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  1. Yes, the video quality is better on Gh4 due to better processing. The still quality is only a little bit better but exhibits no banding, in contrast Gh3 "features" banding starting from ISO 6400. I can't wait for the GH5!
  2. GH4 low light is better, GH3 exhibited a lot of noise and banding at ISO 6400 in contrast GH4 is quite usable. On default camera profiles, GH4 ISO 6400 looks roughly as good as ISO 3200 on GH3. I know this because I've owed both cameras. 4K was a huge thing, 96 fps in FHD is also very nice for slow motion, the screen was better and did not fall apart after one year, the hot shoe the same, the EVF was much improved, the AF the same, the sound also got better, the colors, BW and the overall image were also much improved, etc, etc. GH3 was OK, but I wasn't so impressed wit it, GH4 on the other hand was and still is a very nice and reliable camera!
  3. The 6K photo mode in Gh5 will similarly work like 4K photo mode from GH4: http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-panasonic-gh5-6k-photo-mode-works
  4. @AaronChicago: "4K 60p bit seems nearly impossible on GH4 sized body.". I see no problem here, if they increase the body size to accommodate better cooling, the camera will look even more pro and with the added space they can also put some better ADC's for a very good audio.
  5. @Andrew Reid, I can't wait for the official press release but in the meantime if you hear any more news, please share them with us.
  6. @Andrew Reid, agree with what you said but GH2 was also labeled as a 16 Mpix camera, when in reality the total sensor resolution was about 18 Mpix.
  7. @Andrew Reid, the rumored 20 Mp number cold be generic. D500 also features a 20 Mp sensor that it's actually an 20,9 effective resolution. If a multi aspect sensor is used, then with approximation: 5760 x 3240 = 18,662,400 (6K in 16/9) 5288 x 3966 = 20,972,208 (maximum used res in 4/3) 5760 x 3966 = 22,884,160 (Multi aspect res)
  8. @IronFilm, or at least 6K in 3/2 mode. Who knows, we shall wait and see. Until now I'm very excited about the rumored specs.
  9. @ricardo_sousa11, the rumored sensor is different from the existing 20MP version: “Sony has an 18.9mm*13mm M43 sensor designed for Panasonic that could be used in GH5. Very high-end, 24 channel super fast readout speed that BIONZX could not keep up with. Only Panasonic can fully unleash the potential of this chip right now.” 24 channel super fast readout speed cold mean almost 60 fps in full res.
  10. The rumored 20M" sensor can be this one: http://www.43rumors.com/ft3-new-panasonic-gh5-sensor-is-made-by-sony/... a very fast multi aspect sensor around 24 MP in full res mode (18,9x13mm), ~21 MP in 4/3 and 6K in 16/9.
  11. @Mattias Burling "4K from a GH4. Sony A7s or other low bitrate shooters doesn't look as good as upscaled HD from a good camera imo." A carefully shot and edited 4K image looks much better than any Canon FHD. I've used for meany years the 5D2 for video work and was a revolutionary tool for it's time, but now even in RAW looks old. It is ok to have different preferences and opinions but what you just said is very untrue. On a 4K or bigger screen, FHD looks pour in comparison to a 4K image. Just remember, Gh4 + an external recorder brings 4K at 10 bit and 4:2:2 chroma sampling to the table, a very good image at a price under 5D mk 3.
  12. @zerocool22, I mostly shot events so RAW video is very uninteresting to me. But even so, I prefer a carefully edited good 8bit 4K image to a RAW FHD. 1080p is something of the past, ok to watch but definitely not something to shot on for the future.
  13. A good "in-depth look at the video specs of the Canon 5D Mark IV", thanks for sharing it Andrew! @gt3rs, don't get your hopes up. A 4K UHD crop from a 30,4 Mpix sensor will result in approx 1,75x crop. A lot closer to Panasonic Gh2 1,86x video crop than Canon APSC. IMO, Canon may either offer a 1,75x crop 4K UHD video mode, or a full frame 4K UHD (FHD resolution wise) with line skipping and a blur applied to it to kill off the moire (like on 7D mk 2 FHD), or both modes. Laughing date is near so we shall rest easy in a couple of days. @Mattias Burling, I don't know what Gh4 or Sony cameras you've used, but my "special" Gh4 trashes any 5D mk 3 regarding video quality any day and XC-10 was the biggest joke Canon has ever made. :))
  14. Samsung NX 1 was very nice on paper but after I tried it, I totally disliked the image out of it. I fell the same way about all Sony DSLM cameras so far (very nice specs but the ergonomics are terrible and the image out of them is not for my taste).
  15. Thanks for posting the video shot with XT2. I'm absolutely intrigued by it and if GH5 won't be something exceptional I'm seriously consider the switch to Fuji. As I see it now, XT2 is what I always wanted: an APSC sensor camera with beautiful 4K video from resizing (no crop, no line skipping etc), great colors, low noise, no overheating (with optional grip) a nice design without ergonomic problems, very good photo quality, good AF and a very good lens collection!
  16. The XC-10 305Mbit/s codec is nothing extraordinary, it's just another intra frame (ALL-I like codec), the 1Dc and 1DX mk2 have higher bit rate, although not 4:2:2 color, but the image out of them look so much better. I can't really understand what you find appealing in XC-10? My experience with it left me with a bitter taste, the 4K image is very soft (more like 2,5K), DR is BAD, nowhere near 12 stops, the AF is slow and the combination of a small senor and fixed dark lens makes the image very uncinematic, and above all the price is unrealistic + the price of the Cfast cards is very high. I also can't wait for the GH5.
  17. @Andrew Reid A very good article that's right on spot about 1Dx mk 2 and Canon DSLR video strategy! Unfortunately
  18. I'm strongly disbelieving the GH5 will feature the same old 16 MP sensor found in G7 (aka GX80 + stabilization), this is a pure speculation with no foundation what so ever in it! All the rumors until now state it will have a totally new sensor specifically produced by Sony for Panasonic with a multi aspect ratio which measures 18,9 mm per 13mm, with 24 channels readout (cooper wiring and probably BSI), 6K video and 60p in 4K. If this turns true, the new sensor will have around 21+ MP in 4/3 and 18,6 in 16/9 (to accommodate the 6K resolution). http://www.43rumors.com/ft3-new-panasonic-gh5-sensor-is-made-by-sony/#disqus_thread http://www.43rumors.com/the-panasonic-gh5-rumor/
  19. Don't confuse mega Pixels with mega Dots (R, G and B sub pixels). This screen has 5 Mdots or 1,66 Mpixels and the Leica has 4,4 Mdots or 1,46 Mpixels effective resolution!
  20. Eno

    Sony a6300 4k

    "Samsung NX1 does not use a crop of the sensor – it pixel bins from the full area of the chip, although it does have a bit of aliasing and moire" You get aliasing and moire from line skipping, not pixel binning. Those are two distinct ways of reading out a sensor.
  21. Eno

    EOS 80D - HDR Video?

    A "strong" but very good article, thanks!
  22. NO, I wold not like an APS-C sensor on Gh5! A multi aspect m4/3 24 MP sensor with 6K video recording, 4K downsampeld from 6K, 10 bit and 4:2:2 internal recording, better AF (especially for video), a better audio DAC, Vlog 2, 60p 4K, better DR and Low light capabilities and a better body would do the trick at 1799$ for me.
  23. I got this info from a guy who just tested the 4K video capabilities of the camera: "It records all formats to CF card also. I tested it today. The 60fps @ 4K would bog down my card after about 10 seconds. But I think if my CF was just a little bit faster is would be able to hang. the 24fps and 30fps @ 4k will shoot forever. It’s awesome." So the expensive Cfast cards are only needed for 4K 60p.
  24. Eno

    Sony a6300 4k

    "The a63000 is also capable of 4K video capture at up to 100 Mbps. The camera uses a 20MP (6K) region of the sensor to offer 2.4x oversampled 4K video." This is very cool!
  25. @Andrew Reid I normally enjoy reading you site and you have some good articles in it, but from time to time you get carried away and write BS technical stuff. I really don't care if you like or dislike me, I'm irrelevant in this equation. My message to you is simple, if you want to have credibility, also be very very careful with technical date! You can ban me or do whatever you like, I just wanted you to be aware of the problem and be more careful in the future and always provide us good and accurate info. Best regards
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