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  1. Arikhan, that's nice. I'm glad you have an opinion, everyone has one. That said, try, and I know it's hard, to understand that some people, such as myself, who takes care of a parent, with Alzheimer's, heart disease, plus a plethora of other problems, can't or don't have the time. Forums are nice, but when posting, a poster should cast their net past their feet.
  2. Shutterstock, Fotolia, if you go into your sales at Pond5 you can see what's sold. Getty, I just do photos there, and it's such a mess I just take the money. As far as money and video's, Shutterstock I've made the most on, Fotolia on average is twenty eight bucks a sale, but I've seen over a hundred per video there, as well as Shutterstock. Pond5 you set your price, I go low and high, it doesn't seem to make much difference. I should add, if you're going to start, keep with the majors. Shutterstock, Fotolia, which is Adobe, and Pond5. Getty I haven't a clue, like I said, they are so messed up right now it's hard to figure out what they're doing. If you go on the fringe sites, you'll probably loose money, ie, it will take more time to upload to them than it's worth.
  3. I agree, for the price if it has to go back to Canon again in the next year for anything I will not be happy. As far as the dead pixels, no, and for what it's worth, that would be the death knell on the camera. Years ago dead pixels were kind of common, I had a Canon 50d that I loved and I had to send that in to Canon to get remapped. I don't even know if they can remap a 1DC and I hope I never have to ask. These high end cameras are great, but cost a small fortune to get fixed. Which is why I never bought a digital Medium Format camera. I'll use my 1DC until it's a doorstop and hopefully by then it won't be worth anything so I can put it on a shelf and look at it once in a while.
  4. Funny you say that, it's true for me also. If I had sold the 1DC before I had to pay to fix it, not knowing of course that it was going to break, and my 5D3 I would have been close enough to go for a 1DX MKII! I know you'er paying Canadian, but $1500 still sounds like a lot. Good luck when you get it back, I'm going to use mine until it breaks again, then move on.
  5. Canon told me it shorted out so they had to replace a lot of parts, 4 PCB assemblies, the AE, LP, FP, Main. And for some reason the screen, focus EC-CV 5pcs/Box. Which is why I wonder why they didn't clean it. I just hope they fixed the problem with the boards so I don't have to fix it again. I've read that some people had to have the boards replaced a couple of times. I don't think I've ever heard of how to avoid the problem. $1500, wow. Almost twice what I had to fix mine.
  6. Mine was getting erratic, then it bricked. By erratic I would have to turn it off, take out the battery, then turn it back on. I was hoping it was just the battery so I popped 160 bucks for a new one, but that worked one time. Then I sent it into Canon. I figured it would be around 750, so I was close. The problem with Canon is they have lost their sense of pride. Granted, paying for a repair is par for the course, but when it came back the viewfinder wasn't cleaned, if anything, there was more junk in it. And, dust on the sensor. There is always dust, but, well, for almost a grand, you expect a little bit more from a company like Canon.
  7. If it's the PCB, in US dollars mine cost almost 900 to fix. Turn around time was about two weeks.
  8. Glad you're liking the camera Andrew. If you do a full fledge review, if you could try taking video, 4k, under continuous fluorescent lighting. One of the reasons I use Canons are the full frame don't have that damn banding like my Panasonic G7 has, just curious if the Sony doesn't have it or does have it. Cheers!
  9. Seems like it was on the sensor, the dust. I like to clean my own sensors and it's a pain, or was for me with the translucent part in the way. I always liked the images shot with raw on the Sony's though, they had a bit more punch. Funny, when I sold off all of my Sony and Minolta stuff, I still kept the 50mm macro, probably the sharpest lens I have ever used. To bad you're selling the 1Dx2, you can always pick up a 1DC cheap to replace it.
  10. Just have fun with it when you get it. For the price you can always sell it with minimal loss, and you'll have the experience. I started out with the Sony a-350, years later I'm still making money from the images it took. Went to an a-850, made money with that, then the a-7r, what a piece of junk. Or I should say, wow, what a sensor, but damn, that thing was a pain in the ass to shoot with. The ergonomics on it were below dismal in my opinion. When the Pentax K-1 came out I bought that for the sensor, and it's my go to stills camera now. For video I still use the Canon 1DC, and I have no complaints, autofocus, I don't need it for what I do. A couple of things with the camera you're getting. Dust. Dust. Dust. I had a Sony a-77 for a blink of the eye, dust. The a-7r, dust. If you're going to use the a-99ii for a lot of video, well, good luck. For stills it's a clone brush, with video it's a pita. I used to think Sony coated their sensors with something to attract dust. Anyway, enjoy the camera, the stills will be great, and I'm sure in your hands the video will look stunning. Good luck with your new toy!
  11. The sooner the better. Nothing like doing simple editing in Premiere Pro and having the program stop in the middle of rendering, then the program closes itself. PITA multiplied by about a million. And Photoshop is starting to screw up too, I've had to restart that program when it just does what it wants to do. At least I can save my work in Photoshop then restart. Premiere Pro just stops and that's it.
  12. http://cinemaeos.usa.canon.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/eos1dc-im3-en2.pdf Here's the manual for the camera. Good to have on hand when you first get it. I just use a 128 gigabyte card in mine. And as for the 30 vs. 18 megapixels, yeah, I'm sure the 5d4 is more than capable. But, I was waiting for the 5d4 to come out to replace my 5d3 and when I saw the actual specs I said screw that. It wasn't the crop factor, it was the fact they couldn't put 60p 4k in the thing. Most people don't spend three grand on a camera, more for the 5d4. I make a living mainly taking pictures, not video, but, the writing is on the wall, video is the future and if I was going to spend over three grand for a camera, I wanted one that would last for at least three years. So, I bought a used 1dc, no 60 4k, but I can live without that for a couple of years, maybe get a gh5 later in the year if I really need it. Bottom line is Canon didn't really make any money off me this upgrade path and for what it's worth, the 1dc for the price used is a piece of kit that I can see using for more than three years, I'll probably keep it until it dies. Bit of a rant, but hey Canon, for the people who do spend the money on new gear, give us our money's worth!
  13. Yeah, the stills totally blow the 5d2 out of the water imo. And the pro body feels and handles like it was made to work fluidly. Which, a lot of cameras may take better stills and video, but I don't have to fight to get the picture or video with the 1D C.
  14. I went with the 1DC. Mainly because I have a 5d2 which after getting the 1DC I never use. The 4k video is great to me, and it has 60p in 1080. Can't complain a bit about the camera, I bought it used for around three grand, the image quality is great for photos and I have used up to 6400 iso without any problems. When the 1Dx2 comes down in price I'll probably upgrade to that just for the 60p in 4k.
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