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  1. All handheld, 5 axis IS and warp stabilizer in PP. [From his comments on Vimeo in french: EmericPRO3 days ago Merci Cyril ! La stabilisation doit beaucoup au système de stabilisation 5 axes du GX80. Pour parfaire la stab, j'ai utilisé l'outil de stabilisation de Première Pro CC (Warp stabilizer ou en français Stabilisation de déformation), qui en effet fonctionne très bien.]
  2. This has to be the strangest video test I ever saw. The gloves threw me off a bit.
  3. So a girl in underwear with some background music. Yeah, it's a music video allright. Or porn. Could be porn.
  4. Thanks sgreszcz, that was really great. I'll be running around with my kid and I appreciate you showing all the wobbles-induced stabilization that I'll have to try and cope with! I was impressed by the stable pannings and by the overall quality that you can squeeze out of this small camera. Good job, most helpful bits of footage about the GX80 that I have seen yet.
  5. GX80 SKU in Europe: DMC-GX80 Body-only DMC-GX80EB-K (Black UK) DMC-GX80EG-K (Black Germany) DMC-GX80EF-K (Black France) DMC-GX80EB-S (Silver UK) DMC-GX80EG-S (Silver Germany) DMC-GX80EF-S (Silver France) DMC-GX80 + 12-32mm DMC-GX80KEB-K (Black UK) DMC-GX80KEG-T (Black Germany) DMC-GX80KEF-K (Black France) DMC-GX80KEB-S (silver UK) DMC-GX80KEF-S (Silver France) DMC-GX80KEB-T (Tan UK) DMC-GX80KEG-T (Tan Germany) DMC-GX80KEF-T (Tan France) DMC-GX80 + 14-140mm DMC-GX80HEF-K (Black France) DMC-GX80HEG-K (Black Germany) DMC-GX80HEF-S (Silver France) DMC-GX80HEG-S (Silver Germany) DMC-GX80 + 12-32mm + 35-100mm DMC-GX80WEB-K (Black UK) DMC-GX80WEG-K (Black Germany) DMC-GX80WEF-K (Black France) DMC-GX80WEB-S (Silver UK) DMC-GX80WEG-S (Silver Germany) DMC-GX80WEF-S (Silver France) DMC-GX80WEG-T (Tan Germany) DMC-GX80WEF-T (Tan France) Could help you looking for availability. Not sure if I got every model, though... Saw some silver models available in Belgium, no brown (tan) models yet.
  6. -No recording limit. I am using a US model so I'm not sure if it'll be different for models released in other countries, but the Panasonic let me record as long as I wanted. No overheating either - during the battery stress test, the hand grip area got warm but nothing too bad. Edit: Sorry, tested without IBIS. My bad.
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