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    Dearborn reacted to Zak Forsman in Driftwood V-Log L Samples - V709 & Arri Alexa LUT Comparisons   
    Here is the V-Log to V709 LUT if anyone else is wondering where to get it.
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    Dearborn got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in GH4 V-Log $99   
    You need to cool down. Customer service folks are doing their job and being friendly when a lot of people might not be. They don't make Panasonic's decisions. Just be happy the firmware is being released and is reasonable for people to afford. Peace
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    Dearborn got a reaction from Flynn in Help choosing a camera for doc and short films...   
    What about an Olympus em5 ii with ef mount sigma f1.8 18-35mm & metabones speedbooster? That's 2,600, 2,750 with variable nd by tiffen. Actually it might be less cause that's for the xl metabones. You don't get 4k but you invested in a good ef lens for future camera bodies and a good run and gun stabilized body. Stabilization in post is a headache I'm finding especially for gh4 4k unless you have a really new and high end machine/software which will cost even more to invest in and still add time. Your light and stabilization needs with this setup would be mostly taken care of. With the gh4 your limited to tripod work, investing in more lighting and a3 axis stabilizer, which only some will support the heavier glass a metabones uses and again will put you way over budget. You're better off sticking to 1080p right now and if that's the case the em5ii will save you a lot of time at the sacrifice of some quality, I think it's mainly moire and aliasing that it's not great at from reading. If so you could get it and sell the body in a year and only be out a fifth of your total investment.
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    Dearborn got a reaction from tosvus in Sony movie studio 13 suite dl, 60 amazon   
    If your just starting out, movie studio 13 platinum can do basic edits on 4k without proxies on my four year old computer, i7-860 2.8ghz, radeon hd 5770 with its gpu acceleration. Premiere elements 13 can't cause of lack of gpu/accel. I own both now.
    This is forty less then anywhere else I found for the suite. Don't know how long it will last. Use the key with the download from Sony for the latest version.
    Gh4 4k, don't know about nx1 or others.
    Stabilizing is 2.5x 1080p & 15x 4k clip length, note crashes on stabilizing some 4k clips. 1080p stabilizing is faster than the premiere pro trial on my system.
    I set playback to preview, one quarter and its relativity smooth with some skips, not perfect though.
    Has support for external monitor
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    Dearborn reacted to Inazuma in Return 12-35 varo x for sigma 18-35?   
    F stop measures the opening of the iris in the lens. But all the different elements of glass and their quality can effect the amount of light that actually hits the sensor. So the T stop tends to be slightly higher in numerical value to the F stop. Most of the time it's about 0.2 higher 
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    Dearborn reacted to benymypony in Lookup Tables   
    If I'm right, .MGA files are made for screen calibration.
    Here are more free LUTs :
    - Film print emulation by Juan Melara : http://juanmelara.com.au/print-film-emulation-luts-for-download
    - Kodachrome film look by Frank Glencairn : https://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/everything-looks-better-on-kodachrome-k-tone-lut
    - Film look pack by SmallHD : http://www.smallhd.com/community/movie-looks-download
    - My free LUT with teal/blue-orange look : http://luts.iwltbap.com/#freeware
    Hope it helps 
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    Dearborn got a reaction from IronFilm in Lookup Tables   
    I just found out there's a free LUT plugin from "vision color" that works with Sony vegas and movie studio platinum 13 and also that Technicolor has a free lut for Cinesytle that I'm trying out with the EOSHD GH4 Flat profile, and having some good some bad results. Are there any more LUTs out there worth checking out? And what format or program is .mga associated with? I did a search but couldn't find it. Thanks
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