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  1. When do you do the test of cinema5d, because you criticized so? ;-)
  2. @jonpais ...you Said: The lens lineup is incredible. Hopefully, the X-T3 will have a touch screen, a new sensor and IBIS. I Hope in 5 years :-)... Than i have the Money for the X-T3 For the x-t2 I need f-log intern, 10bit etc ..... Ibis and touchscreen I do not need.
  3. @Taranis Super - thank you - good to know!
  4. It has been shown a hundred times how well a xc10 fits the C100. Buy some Panasonic the colors fit perfectly to the C100 ... and the IBIS needs nobody who works professionally. Yes for my vacation videos, he is in very rare sense. So buy ... it is enough what you tell us. ;-) Sorry
  5. I have a 2 hours seminar (indoor) filmed. Had no problems. Camera I had connected to the power supply. This goes even without Batterie. The really only problem would be if a recording "durcho" longer than 1 hour should be. (30min limit) I can only agree with Mathias - everyone has their preferences. Just one thing I would like to say - I would never judge a camera with which I have not "intensively" apart. There is really much nonsense about the x-t2 written mainly by those who had the x-t2 not even in the hands. I had tested a C100 - 7D - RX10 II - and a A6300 a weekend. But the feeling and the image quality had none of the mentioned. Although the weaknesses mentioned by Johnpais really are true - there are also other (only ext. F-log) which is still to come. But I'm really looking forward to "every day" with this great camera. And I also agree with the statements of Trek of joy - even to 100%. sorry my English was Translate
  6. Hallo Django, ND... I have a Genustech Eclipse and am satisfied with it.
  7. But is also clear when I use an objective without stabilization, right?
  8. Super Jan!! Gratulation! Very Nice.. Gr Franz
  9. Hi Miklos, XLR Adapter http://www.thomann.de/de/rode_sc3.htm And http://www.thomann.de/de/ik_multimedia_irig_pre.htm?ref=search_prv_7_2 Transcend Cfast 2.0 64Gb http://geizhals.at/transcend-cfx600-cfast-2-0-compactflash-card-cf-600x-64gb-ts64gcfx600-a1315158.html?hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=pl&hloc=uk&hloc=eu Transcend Cfast 2.0 128Gb http://geizhals.at/transcend-cfast-2-0-compactflash-card-cf-600x-128gb-ts128gcfx600-a1135911.html?hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=pl&hloc=uk&hloc=eu
  10. I earn my money among others with the XC10 and I enjoy it. crazy the a say with a nikon j5 here oh god. 1. Price XC10: ~ $ 1,700 2. Price CFast card: Transcend 64Gb 2.0 ... 59 $ 128Gb ... 100 $ 3. XLR? ... A small adapter .... $ 40 4. ND .... she has a. and when I say "very good" photos need, I'll do it with a Canon 5D III and not with an A6300, RX10 III The XC10 is a Video camera with photo function ... and a RX10 III, A6300, a photo camera with Video function. Here to talk some with which they had never been in his hand, let have ever worked with her. sorry, but is always the same....Canon basher or which they have previously seen photo on only one. Sorry for the google translation.
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