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  1. @Mattias Burling Should I repeat myself 100 times already, 4K is a universally adopted name wich describes the 3840x2160 resolution, the cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) is differentiated with the acronym DCI 4K. By the way, here are some sample images: http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/canon-1dx-ii/canon-1dx-iiGALLERY.HTM
  2. @Andrew Reid Yes, I did got the copy pasting wrong on D5, it's 1,45x not 1,425x crop but if I were to write articles on a site I wold be much more careful, be assured. The problem is that you didn't understood my polite messages... Well, your lose! "Vitality" was very right about you and technical stuff unfortunately. @Ebrahim Saadawi "No technical errors in the forum post or blog post and even if there were it's a Canon error. This is straight un-altered text. About the crop factor, he doesn't specify a 1.xxx number but conveniently says (Slighty wider FOV on the 1DC) That's what you'll see using the camera." This is the qote from Andrew's article: “the crop is a little less severe than the 1.5x Super 35mm window on that camera (Nikon D5). The 1D C is a 1.3x crop or APS-H although I have heard it referred to as slightly wider than that or a 1.25x crop whereas the 1D X Mark II is a slightly narrower 1.4x crop due to the higher megapixel count of the 20MP sensor.” He says exact numbness which are wrong! Well, he can not make a big fuss about G7 crop factor being obviously smaller than GH4 in 4K (which by the way is absolutely insignificant, I tested them myself) and from Nikon D5 which has a 1,45x crop to just make it 1,5x and the one from 1Dx Mk2 which has 1,425x he rounded it to 1,4x just to make the Canon crop look better. For your information, the correct crop factor is calculated by dividing the full resolution's the long side to the 4K resolution long side, or whatever you want to measure.
  3. "Case in point the 1DC. The 4k image blows all of the AVCHD and XAVCS image qualities of the A7 series out of the water" @hmcindie in your imagination , perhaps...
  4. @Andrew Reid I told you should be more careful with technical details because sometimes mess up technical specs in your articles in favor of product or another and some people may judge you mind is clouded by fanboyism. It may not be this way but please prove me wrong in the future.
  5. Yes they did theSUBVERSIVE but Andrew Reid somehow missed that information I think.
  6. @Lintelfilm. I constantly work with both Panasonic, Nikon and Canon gear.
  7. @Jimmy. There are no tests between the two cameras for the moment but in the past Nikon has a an advantage in those regards. I presume if Canon was confident about it's sensor improvements they wold have made a huge fuss about them. @Andrew Reid. The simple 4K or UHD are term universally used to describe the 3840x2160 video resolution. I don't like it either, but let's not be more "Catholics then the Pope", we didn't invent those therms, we just use them.
  8. It’s fun reading your site but please be more technically precise. “the crop is a little less severe than the 1.5x Super 35mm window on that camera (Nikon D5). The 1D C is a 1.3x crop or APS-H although I have heard it referred to as slightly wider than that or a 1.25x crop whereas the 1D X Mark II is a slightly narrower 1.4x crop due to the higher megapixel count of the 20MP sensor.” For your information: Canon 1Dc has 1,265x crop in DCI 4K and 1,35x crop in 4K (UHD). Canon 1DX mk 2 has 1,335x crop DCI 4K and 1,425 crop in 4K (UHD). Nikon D5 has 1,425 crop in 4K (UHD). Things to consider: A Nikon representative said they are working on a firmware update to remove the 3 minute recording limit in D5. The Nikon D5 can use APSC lenses to get wide angle in 4K but 1Dx Mk2 will probably vignette on most APSC lenses at wide angles. D1Dx mk2 clearly has an advantage in AF for video work. D5 will probably have an advantage at high ISO and DR. 1Dx mk 2 will probably record 4K only on Cfast cards and those are expensive as hell + the Mjpeg codec is very inefficient. In the end, the cards to film an event in 4K 60p will probably cost as much as the camera itself, not to mention the cost of added computer storage, the need of fast and large SSD’s for editing such high bit rates etc. This is very bad!
  9. I think the question is if it records on both CF and Cfast or only on Cfast in 4K. Because if it only records 4K on Cfast event shooters are screwed. We normally record with two Gh4's about 500 Giga per wedding at 100 Mb/sec, this will translate in a minimum of 2,5 Terra bytes of data for 1Dx mk 2 in 30p or 5 Terra in 60p, 6000$ for Cfast cards at minimum.
  10. My bad Andrew, most of the people are referring to UHD when saying 4K. You are right, DCI 4K is 4096 and 1Dc has in fact ~1,27x crop factor on that format. Don't get we wrong, I'm not saying 1Dc is a bad camera or something, but IMO the only real advantage over D5 is the continuous video recording time in 4K. Yes D5 and D500 do not use resisting to 4K, they have a huge crop in 4K and D5 is crippled by that 3 minute time limit but compared to Canon at least they brought 4K to the masses. . 1Dc was labeled C (cinema) and not a regular DSLR camera and costed almost two tomes more than D5 and 6 time more compared to D500 at launch.
  11. Actually the correct crop factors in 4K for those two cameras are: 1Dc 5184/3840=1,35x and for D5 5568/3840=1,45x not a huge difference as he wrote: "1D C the crop isn’t as harsh, it’s a 1.3x over full frame. On the D5 it is closer to 1.5x."
  12. Correction, the 1Dc has 1,35x crop factor...my bad .
  13. First of all, get you facts strait, you always mess around with technical speaks in favor of a brand or another or just omit or exaggerate things. The Canon 1Dc has a 1,367x crop factor opposed to 1,465 the Nikon D5. As much as you like the 1Dc, it's not even near 4K, more like 2,5K (just a little better than a perfect FHD), it has a very inefficient motion jpeg codec and it splits the video very often because of the 4 BG limit. I'm not saying it's a bad camera, but for it's ridiculous price it's not stellar at all. As for you finding at a super deal for it, dos not automatically made it creeper. I remember you comparing it at 5000eu (second hand and only for you, nowhere else was to be found at that price) vs GH4 1700 new (wen it was 1000+ new and 800 eu second all over the place), this is another example of exaggeration. I'm not saying the D5 is not crippled, I don't kf know what Nikon was thinking when approved the video specs for it, the crop factor and the bloody 3 minutes 4K video recording but for applications who do not need more then 3 minutes of continuous recording (let's remember the ultra praised to the sky Sony A7R2 overheats after 5 minutes of continuous recording at over 30 degrees Celsius) it's pretty safe to say it's a much better camera than 1Dc :). For the Canon you can't use APSC lenses (they vignette), only FF ones which are severely cropped also, at lest on the D5 you can use crop lenses (so you have wide angle). The Nikon is more detailed than the ultra soft 2,5K 1Dc outputs, it has so much more DR and I like the Nikon colors more (subjectively of course). I'm very curios how is Canon going to intentionally cripple the 1Dx mk2 to protect it's over expensive C300 mk2.
  14. Eno

    Sony A7S II is out!

    Hy Andrew. For your own sake you should stop using titles like "All you need to know", they are very disturbing and false by any means. You did not even mention one of the most important questions that must be answered: how long can you record before it overheats in 4K/daylight situations (with and without IBIS activated)? Second, how long does the battery last while internally recording 4K (without and with the battery grip). Best regards.
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