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  1. I'm wondering if someone can please tell me what the 1080p quality is like in 1080p mode on the G85. Also curious to know how the 100-300 lens behaves on this camera, but I'll ask that in the Lens Topic.
  2. Any chance to see some of your work ?
  3. Thought the colour and skin tones looked great on my computer.
  4. Cool, I was responding @Mat33 and the E-M5 and what JB shot. Did you watch it? The EM-1 11 is really a stills camera.
  5. Buy the UM4.6 because it's a brand new camera being used by recognised camera professionals eveywhere, and you get all the software for editing for nothing. It's a no brainer if your talented enough to use BMD. Wish I was cause I'd buy 2 tomorrow.
  6. Looked great. Can see some serious work getting done with this camera in the right hands. Those colours were spot on with how it really looks, and it handled the rapids on the waterfall quite well.
  7. I didn't want to reveal my prototype slider that's still in developement stage, but seeing as a thief (who I know well) on DVXUser has stolen my idea, maybe I should. You don't even need a tripod at all, and it's fully mobile being on wheels. It's a 2 rubbish bin slider and for extra stability you can fill the bins with beer and ice. I'm thinking of getting a kickstarter campaign up and running for 100 shareholders at a bargain $500 a share. I'm calling it The Wheelie Good Slider. I'll even offer $100 cash back up front if you send me your Bank Account and pin details in advance via Western Union, Cairo.
  8. I really liked what he did with this video. Not sure if it's been posted before. https://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/
  9. Thought some of those skin tones looked a bit plasticy. Apart from that it looked great.
  10. Presumption, and technical ignorance on my behalf. And my wife is always right!!
  11. Hi Alex, I have the MVH 502A head and it's a good light weight head, and as long as you don't try and load it up too much, or go too long on the lens it should be good. I don't use it a lot for my needs these days, but I can recommend it.Think you can get flat based verions as well. I tried to remove the half ball on mine once and it wouldn't budge.
  12. Yeah they've actually surprised me these solo sticks considering there's no spreader.
  13. Might be worth while looking at some used Miller Solo sticks and a 75mm half bowl to mount the slider on. 10 lbs weight at one end of a slider might be a challenge for one tripod. Good thing about the Solo sticks is they can get down nice and low. Good advice.
  14. If your main use is at home, I think you've been given some good suggestions above. However if you ever decide to step outside and use some long lenses that require movement, I think you gonna have to consider spending more on sticks and a head and go a bit heavier.
  15. @Tim Sewell.......Have you used the SLR on a long lens, I'm wondering if focus is a problem ? I spent a bit of yesterday practising riding my cheap Variable ND that's only usable on a widish lens. I must say there's a bit of technique/practise involved, and keeping my fingers out of shot would be a good start !
  16. I'm seriously going to look into the SLR magic vari ND to find out if its clickless or can be made to be clickless, and what its like on a long lens (about 300mm @ MFT) 99% of my stuff is shot over the ocean looking south most of the time and quite often panning left to the east and the rising sun. I need to control aperture to get a long depth of focus, and shutter speed to control motion cadence. I work with a couple of DOPs and they reckon the SLR magic vari nd is hard to beat for its price. I reckon riding a descent vari ND might keep me in the sweet spot when I need it. I know fron experience some cheap vari nd's aren't nice on long lenses.
  17. Thanks for explaining it for me Vesku, but it sounds way too complicated and distracting for me to think about whilst I'm framed up and say panning with a shot. If it were to become a feature with the GH5 I'd certainly be turning it off in auto mode if I used it. But thanks for explaining it.
  18. Ok I'm not understanding something here and I don't have aGH4, but if I was recording in shutter priority for say 5 min and aperture, ISO, and maybe white balance values are changing, what do I do with this information whilst I'm recording ? Do I try a remember what the changing values are ? Do I take my eye away from the viewfinder and write down what happened at what moment? Do I fiddle with buttons to try and overide one of the values ? I can fully understand it for stils, but I can't get my head around it for video.
  19. Yes that would be good especially in 4K. It seems that moire and vertical stairstepping is showing up on G8, GX85 and G7 4K footage. Dr Dave has bought it to attention on some other sites. Seems that the G7 is the lesser of the culprits. This footage by Dr Dave is a good example of it showing up on musical instruments and architecture.
  20. I'd say that Mark's results are better than good. No one's perfect but he comes close using a GH4.
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