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  1. I think it's pretty much official amongst GH4 owners, myself included, that Vlog-L was meant to be used with a 10-bit external recorder. I'm no techie, but from what I understand from the guys who seem to be much more knowledgable than I , 8-bits is not enough for most LOG profiles. Some disagree and point to canon's C-log 8-bit codec to show that 8-bits is enough, but, hey, i don't know.
  2. I'm working with Vlog-L on the GH4 which has it's own issues with magenta/cyan macro-blocking. I Have only owned the Sony A6000, so I have completely no experience with S-Log other than the clips Andrew uploaded from the A7sII. Maybe its just some setting in the camera that needs to be changed, hopefully not a continuation of the issue with the A7s.
  3. I brought this up in another thread. I thought it was just due to me over saturating the S-log-3 footage due to my inexperience with it.
  4. No problem Liam. I may have used the wrong term. When I said "unlicensed" I meant music I didn't get a license from the artist to use.
  5. All of the music you may hear in any of my vimeo videos all come from my own personal music library collection.
  6. I've been too lazy to even look for one. Plus, most of the licensed music that I do hear with videos on the net just seems overly generic.
  7. Good Luck to you!! Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to say the same. However, for now, my talent level will be keeping me on vimeo with my 1:30 to 3:30 minute videos with unlicensed music.
  8. Kaylee. I couldn't imagine waking up with a tombstone over my bed, and feeling like you've just woken up and returned from being dead.
  9. Kaylee, A Goth but an older one, I remember when "Black Tape For A Blue Girl" was still actually "Black Tape For A Blue Girl" not the cover band they seem to have become today. Haven't really checked out whats new at Projekt.com in a while. I don't have much experience with sony slog other than what andrew has graciously provided for download. I have the GH4, and 8-bit internal V-Log-L is producing magenta -cyan macro blocking in skies, areas of continuous uniformed light colors, and so forth. Most with GH4s have come to the final conclusion that to get the best out of V-Log-L it is essential
  10. Got bored and did what I think is my last two grades. Some Are probably saying Finally, thank goodness for that.
  11. I understand what you are saying, but I learned a long time ago that a grade is completely in the eye of the beholder. Some people will hate my grade some people will love it. I have seen grades that are technically too dark and some that were too bright. I have seen grades that I thought were technically too red, green or blue, too saturated( my own included) and not saturated enough. Some times you have to look at a grade not in "your own taste"or on it's technical accuracy but as someones else's artist expression, right or wrong and appreciate it for that.
  12. It looks great, kinda looks like maybe an Osiris M31 LUT might have been used.
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