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  1. Black goods? Panasonic doesn't appear to even make televisions anymore. Can't find them on their website.
  2. Thanks for posting. is there any way to purchase it through the app store to use gift card credit?
  3. Oh god no.... He will be a disaster, the question is how much. There isn't an ounce of data to support your hunch that the country will do very well. I would put money down he doesn't even know how laws are passed. He's shown profound ignorance on issues with any substance. He will delegate as much as possible and serve more as a figurehead while Pence hires failed republicans like Gingrich, Christie and Giuliani to prominent positions. They will proceed to do what they have always done... figure out how to best enrich themselves and their buddies. And "hoping for the best" is exactly why the country is in such terrible shape...... just kind of hoping things work out while everything around you is deteriorating. Stay passive and marginalized and get.......
  4. They sell advertising for a living..... that's how and why they exist. They are not moral institutions. There is a guise of a free press but nobody should believe that. The answer is independent media funded by people..... not businesses, where the number 1 expense is advertising in order to shape or manipulate human behavior.
  5. woozie

    GH5 Prototype

    So what are we looking at here? $2k for the body?
  6. Is the NX 50-200mm as good as the movie pro 18-200mm lens, for video?
  7. I wonder how many forums members we have with NX1 that are interested. Probably could raise $10k easy with 100-200 supporters.
  8. I am in also. Regarding knowing someone at Samsung... wasn't there a guy in another thread to claim he worked for Samsung but in another department?
  9. woozie

    Sony a6300 4k

    It tops the NX1 with 16-50mm S lens for about $1500?
  10. Trump is quite clearly a misogynist, pandering demagogue, but he is a wildcard as a politician because he really hasn't substantiated much in terms of his policies. He also has a history advocating for things antithetical to the republican platform, ie universal healthcare. With Cruz, you get a definite and dangerous nut cake. Clinton is a corporatist, like Obama, and 100% status quo.
  11. Or if you can somehow manage to scrap up $400 at the time, you will be able to buy a used NX1 off ebay probably and continue using your expensive lenses.
  12. Very nice. The 2-3 samples I have seen of this camera look incredible.
  13. Someone explain G6 over FZ1000 to me.
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