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  1. The boost mode should always be on
  2. Here really weird birds are running There are "some" AF settings, maybe he should deal with that! Unfortunately, there are too many testers the far too little experience with the Fuji cameras (x-t2, H1) of the X-T3 even more, and thus also much nonsense spread. Unfortunately!
  3. You're a provocateur ... and a little sick:) .... Buy yourself a real professional video camera that can do it all and not a camera for photos. Also, the X-T3 is a camera with a video function and not vice versa. You are a troll;)
  4. Jonpais...you mention it now for 200 times ... headfon jack and battery and lcd monitor and and and .... If you still have Fuji stuff - just sell it and write in another thread .. please. The many others like me are super clear with the x-h1..manch one should send the camera to Fuji Service times when I read all this. Others make unrealistic tests where one attacks the head. If you criticize then the handle will be funny too ... oje oje :-)
  5. Thats very good :)...das ist sehr gut wenn du ein bisschen Deutsch sprichst.
  6. hello attila, you are not alone here from Europe, I am from Austria ..also neighbors :-) and I have the X-t2 and the x-h1. I like to read here, but write very little because my english is unfortunately very bad. gr. Franz
  7. Honestly are these 2 tests meaningful to you? do you always film in the go with 2 cameras in the hand? ... when I read this I think that some of you are filming as a hobby. If I walk around with a camera as if I have a chill then nothing good can come out. There are enough videos on the net where all the reviews are "not" visible. And if I then read "Deal Maker to a Deal Breaker" because of the best ibis currently ... oh god you (BTM_Pix) have real problems: -) ... but you do not photograph with xh-1 (x-t2)? Not every camera is suitable for everyone, I think .. ;-) hope I understood you correctly
  8. If I film for so long then I hang it on the net ... then I need no battery at all :-)
  9. @webrunner It's about time that you have a Fuji in your hand and are suffering under real circumstances. Unfortunately you only write negative about the x-h1 although you have no idea how good it really is. Otherwise it would be better to write the whole thing in a Sony thread. Sorry ... but you've written a few times that you'll never buy a Fuji, so what are you going to do with it? I do not write in a Sony or Pana forum if I do not use any of these brands .. Sorry
  10. Everything you say I can confirm - hope it is quickly changed by a firmware update
  11. No IBIS and no OIS ...Who makes only something! .. is almost reputation damage Sorry for my bad Englisch...Google Translator
  12. I just wanted exactly the same letter ... here one sometimes asks oneself Yes, that really looks like it
  13. Sorry.. Such messages are not in order - provocative even ... if that's your only problem ..oh god The dreaded mode dial lever on the h1 is bigger and quicker to use. So for a normal mobile finger has - no problem. He is not really good on T2. ;-)
  14. @Alt Shoo - "The xh1 is the first time I’ve ever considered buying a Fuji, but because it’s only 8bit I won’t get it." Sorry - Again and again the same Schmarrn with the 8bit-10bit. I'm quite Yurolov view - and this list (1DC) could be extended to some cameras!
  15. Robin be careful with such a statement here ... it could be that many GH5 fanboys attack you now :-) @anonim your post is: e) pathetic
  16. @ Andrew Nope, still not impressed with F-LOG. A bunch of mashed oranges and blues. None of this early footage has any punch to it. your subjective opinion or?
  17. That's how it is :-) - I'm a old little troll :-)
  18. Inazuma, I'm sorry ... it almost looks like you're in a Gh5 or NX-1 thread here :-) What I read here (are only 3 or 4) unbelievably many subjective things ..... and no - they certainly did not have any x-t2 in their hands ... let alone worked with one (except inazuma, jonpais, django, etc.) The good Colorscience of Fuji is undisputed in "professional circles" (in contrast to the colors of a Gh5 or pana) ... but what makes the man "behind" the camera with it is yet another story. What I read here of some unfortunately has little to do with an objective factual discussion ... Sorry @jonpais I'll probably buy one ... my local dealer is very nice and I can possibly try it over a weekend.
  19. @jonpais You're pretty annoying ;-) It already knows everyone that you can read on the display ev. Maybe you need a new pair of glasses? Then 4k60p .... because that has every camera and very important "Zebra" ... and I do not forget the batteries ojee ..... Battery grip a nogo ... I laugh at me dead slowly nice :-)
  20. for vloggingI take an iphone or my C700, but no gh5 or similar. :-)f
  21. Do not you have that with your x-T2 .. I do.
  22. Hallo Tim, I am a Austrian x-t2 User..my Englisch is not good - Sorry The ideal combination is absolutly two x-t2 I have sold my C100 + 7D and many Lenses..and Chanced to Fuji. My change to Fuji I have in no way regret. Property still have an xc10 - this I will still sell and still buy an X-T2. Unfortunately, my English is too bad for me to contribute here in this discussion better.
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