2022 at 3:17 PM, MrSMW said:

    Nothing but speculation but too little too late?

    A decent bit of kit, but there are so many other options in 2022.

    I can’t fault the image quality but Panasonic I have found to be a somewhat frustrating brand in other areas…

    To be fair, that is partly due to my very specific needs but after nearly 2 years, I’m somewhat reluctantly moving on.

    The next gen S line could be absolute bangers but again, I suspect it may very well be a case of too little too late…

    Are you moving on from the S series Panasonics? What to? What made you want to change?

  7. I'm interested in the EVF and LCD resolution. Are they better than the S1? The S1's EVF is very good and the LCD is pretty good. I think the S1H has a better LCD. I'm not sure if it's better for focussing in real terms. Is the S1R's LCD the same as the S1H's? Is there a notable improvement over the S1?

  8. Log: can't be bothered with it and my S1 and S5 have nice images in Natural or Cine D

    IBIS: I don't film "films" anymore. I film corporate stuff, events and weddings. IBIS is king. Love it although you need to know it's limits. If I'm filming interviews I use a tripod whenever possible. I have a gimbal if necessary but I prefer not use it.

    10 bit: I prefer it and as it's no bother using it on the Panasonics then it's a big plus.

    AF: I use the same method you used with the GH2. In saying that, I'd like the option of good AF on my Panasonics as sometimes it's useful. What I'd really like is a S1Hmk2 with a really bright and sharp 4-5 inch screen included so that I could MF without an extra monitor.

    The biggest game changer for me has been IBIS.

  9. 1 hour ago, Framed_By_Dan said:

    Are you sure you're not accidentally touching the screen with your nose when using the EVF causing the focus point to jump? I always had that issue with my S1 until I switched the touch screen off.

    At first I thought it was that but  it happens when I hold the camera away from my body as well. I will have to test when it happens.

  10. I have the S1 and the S5. Both have slightly different ergonomics and functions. I'd say the S1 is better in general although I haven't managed to get the joystick to work as "magnify for focus" like I have it on the S5. The S5 is quicker for checking focus before recording.

    Recently the S1 has being doing some weird stuff with the "focus magnify". The box always heads down to the bottom of the screen as if the joystick is stuck but it only happens in this function. I'm not happy about this and will need to get it checked. Saying that I have just started using a monitor and I have to say, other than the clunkiness, I'm enjoying being able to focus on the big screen.

  11. Thinking about it seriously there are a few things Panasonic will need to do to keep me with them (S5H or S1H2).

    Improve AF drastically. It doesn't need to be the best in the world but it needs to be reliable not like it is now where it can have a mind of it's own.

    Punch in to check focus whilst recording.

    No crop 4-5K at 25, 50 and 100 all in 10bit. If they could stretch to 6K that'd be even better.

    No time limit.

    EVF must be the one on the S1 not the S5.

    Screen should be the same as the GH6 with flexi-postion thingy.

    Prores on SDs would be great.

    Lock or change shutter speed wheel.

    They have got just about everything else right.


  12. Any more news on the S5H? From what I've seen it looks like a Sony A7S3 type. 4K beast. It would really need much improved AF, LCD and EVF as well as continuous recording in 10bit and no crop at less than 2500€ to make any sense.

  13. 21 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    In this day and age, anybody who is having serious issues with the Tascam DR10CS in 2022, I'd recommend they just ditch it in the bin, as we've got so many other affordable and great options. It isn't like back then years ago when the Tascam was the only option!

    As soon as mine started failing I stopped using it (although I tried to find out what was going wrong).

    I just try to warn people who swear by them that they can have problems. Mine worked fine for 2 years and then just stopped working.

  14. I hope the price drop is just to act as a gateway drug into the L -mount line up!

    I think they probably should slimline the line up to the S1H, S1R and S5 where the S5 is the all rounder.

    I'd love a S1H mk2 with better AF but more than anything the punch in to check focus while filming. That alone keeps me with Panasonic (well, price plays a part too).

    Another thing is that the S5 mk2 needs a better VF and LCD. I sometimes wonder if what I'm doing with the S5 is going to look good when I'm filming as on the LCD or VF it looks a bit meh. When I get home and have a look on the computer I'm almost always greatly relieved.

  15. I had a GH5 and GH5S and eventually changed to the S5 and S1. I had a Sony A73 for a year but sold it as it would over heat and the sensor was always blotchy. The menus were tedious and the VF and LCD weren't very good. It could make nice images but I just didn't enjoy the camera.

    I use my S5 and S1 for all sorts of filming, corporate, fashion, interviews, weddings and I also use them for streaming or filming events were you have to leave the camera to film 2 hours non stop. For the price there are no other cameras that can do that.

    I'd love a FX3 and A7S3 but that would cost me 7500€ whereas my 2 Panasonics cost me less than 3000€.

    But I do think about AF a lot! If money wasn't a problem I'd probably have gone with Sony for the AF (I'm 47 and my eyes aren't what they were!). 

  16. I have been playing with the AFC on the S5 recently. Mainly in Human Detection mode and verifying who to focus on by clicking on the box. It has worked quite well in many situations. These were mainly fairly static fashion shoots with a few moving shots (subject or camera). I wouldn't use it for anything critical but for events (weddings, company events etc) where I have to shoot hundreds of shots I think I'll start using it at non critical moments where I think it'll work and thus give my eyes a rest from MF for hours on end. I've used it with the 24-105 and 50 f1.8.

    But please Panasonic, give us top notch AF in the MK2 versions. I really don't want to go to Sony or Canon as the cameras have everything else I need for the right price.

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