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  1. Andrew I could not freaking agree more! This is a ridiculous situation. Coming from film, then super early video (Betamax, HI8, MiniDV) and then the 5dMKII it literally seems like canon hasn't moved since 2009. The 6D MK II was really there last chance in my opinion to make one hell of a camera for the full frame entry level market.... and what do they do? Pull the same stupid shit they've done the last 7 years... this is why I left Canon a long time ago and am happy straddling the sony/panasonic playing field. what Canon doesn't understand is nobody wants to buy 4 c200's when you can buy 1 c200 and like 3 5dmkV's or 4 6dmkIIs that have 4K 60p, 10bit 422 and get amazing quality while having multiple cameras that dont break the bank.. but of course no, Canon once again cripple their users and I just cant stand it. Ive said goodbye to my canon bodies and haven't look back. If color science and 'dual pixel af' are the ONLY things canon is offering that is worthwhile.... then no thanks I'll be happy right where i'm at with Sony and Panasonic and now the upcoming EVA1
  2. We've all heard by now the news of the Sony A9 being unveiled yesterday afternoon. However, is it for everyone? Is it Sony's best camera yet? Is it a DSLR killer? I'll tell you one thing it is.... it is NOT for video shooters. Comment below let me know your thoughts. Check out my latest vid... Why You Should Skip The Sony A9 If You Shoot Video: http://bit.ly/skipthesonya9
  3. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it..... who cares?? This isn't ANYTHING impressive by any means. I know this is "EOSHD" so obviously ANYTHING related to canon or 'eos' cameras in general you will cover.... but this literally angered me. As if somehow bringing these features to the 5D mkiii is benficial in anyway shape or form. Sure it's "cool" and "fun" to play around with, but it's literally a joke. The 5DIII is almost 8years old I think, and that said it's time to move on from it. They should be working on the 5DIV and finding out how to crack that sucker open because if they could bypass the limitations on the IV I think ALOT of people would be changing their tune from saying the 5DIV sucked and is handicapped in Everyway. It's cool for 5DIII owners they get something new sure, but I wishtheyd focus their attention on newer cameras that have newer features that would make our lives and jobs much easier
  4. Andrew please don't give up writing at EOSHD, instead let some other people make articles and write for you.i totally back you 110% on this cinema 5d nonsense. We need articles from WORKING individuals that aren't just trying to use cinema grade gear only that only the highest paid snobs use. We need writers that speak to the people not the corporation's and companies and manufacture r. I would LOVE to write an article for EOSHD and I wouldn't let the readers down I have many a topic to share and contribute valuable info to. I do like Cinema 5d and some of their content but I literally was screaming and laughing at the article while reading it because I know from factual experience VLOG L thru the HDMI externally is awesome and has no compression artifacts and looks great. They literally were subjective in their article and itt really is a shame. Do not quit EOSHD I love this site and always learn so much from you and this site and hope to one day be considered to write an article. Thanks Andrew you're the man!
  5. Andrew great article, I'm really hoping Panasonic kills it with the GH5.... they truly have an open market as nothing has quite captivated people SINCE the GH4 like the GH4. Hopefully the GH5 has some tricks up its sleeve (although panasonic still hasn't confirmed what codec the GH5 will shoot with internally, and whether or not it will even have IBIS. I've heard rumors they swapped IBIS for a Global shutter.... if that is true.... I honestly wouldn't even care about IBIS). Thoughts? From the sound of it in terms of what panasonic has said about the GH5 (namely 6K Photo mode) it's looking like a new sensor
  6. Most likely it will have IBIS. I can't see them introducing 'dual in body is mk ii' and NOT putting it in their biggest camera..... 99% its there
  7. this is just ridiculous I'm sorry. First they have a camera come out without IBIS yet it shoots 6K and overheats like crazy, then they have the worlds first full frame 8K sensor in a DSLR and they do just that, put it in a antiquated dslr mirrored body with lens mount that dies over 10 years ago.... and now they fuck up the menus even WORSE than before by adding more pages upon more options upon more nonsense no one wants or uses. cmon sony! what the heck. you have the opportunity to kill it and you made dumb decisions like this. Andrew what is it gonna take for these fools to understand what we REALLY want in a camera???
  8. damnnnnn this look awesome with an 8K sensor?!?! too bad though... a mount is literally a dead lens mount.... why the HELL would they keep producing a mount lens bodies??? if this had the e mount, i GUARANTEE nikon and canon would be pissing themselves.... great job sony of fucking it up yet again
  9. Once again this clown thinks he can get away with this nonsense please Andrew call him out publicly - https://youtu.be/FrYui231Wyc Yea no, lol. Current MFT and APS-C sensor are just about indistiguinshable. 1" sensors are about as good as two year old APS-C chips. And fullframe just barely surpasses current APS-C. Barely. Check out Aron J Anderson on YouTube and look at the results he gets with a MFT sensor vs APSC. I'm just realllllllllyyyyy hoping they put IBIS into the GH5
  10. Heck yea this looks amazing!!!! MY GOD in comparison to the 5DIV this thing is a godsend for videographers. I am so freaking stoked for this you have no idea, like frothing at the mouth for 10 bit internal 422 and 5 axis IBIS. I really hope these specs are true and I seriously hope panasonic kill it. Once again they have a chance to be groundbreaking just like the GH4 was..... Andrew, can you confirm whether or not you've spoken to anyone from Panasonic about meeting up with them at Photokina and potentially doing what you did with the GH4 in terms of getting early hands on? I loved your GH4 hands on so much I bought the guide when you released along with the anamorphic shooters guide. Would love to know if you'll get a shot at doing that this time.
  11. once again Andrew, I couldn't agree more with you... 2016 has been really dissappointing besides the A6300 which I love now that I've mastered combating rolling shutter and the overheating (which I never had a problem with anyway). The GH5 is looking to be the REAL winner of 2016, I just hope Panasonic like you said doesn't make any last minute stupid mistakes with it. I'll def be getting it for sure even though I hate the MFT sensor and WISH they'd have a Lumix S line that uses Super 35 sensor sizes instead of MFT with something like Clear Image Zoom for use with legacy MFT lenses. Oh well, guess my Metabones speedboosters aint going anywhere.
  12. iI gotta disagree, it looks totally baked in over saturated and skin tones look wayyy too warm. Granted its not radioactive green like sony, but I still think Panasonic kills it for color and smokes Canon
  13. @eoshd/Andrew I completely agree with everything in this article. I mean you should just change your name to CinemaHD or something lol. It seems the EOS line is in your past. I'm glad you're not pulling the fanboy card LIKE EVERY YOUTUBER i've seen so far. It's unreal this camera is literally shite, yet all these people are saying they're content and legit HAPPY with the results Canon are giving us. I left Canon over 4 years ago now, and I'm honestly glad. Just a waste of money for people who cripple their own cameras and simply don't give a shit about the end user. Panasonic and Sony FTW right now....
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