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  1. I tried it several times with almost the same settings (things like AF responsiveness and Master Black Level might have been different), but I couldn't reproduce it. The exposure doesn't change when I enter video mode (similar environment with window and curtain) and the aperture always stays functional, changing the total exposure as it should.
  2. That's super cheap. Following ebay for the last couple of months, you could only get either the Body only or the 16-50S lens for a similar price (a little bit cheaper maybe).
  3. I don't know if that is a correct method of determining exposure difference, but after cropping the NXL RAW in Lightroom to the same frame and turn it into BW, it takes about 0.5 stops of pushing the exposure until histograms are roughly matched.
  4. Did you get this list through a command or tried each value from 0 to 14 while checking in the camera settings the corresponding movie sizes? Thanks. (I am not interested in that particular list, just trying to work out how to find out what are the available values for each [app] )
  5. Transcend 64GB UHS-II 285/180MB/s gives a write speed of about 55-60MB/s (a bit different each time) in the Dev Menu. Also, the camera freezes after each test and I have to take the battery out.
  6. Transcend 64GB UHS-II 285/180 MB/s gives in NX1 Dev test about 82-85MB/s Read and 55-60MB/s Write. edit. You can delete this post, I didn't see that there is a specific topic.
  7. What if you adjust your hand, so it is less angled compared to the camera. Does the pinky still hang? A bit like that :
  8. Is the SDK you are looking for here https://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=T&menu_item=photography&classification1=digital cameras ?
  9. The 18-200mm has a fast focusing mechanism, which results in fast AF in good outdoor light. However, the max aperture is already f5.6 at 70mm and eventually f6.3, so it can't collect enough light for fast AF. I get a similar problem with the 16-50mm Powerzoom at 50mm. It is quite slow to focus in indoor low-medium light. The 45mm f1.8 though is still quite fast in the same light. I guess the situation would be similar with the 50-150S at longer focal lengths.
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