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  1. It says «Союз» on the can - you can't trust the Russian Space Forces, probably a CGI - Pavel Klushantsev invented the 'Star Wars' film genre ... and Wernher Von Braun had been using Nikon glass since 1941!
  2. a great idea for a script, no? EOSHD - THE MOVIE (Suspense and Psychological Thriller) ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BY EOSHD forum members 8-8-2016 ACT ONE – THE SET-UP (André meets Lars at Checkpoint Charlie, iBrahim lurking in the corner) ACT TWO – CONFRONTATION (iBrahim gets André to lose linking on DRP – André fights to get it back) ACT THREE – RESOLUTION (May the best guy win!)
  3. in order to achieve this 'organic' look, you may have to trade your NX gear for the €2.500 URSA Mini http://www.videodata.de/shop/products/de/Kameras-Camcorder/2K-4K/Blackmagic-URSA-4K-Mini-EF.html
  4. The latest 12.5.1 version of DaVinci Resolve is being more friendly towards 8-bit HEVC, transcoded with Samsung Movie Converter - try it yourself.
  5. Excellent, it seems the 18-200 performs better with 1080p footage ...
  6. What is the diameter of the glass/relay lens that you are using?
  7. Do you have test footage of the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f2.8? Is it any good for (4K) video?
  8. no color grading possibilities with HEVC - RAW is better
  9. Make your own Focal Reducer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l66Sch9PWY
  10. starts at 2:30 - [Video How-to Guide] Pro Suggest Market-Setup and Customize Films http://www.samsung.com/ae/support/skp/htv/16258
  11. NX1 Camera - How to Download Custom Modes for Your Samsung NX1 Camera http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/skp/faq/1078523
  12. an app to combine two clips into a single HEVC clip - in camera - would have been nice ... - Adobe® VideoBite (Free) by Adobe is a video editing app that lets you stitch multiple videos together.
  13. write speed is 70 mbps, same as the Canon 50d - is HEVC better than RAW? http://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/samsung-nx1/sd-card-comparison/
  14. Otto K, pls enable (on the NX500) 3K 4:3 2880_2160 - with Anamorphic 2x lens - 6K 5760_2160 (KINEMAX)
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