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  1. no longer available, and never available for macs
  2. just great, now I have to save up for lens cases
  3. sure, as someone that comes from an audio background, I can tell you for a fact that this sort of lossy upsampling happens on an hourly basis - sometimes through ignorance, other times, because people know that know one will ever know... because they couldn't.
  4. I'm not sure it won't not, but if it doesn't, it might not be because it's not user error. Or the opposite could be true.
  5. now this is not anything like a definitive anything... but if you hit pause and look at what's there, you might discover a few interesting things...
  6. I'm about to post a mega test... to the EXTREME... lol I wonder what people will think... one thing I think is pretty obvious though is that the v-LOG with the REC709 LUT is superior to vanilla Cinelike D. OBVIOUSLY, you can colour correct things a million ways, but even just as a starting point, the colours are a lot more accurate IMO. EDIT: Saying that I haven't really done much work AFTER applying the LUTs; I know there's some colour banding issues, so bear that in mind, YMMV, etc.
  7. v-LOG Varicam v-LOG to REC709 Modified v-LOG to REC709 (as posted in this thread by Marshal Davis) Varicam v-LOG to REC709 followed by a 709 to FUJI LUT ISO 400, Speed 50fps, f5.6 - it was very overcast when I shot this and "original v-LOG to REC709" looks pretty accurate to what I was seeing when shooting... No additional curves tweaked, colour correction, etc.
  8. I would say this, with the exact same camera settings, luts that say "vlog to 709" and "Cine D to 709" produce radically different results... I'm not sure if that is meant to be the case (remember I'm an idiot), but if it's NOT, well... it is.
  9. I am going to shoot a bunch of stuff tomorrow and see what I can see... I shot a few minutes earlier, just a few, then used the v-log to 709 LUT and it wasn't absurdly noisy, or artefact-y, and the colours looked really amazing... But I'm sure this will all wash out one way or the other in a few days
  10. some footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRhzxH4mqig
  11. http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/fcpx-lut-loader This is free for a limited time ^^^ normally $50.
  12. the worst news for them is the gh4R! If they do make it free in response (which I don't think will happen), the new pre-installed LOG ver, which cost more, is DOA...
  13. worked on mine... and now I'm going to buy it, after spending 5 minutes with it... it's brilliant! I gotta say if this wasn't a ploy to drive up sales it should've been!!
  14. wait.. how do you do it?? Am I missing something?
  15. grain is for the film, not the matte..
  16. wow! That veil looks so sharp! The whole thing looks great...
  17. very strange that that is what they choose to upload though, considering they could EASILY make it look nicer online...
  18. It would be a nice security camera...
  19. oooh! Now I'll be up late again! Thank you really... this is exactly the sort of thing I need to embrace funny about not shooting wide open because you can... the more I learn the more I think I kinda just need to trust what I see... I'm kinda glad I made videos and even did corporate work basically without knowing anything... because now all this knowledge feels less inhibiting... not sure that will make sense, but it does to me...
  20. I do really appreciate it though, as I'm really just trying to learn about what's out there, and what it can do for me...
  21. thank you! I WILL look at them as you've just described exactly what I'd be looking for!! Much appreciated!
  22. CTRT

    Great article

    My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot S10: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons10/11 "Image Quality: 9.5" I know it's nothing like what is on the market now, but man, the amazing photos I took with that - and have framed in my house... Oh and I just checked the inflation calculator, in todays money that thing would cost $775!
  23. thanks for your advice, all of it... I will be shooting with this for a long time... the only other tech I want really is a couple of quirky lenses and a new tripod... The whole LUTs thing has really opened my eyes to a lot of potential for music videos, etc., and yes, music GREATLY informs how I edit, etc. Here's a little thing I did today with my daughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpKUCgdrW4o Obviously it's not anything, but a little bit of footage for me to play with, but it still looks amazing... for just 5 mins of work. and look after your dog, it's meant to live in the alps I think!
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