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  1. Bang on the money. This applies to all cameras, all lenses, at all times. How easily we can become unproductive because of a gnat almost out of shot that only a Pharisee would highlight - whilst ignoring the magnificent camel filling 99.9% of the shot.
  2. Or +4 It depends on the camera model. My A7sii and A7s are different, so I use the A6500 settings (as advised by Andrew) for the A7s and all is well. Has he said what camera he is using? Don't have time to trawl through 15 pages.
  3. Gorgeous. Nice pacing. Do you have a link to the Kessler dolly and or slider you used?
  4. Sounds busier than shooting a movie. Please tell me you charge at least £2,000 plus expenses...
  5. Sounds like a cricked neck problem, given his filming style.
  6. Strange. My greens are rich and deep but then I don't trust AWB. Get a grey card and see if there is any difference.
  7. This. I have two Tiffen VNDs (52mm and 77mm) and any colour cast - only discerned it once, perhaps because of poor exposing - is easy to correct in post.
  8. There is no better endorsement than from the people who wouldn't know a bitrate from a pixel. This covers 99.99% of the world
  9. I have no intention of ever buying this camera but am probably more excited than many who are buying it; the reason being that the competition has to eventually step up to or surpass what Panasonic have achieved. It is an exciting camera for the entire prosumer audience in that respect, let alone those waiting to see what the a7siii has to offer when unveiled sometime over the next year.
  10. This was mentioned some weeks or months ago on this thread but there was a problem with the email address that only came to light recently. You might want to contact privately as this was supposed to be a thread for showing results but keeps getting derailed. Harv has got great results using it, which is why I originally stated that I wanted to give S-Long a try for the first time. Don't know how to tag people on here, so you could try that - something like @Andrew Reid ?
  11. Your problem is that you don't have the original PDF. You must have bought it a few weeks or more later and got the updated version which DOESN'T have S-log settings. This came out around 13th December.
  12. Insist on your money back or a replacement.
  13. This is like having a brand new, very hot girlfriend, and all your mates banging on your door asking what she's like. I'd be tempted to disappear for a week and field questions once the fiery flushes of first love have begun to simmer down.
  14. Yeah, was wondering why the extra step. I only ever use the master file. YouTube do enough video wrecking without inviting anybody else to have a go.
  15. Safari and Chrome display/render colours (particularly red) differently on the same displays for some reason. I also find there is a difference in overall exposure sometimes, or at least it appears that way due possibly to what happens to particular dominant colours.
  16. Export a master file from FCPX (best quality) and then upload that straight to YouTube. Cut the MPEG Streamclip out of the equation and see what happens.
  17. Just spent the last two weeks slowly going through Soundstripe's entire catalogue (about 75% there) and have shortlisted 26 tracks so far as music I would definitely want to use. With all these kinds of sites there will be a vast majority of music, whatever your taste, that is no good for you. But to only have to pay a one-off subscription fee of £90 (cancel when the year is up and the licenses you hold for each track you buy are still allegedly valid) seems like an attractive offer to me. Even keeping the subscription going each year isn't going to cost any more than buying two tracks off premiumbeat or one track off musicbed. Before I take the plunge I have some more questions to ask their team of six because I was not confident that the lady I was speaking to wasn't guessing regarding some of my questions. I shall frame them to somebody else (I keep getting the same person at whatever the day or hour I am on there) in a way that reflects their complicated legal jargon and continue to screenshot the conversation. It is the perpetual license conditions that bother me, particularly when I see tracks on there being sold elsewhere by the same artists - and what happens if Soundstripe go bust in the future or get bought out by one of the bigger fish. To me, it doesn't look like Soundstripe have EXCLUSIVE ownership of the licenses.
  18. The filmmaker did kick the arse out of them.
  19. Not sure why they call it Low Light when not having to go above ISO 800. Some nice shots in there, mind.
  20. Ah, right. I have my C1 as video record, C2 as WB Temp and don't need anything else - I just keep the menu on 1/5 for PPs and ISO is just 'right' on the D-pad. But then my brain cannot handle much more than that lol - especially when running around like a sweaty lunatic at weddings. I agree that there is much foolishness where Sony menus and function priorities are concerned. For a showcase video camera like the a7sii to have a video button designed only to be used by velociraptors or other similarly claw owning creatures, is nothing short of ridiculous.
  21. He's a wizard with handheld shots as well, which suggests that he knows how to use his entire body to minimise shake. Come on, Brandon, we know you are on here - do a workshop. PS Please
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