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    Davey reacted to com21 in Sony A7s NOISE problems, anybody experiencing?   
    Yeah. I like the switching on and of log idea. But yeah I get it.  Thanks for replies everybody.  Appreciate it. 
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    Davey reacted to kaylee in Let me share this music video shot on Micro Cinema Camera   
    i goggled "music video" and this came up. director is some guy named paul thomas anderson. doesnt seem to match your formula. first time director maybe? clearly not a "pro"
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    Davey reacted to AaronL in Let me share this music video shot on Micro Cinema Camera   
    I bet you were that button smashing friend that always played as Eddie gordo in Tekken.
    Also, nice work op, I enjoyed the music vid!
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    Davey got a reaction from Zak Forsman in Let me share this music video shot on Micro Cinema Camera   
    Seen many New Order videos that do not feature the band and do not follow the rules of rhythm. True Faith (Philippe Decouflé) did follow the 'rules' as did The Perfect Kiss (Jonathan Demme) but other videos such as Round and Round, Run 2, 1963, 60 Miles an Hour, Turn (Michael Shamberg) and more recently - Singularity - did not.
    PS: I loved the OP's video
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    Davey reacted to DPStewart in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    I had that problem upon delivery of mine.

    I ran the "Horizon Calibration" sequence on a PERFECTLY LEVEL flat tabletop. I ran it about 6 times to get it to work itself out. Only took about 5-minutes. I turned the DS1 off in between every cycle of the sequence too.

    It's been fine ever since (5 months) and that slow turning to either side never came back. 
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    Davey reacted to Nick Hughes in Let me share this music video shot on Micro Cinema Camera   
    I for one enjoy hearing people try to assign what is and isn't art. Makes it easy to weed out whose opinion I should care about.
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    Davey got a reaction from SR in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    Nice one - hopefully, your issue will be resolved.
    My fe 28mm F2 arrives in a few hours, so I shall try again with a much less front heavy set-up that I had with the fe 16-35 F4
    I am also hearing that the slow drifting to the left can correct itself when the unit is switched on and off a few times - but only if balanced to near perfection.
    Also got a better height plate solution by taking the sliding quick release plate off an old sled type steadicam that I had to ditch because of defective bearings.
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    Davey reacted to SR in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    So the seller, Owldolly, has concluded the problem with my DS1 after I showed them a video of the problem:
    They have been actually quite great about it so far, prompt in replying, even extending the return policy, too. Fingers crossed that it'll work with the new parts.
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    Davey reacted to Andrew Reid in I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.   
    Guest posts by email or proxy, no, because there are plenty of other blogs that do this and sitting at my emails all day isn't my idea of filmmaking fun.... but moving out of Berlin and getting a real team of talent around me, shooting stuff and producing EOSHD content together for YouTube... YES to that.
    One of the issues I've found in doing this though, is that nobody has the time or money, or the willingness to exit their day jobs to commit to doing so, because we're all slaves in an oligarchy.
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    Davey reacted to Andrew Reid in I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.   
    The crux of it is this -
    We are a community, a part of the larger photography city, inspired by cinema and hollywood. The DSLR revolution was truly a moment of magic, unleashing all kinds of passion.
    Passion is a motivation, it gets things done.
    What has happened to this community is that Corporate America and Corporate Japan have segmented it in half, like slicing a neighbourhood in half with a wall.
    We have the NewsShooter and Cinema5D managed communities on one side with their C300 Mark IIs and paid work, NoFilmSchool with their venture capitalist funding and team of staffers.
    On the other side we have the artists.
    Yes, artists sometimes make bank commercials!!! (Disclaimer)
    Anyway the point is, that EOSHD and the forum is a great community but it's really up against it now.
    The premise that anyone can publish gear-orientated opinion pieces has lead to an over-supply of content, much of it rushed, in order to make it timely, because on the internet and Facebook timeliness is everything and a 2 day old post is trash.
    The internet started as a resource base, a researcher's tool which acts like a big encyclopaedia.
    For better or worse, since it became mass market, the internet changed and evolved into an entertainment platform and a social network "CelebrityNet"
    In order to combine the two - entertainment and information, you need to present the information in an entertaining way, no shit huh!? But you also need passion to drive it.
    I'd like to think that in the DSLR video world myself and Philip Bloom have succeeded in doing this.
    But eventually I lose my passion and Philip dedicates himself to work. It's a shame, but it's on that path.
    What needs to happen is that EOSHD becomes a team of people rather than just me, and that it puts on a good show for YouTube, in the mould of Top Gear or The Grand Tour where presenters travel the world and shoot really beautifully entertaining short films, with the latest camera kit. It's exactly like driving a car through spectacular scenery and presenting the information with wit. I'm amazed nobody has done this yet, however when you consider this...
    This is one of the most expensive and time consuming form of content there is. I'm up for doing it. It's very difficult though and I don't yet have a team, I don't have the enormous amount of money and I don't have the platform behind me (like Amazon).
    Until then there's Lok at Digital Rev.
    I agree with you completely.
    Actually when EOSHD began, it was more of a 7 posts a week site and a few rumours too, sometimes from good sources, and it grabbed attention and inspired me to build the community and put interesting stuff out there, like a band of GH2 pirates fighting the Canon flagship.
    When you want to increase the quality of the content by yourself you have to spend weeks or months on it and then your 1 article per month gets buried under a ton of shit.
    The internet is just like that.
    You may have noticed some of my recent articles have also been shit, or lacking in inspiration.
    That's what happens when you try to compete with the internet.
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    Davey reacted to Andrew Reid in I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.   
    Buy my books if you'd like to help
    Money isn't the problem though.
    As Eric said above, this isn't the internet any more. It's celebritynet.
    You just watch from now, things are going to go dark. Meaningful and independent long-form content is going to be an endangered species.
    If you want proof, then see what happened to DigitalRev TV's audience when they put the camera guy with no presenting talent (or even English talent) in front of the camera on their YouTube channel, with Kai seemingly moving to the UK and not appearing as much.
    Lok's a nice guy but sorry, this video was pure dogshit.
    So what happened to the audience?
    They stayed. Didn't go anywhere. Millions of views continue to roll in.
    The quality of online content is truly a race to the bottom in 2016... zero benefit from quality. It's celebritynet now.
    I don't think ads are the answer to helping my motivation to write more blog posts either... if anything that is a full time job in itself, I am sure Tony Northup has employees working behind the scenes on that kind of thing.
    As soon as EOSHD becomes "work" I am stopping it.
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    Davey reacted to The Chris in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    I've thought about adding a arca Swiss base and just using a L bracket. I'll take a closer look at the screw, it's not difficult to replace with a higher grade steel screw if needed.
    The 16-35 is much heavier than the 10-18 I usually fly, even though it's within spec, that's a setup that's really front heavy. That's a small benefit of the a7rII s35 mode, aps-c lenses are much lighter. I can also use the 16-50pz. If I were shooting FF I would use the 28/2 or the Loxia 21.
    Being able to easily flip the DS1 and get low shots is what sold me on it over the H1 since the H2 wasn't shipping when I bought mine. Hopefully you can get your issues sorted. 
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    Davey reacted to The Chris in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    I've had the DS1 for a couple months, only used it a few times, but the plate locks in really tight on mine. I spent time when I first got it to make sure my A7rII wouldn't slide out. Once clamped tight, I can't get the camera to move at all. I can't see the camera falling off, its really solid. Did something break on yours?
    The DS1 is on and balanced without any tuning to the stock PID's in this shot, just positioning the camera until its level. I'm getting no vibration, though in one of the modes it tilts slightly to one side.

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    Davey reacted to Theuniqueview in Real estate video - beautiful home in 4K (+aerials)   
    Hi everyone,
    I shot a real estate video last week with both my Phantom 4 and the GH4.
    Let me know what you think!
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    Davey reacted to tellure in Sony FE Sonnar 55mm f1.8   
    Brandon Li testing out the PilotFly H2: 
    He's been on the facebook group a bunch getting help resolving some jitters.  From his comments there and on Vimeo it sounds like he's got it tuned pretty well now.  Not sure how much he needed it though.. that guy has been doing insane handheld shots for years that look smoother than my gimbal shots..
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