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  1. Well, It looks like to go anamorphic that with buying the lens and upgrading my computer, will be into it $2k or more. For me that does it for fun and am retired is big money, so helpful to know if I can shoot indoors and use existing lenses.
  2. Breaking down the questions, how fiddley is it to use the slr magic anamorphot lens with an mft or canon rebel? Is there an slr magic lens that doesn't need the rangefinder? Then how do you compensate for shooting close indoors not just the anamorphot lens needing longer lens, but also add crop factor. How do you shoot 3-4' away?
  3. I have purchased the guide, but am better informed, but clueless of what to do? My current cameras are aps-c sensor size. I do narrative film mostly. Looking to purchase a SLR Magic Anamorphot lens for anamorphic video. I use Sony Vegas 13 NLE which can desqueeze anamorphic video. Am thinking about getting a 4k camera so that when in 16:9 mode or 4:3 mode the loss of pixels will not be noticed when rendering to 1080p or 720p. I mostly shoot indoor with nikkor vintage prime lenses. The spaces are small, so shoot mostly with wide angle lenses. My concern is that with crop factor and having to use much longer lenses will not be able to shoot indoors in small spaces, not uncommon to be with 3' of subject. My concerns are that with the SLR Magic I will not have enough room to shoot indoors and want a single focusing solution. I know that they make the rangefinder, but wonder if they have an anamorphic lens that a range finder is not needed? I have no experience with this at all so before I spend $2k on Slr Magic stuff and likely as much upgrading my computer too and even maybe having to buy a MFT or Aps-c 4k camera, want to get your opinion. I do not have $4k to put into this. Really looking for your experience, if the multi focus is not a big deal, good to know. I work alone so the less fiddly my tools are the better.
  4. I am screwed, Andrew posted that you can upload the files via usb with the Canon software, which I do not have, since my cd got corrupted and virtually impossible to get from Canon again, have tried several times.
  5. I just bought the color profiles, but no where are their any instructions for applying them? I assumed there would be written settings that I input into my cameras Canon t3i and EOS-m but instead got a bunch of files. Nothing in my camera manual tells me how to upload them to the camera or is this something done in my NLE? anyway, before I request a refund, maybe you can give me some instruction on how to use these in my camera and upload it to them? Also would be helpful once they are available in camera to take advantage of them and use them to full potential as in setting camera to expose high lights?
  6. I see my previous post on this discussion has been deleted, so will list the hight points. No one up to this point has mentioned this, but this camera only works with Mac Computers. Apple computers represent 4% of the world's users and less than 1% of world software use. So making a camera that 94% of the world cannot use (Windows software has aprox 94% world usage to Apple's 4%). That fact alone I am sure is responsible for its lack of acceptance in the market place. Its limited range of light to shoot in, lack of slow motion, having to use c mount lenses and high price all contributed to its demise. I understand that ignoring the World's windows users was a strategic marketing strategy that failed and certainly cost them one customer (me) also too little features for too much money and I am not sure at all there was anything they could have done about that.
  7. I am going to snooze thru this announcement, recently the big news was Canon released a camera that cannot even match the quality and features of theT2i after almost ten years of canon "development" at the same price. I use 3 Canon cameras now, they are great due to Magic Lantern however I cannot imagine buying more canon lenses or camera bodies, they are not competitive in my mind. I think any announcement from Canon will be that digital filmmakers will have to pay a mega thousands of dollars for their camcorders and that their dslr and mirrorless cameras are for photos only. For those of us that swing both ways (video and photo) you are sore out of luck. That is why I have been uninterested in any model below $4k and so not interested in their latest cameras and I have taken to heart the Canon philosophy that dslr and mirrorless filmmakers do not matter.
  8. I think what ever their surprise is? It will help put me to sleep at night. Likely the big surprise is a new name for the same camera. It will be expensive and for video compared to the competition useless, like all the camera introductions for the last 3 years.
  9. Well at this price range, I would expect internal stabilization, great slow motion and great low light. If it were a thousand dollars less I would be interested, but at this price I expect more in features such I already mentioned. It would be nice to have 4k too for editing, but I will pass on this one. I also expect video related features that relate to focus, exposure, historgram etc.
  10. What about ergonomics, not just the feel of a camera in the hands, but logical places for buttons? Since so much is software in the camera, why can't I just pull up a video screen and have all the information and access to setting in one place? I want really good slow motion in 1080p Why don't the big mfg do research into these things and if they do, it seems like a no brainer to have this available years ago. 4k has lots of downsides and 8k is just double trouble, how about making better sensors than just bigger sensors? I have to believe that to talk to filmmakers, Mfg can make cameras that make me want to buy? As it stands more features not supported by software editors and features like 4k which no one will watch in 4k, 8k is just double.
  11. I would be getting the 2x for the same reason, sorry I didn't make that clear.
  12. I am hoping to switch to Sony RX100IV with the above mentioned SLR Magic products. My big question is will this combination work? I haven't been able to find out if the Sony has an anamorphic mode in camera or if my NLE Sony Vegas Pro can do anamorphic conversion. However, if it can work, think it would be awesome. As you can tell I have NO EXPERIENCE with anamorphic and to spend $2k for the lens adapter and rangefinder an expensive experiment if it doesn't work?
  13. I see people reference internal stabilization, but on the sony website and in reviews, see no mention of internal stabilization for this camera and this is a big issue for me. What internal stabilization does this have if any? The other interest for me is if the SLR Magic add on anamorphic lens will work well with this camera? You would think if the camera body has internal stabilization they would shout it from the roof tops. I am very interested in this camera, but the biggest drawback is how fiddly it is in use? If the menus are not organized well or it may be a case of getting used to finding what you need in different places as opposed to having it all in one place? So familiarity may overcome the menu situation or it may just be fiddly and miss action as a result?
  14. When talking about love, you need trust, but trust is based on experience and lacking experience we have faith. I am no longer in love with Canon. I do think that the T2i, t3i, and eos-m cameras where all great bargains at one time, I have had many Canon point and shoot cameras with some manual controls. I use older Canon products for video still. I think bricking the camera so you cannot put magic lantern on it is a great example that Canon's contempt for its customers, magic lantern was the major reason in recent years to buy Canon for filmaking. I think for my use they provide as little as possible, for maximum price makes them a poor value, maybe the poorest value of all dslr choices at present. There are simply other camera choices that provide so much more, with features I value, that are not bricked at prices I can afford. I show little interest in new Canon products and have come to expect nothing from Canon that I can afford or interest me if I could afford. Their name stands for I will not give you a product you will use, but try and price it beyond your means.
  15. I think the big part of my question has not been answered yet. I do appreciate Ken's answers, but no where does Ken state that he has had actual experience with any of this? Not picking on you Ken, but I did get some info from Cheesycam.com where they review this SLR anamorphic with a Sony camera, the reviewer states it is quite fiddly with many cameras, but not with the reviewed camera. I sure would love to find people who have used this anamorphic adapter and their experiences?
  16. Miraud, at least he is filming and not complaining about you. If you don't understand another filmmaker, that is ok, likely other people feel the same way about you. My advice is more filmmaking and less concern how others do it. The irony is that now I need to take my own advice since I am criticising you for criticising others.
  17. Both the 1.3x and the 2x output to 2.35:1, which is the same output, so don't know if given that, why would someone buy one over the other or with the same output wouldn't they look the same? I have to save money to buy it and saving up a little more to buy the 2x is not a big deal an extra month or two. If I have to be a rocket scientist to operate this then it is not for me. I assume that there is less side compression with the 1.3x buying the 1.3x and the rangefinder focus by slr magic puts the package at under $1500. I am in the dark about the technology of this and also about the experience and how fidly all this is? I come from a camcorder world and altho have been shooting with dslrs for awhile mostly use the aperture controls and have always set 18:9 this is from an online review "original aspect can be accessed if desired, and not all software will necessarily recognize the aspect ratio tag.) Available aspects include the native 3:2, plus 4:3, 16:9, and 1:1. Blue lines on the LCD specify the edges of the crop area, but the full live view feed is shown, so you can use this area to assist in framing your image." I guess the real question for this discussion is what I need to know before purchase about using either anamorphic lenses. As Ken recommended shooting with the cheaper 1.3 if using 16:9, now I wonder since I have other options is it better to use another mode? they both output to 2.35:1. I am going to end up with just one slr magic anamorphic lens, but with everything being the same quality etc, to save a couple of bucks with the 1.3x and using that savings to buy the focus ranger would be helpful. I have the capability of buying either and the price difference just means saving for a little longer. This is all new territory for me.
  18. Ken, I am a bit confused, 4:3 mode is the old tv standard before wide screen. I am not sure my question has been answered here, so slr magic says "Intended for use with shooting at 4:3, bringing the intended output to a standard 2.39:1 wide format with a higher resolution than simply letter-boxing the image in camera." I am currently using Canon t3i and eos-m but will likely be getting a newer camera in the next few months that has internal stabilization and possibly 4k as well. Then 4:3 can easily be confused with micro four thirds. So, if I bought the Sony A7s for example, is that a 4:3 camera, but obviously a full frame not a micro four thirds? So, I hope you or someone will fill me in? the extra money for the 2x is not that big of a deal since I would need to save for a new camera and monitor. So, have more info, but no feedback on from someone using the lenses and the focus issue and also confused about what my existing cameras would use best and future camera.
  19. I have no experience using anamorphic lenses. It seems the only ones affordable to me are the slr magic lenses. They both result in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio on 16:9 Sensor and so I wonder why buy the 2x which is $300 more aprox when the end result is the same? They can use my old nikkor lenses which 24mm is the smallest, but have a pretty complete set, they are compatible thread with the slr magic (52mm). I do mostly short narrative film and can take time to set up shots. My concern is about the actual use of dual focusing? So, am interested in how much BS it takes to make these lenses work? I expect to practice, but with many things, practice makes perfect, but if every shot is going to be awkward and fidly it will distract from creativity. So in sum what is your experience using either of these two lenses? Are they difficult to use? or is it a matter of getting used to focusing twice, how hard is that? and why would anyone choose the more expensive 2x version when they result in the same size image?
  20. The only thing that makes me hesitate is How fiddly is the dual focus in practice? I use Nikkor manual primes and operate as a one man cinematographer. I am so taken with this idea of the slrmagic Anamorphic 2x, but if the camera has to be on a tripod and it takes 5 min to get focus, I want to know before I get out the plastic, so would love to find out how easy it is to use? Did you use the diopter? and your experience in use?
  21. I am interested in what "Anamorphic ready" for this camera means? Pretty much every camera can use a slr magic anamorphic lens and the nle make the adjustment for Anamorphic in post. I watched the BM explanation, but am still confused how BM makes it "anamorphic ready" over any other camera? Does this mean it doesn't need an anamorphic lens? I don't think that is the case since BM references a $5k lens to use. so what does it mean?
  22. To me the issue is price given that it looks good, where is China when you need them?
  23. I am wondering what "anamorphic ready" means for this camera? As far as I know any camera you can put an Anamorphic lens like the slr magic and then do the anamorphic processing in post.
  24. What does anamorphic ready mean? Does it mean it does Anamorphic video in camera? or will work with the slr magic anamorphic lens? What do you have to do to shoot anamorphically with this camera?
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