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  1. Axel - you're a legend! Thanks a lot!
  2. And you do diz how? Possible in Resolve?
  3. The moon is a slice of orange! And all these years we thought it was Stanley Kubrick's favourite cheese!? ILLUMINATI ?
  4. http://gronkoncert.billetten.dk/index/chooseprice/showid/114032/type/1
  5. Well, on a 64gb card, Prores HQ gives med 40 min and RAW 3:1 gives me 36 min. I don't really change shutter speed, I set it for 172 or 180 depending on 24/25 fps. And when i shoot raw i don't really fiddle with that either, gust go between 5400 for daylight and 3200 for artificial light. I bought the video assist because it was real cheap, but i do miss waveform and false color a lot! Buying the Gratical eye soon for that but then there's the battery issue where the setup goes more "traditional handheld" which i prefer anyway. Are you talking about the shots in the club? I didn't do much, exposed and pointed the camera, you know;)
  6. Thanks to the guys who got it. It is the official video for the song. We wanted to create something very authentic hence the excessive use of camera shake and "home-video" feel. I'm not a fan of performance videos. I know them and I have done several. This is one.
  7. I posted the video here because theres been a request for footage shot on the Blackmagic Micro Camera. It's in the title. Then this guy comes. I'm glad you told me so everyone can see you prove the point I would like to prove. You're a joke. This is laughing stock. I'm done talking to you.
  8. No - as I said, I want YOU to tell me. Yeah, I love that girl, I hope that shines through. I just had the camera in the 8sinn cage, a zacuto zamerian magic arm (short one), black magic videoassist.
  9. I'm exited to hear qualifications needed to be a music video. And the other thing was so obvious that I just left it out. Your criticism is boring.
  10. Mostly the Tokina 11-16, and the rest of it with old Nikkor AI 28mm and 50mm. All on BMPCC Speedbooster in 3:1 RAW compression. Grade in Resolve.
  11. Dear people. Shot this musicvideo for a friend when is was in US. Enjoy
  12. Thanks, appreciate it. Btw, I haven't seen it discussed here but this cage from 8sinn (polish company) is really great. Makes it a lot more throwable and droppable. http://www.8sinn.com/index.php/products/8sinn-bmcc-micro-cage.html And the Hdmi lock is made in a way so the cable doesn't get fucked - I recommend it a lot!
  13. It's a wonderful camera, I absolutely love it. Nothing wrong with the controls at all, it takes an hour of shooting to get familiar with. But I have an issue with shooting 60fps raw 3:1 and monitoring on Blackmagic Videoassist - the signal just get's all weird and it's impossible to shoot under those circumstances. Other than that, it's great. Seriously, it seems like some of you guys care more about camera technology that making films - but maybe this is an AC forum more than a director/DP one.. Dunno.. Will share something monday. Cheers
  14. I love the way you're making sure everyone gets the point
  15. Exactly. They added a flare set last year to accommodate the need for flare situations.
  16. Hey Guys! You think the BMPCC speedbooster will fit this one?
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