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  1. I sell cage for Panasonic GH5 of the Movcam brand, it is in perfect condition with some small mark in the paint. SMALLRIG Wooden Side Handle is added. € 230
  2. Has anyone proven that EditReady 2 encodes the GH5 10 Bit files?
  3. I always work on pal (I'm in Spain). I do not know if it would be better to work in NTSC to access more ways or could give some problem.
  4. I remember that there were already reported problems with lexa's cards in Samsung NX1. In my GH5 the lag occurs when the recording stops, it takes about 2 or 3 seconds to stop after pressing the button.
  5. Great. It would be great to have a howto to apply your luts to GH5 Vlog files in post.
  6. Panasonic DMC-G80, kit with the lens 14-140 F3.5-5.6, all the accessories that brought + a compatible battery. Bought on 01-25-2017 so it has almost two full years of warranty ahead. Everything in perfect condition has not been used more than 4 or 5 days. 950€ in spain.
  7. Would they be in order of their preference? To af and touch af I have Panasonic 12-35 Mk1, is the one I plan to use in my Crane or run and shot. I would like something to start to manual focus, with the panasonic I find it a hell, I do not know if the sigma would improve the focus by wire for panasonic. The option of Veydra or Rokinon / samyang Cinema is to have a prime with a repeatable focus for video.
  8. Since the autofocus does not work, what is the recommendation for a manual lens? - Veydra MFT - Rokinon Cinema MFT - Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35 - Speedbooster + Rokinon Cinema - Speedbooster + Any other.
  9. I have it mounted and I have not had more problems than with the g80
  10. I will not say that my GH5 is better than the 6500 because I do not have it. What I say 100% is that my GH5 is much better than Max's.
  11. I used tap-to-focus with my Zhiyun Crane, simply from the mobile application. I have a "magic-arm" attached with a clip and the mobile always visible.
  12. compañero yo lo compre en españa en cameralia de sevilla, en la web de panasonic españa lo tienen pero cuando yo lo mire no tenian stock
  13. I think I have read that G80 performs an additional cropping if the HDMI output is set to 1080p
  14. Did you solve it? I have the same problem with a G80 and the Panasonic 12-35
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