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  1. Hmm, the lens of the VII is the same as in the VI. Would prefer a 24-70 (not more than -105) but starting at 1.8, not 2.8 and going to 4.5 already at 35mm equivalent is a no-go. Maybe they improved on many aspects like the AF and IS but there is probably no in-built ND filter like in the VI. So at the first glance you think, great compact cam for filming but as usual with Sony, it shows only little attention to the details. For instance also the flash: what is that, why not a hot shoe? You offer a mic jack so why not the option to use the shoe as well to keep the package compact? This camera tries to be everything and is nothing at the end....

    The biggest complaint is still the lens - I don't need 200mm for filming and the low light capabilities are crippled by the optics. Check also the AF hunting when you zoom in and out..

    Ok, I see why they designed it that way (trying to beat smartphones) but I think I'll skip this one (again...).

  2. Hmm. That would be too intrusive for my taste as well. Has anyone tried this:


    Thinking about getting two or so. It has dual mono and it seems to have a huge convenience advantage over classic lavs as you could quickly put it on and off. For the ceremony like the one above much better than a boon operator, imho.

  3. On 6/20/2019 at 1:15 AM, fletch murray said:

    Q. I'd like to ask Andrew, Cycling Ben, Kisaha and Mars if any of you bought through the Adorama retailer.  I bought my first NX1 (which turned green) and the second NX1 through them at their pre-Christmas 2015 blowout price of $1,999.00 with 16-50mm lens.  I've always wondered if Adorama got a bad batch.  My second NX1 came from Adorama as well. It's serial number is 8J7ZCN6G70003KR.

    Hey Fletch, I bought my first one via Amazon and the second one used via eBay. The first owner got his apparently from a local dealer, so no Adorama here.

    Nice glider slomos, btw - thx for sharing.

  4. 5 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Nikon is a Dumpster Fire as of late. Sinking ship. Canon is doing the same dumb shit. Down the road there will be no Canon or Nikon. They both have their head stuck up their ass. China will stick Japan's head on a Pike.

    Difficult to predict. But I wouldn't write them off too early. CaNikon have very strong brands and for certain purposes the lens/camera product lines are hard to beat currently. I've sold my D4 as the D810 is more than enough for my portrait work but can't imagine for instance that Bundesliga photogs would change their habits and switch to some Chinese mirrorless plastic toy... Not so fast at least.

    By the way,  recently there was a rather provoking article on a highly frequented news page (Spiegel) with the title 'True photographers use Nikon cameras' (not Leica), in my opinion kind of showing the strength of the Nikon (and Canon) brands. Sorry for the German link:




  5. On 5/14/2019 at 9:22 AM, tonysss said:


    I'm still surprised by my sigma 18-35, it's the most versatile of all ? close up or wide view.. no problem





    Snímek obrazovky 2019-05-14 v 9.14.58.png

    Snímek obrazovky 2019-05-14 v 9.16.39.png


    Just out of curiosity: the mike is not the Rode NTK or Microtec Gefell UM92? The Neumann U67 probably has a wider cage, so that's unlikely. And the spider is also not Neumann like....

  6. Well, regardless of what the general opinion on the internet is - I'm quite satisfied with my Z6 and the new firmware is cool too. Yes, since I've got mine already in Nov and so it's rather an early one, I need to send it in. But at least Nikon is doing something, they seem to have learnt from the D600 desaster. Regarding the current eBay value, I wouldn't care too much about it. Unless you're not interested in the camera any more.

    I for my part am still using my two NX1s as well, so can easily bridge the time until I get the Z6 back. In particular its viewfinder is much better than the older NX1 plus the new 14-30/4 is really great. Just my 2c.

  7. On 5/20/2016 at 6:06 PM, Andrew Reid said:

    I'm very happy with EOSHD being about gear, it's good to specialise and to have a niche to focus on. (...)

    The thing I am most proud of over the past 5 years of EOSHD are the regular readers and the EOSHD Shooter's Guides. I get a bundle of inspiration from people and I try to put some back into the pool too.

    I will get my inspiration back soon enough and EOSHD will have a bigger presence on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram.

    Thanks to those in the thread who have posted messages of support! Means a lot and really does get the fire burning again.

    Yep, excellent work going on here. Thx and kudos to Andrew for this.

    Andrew, I only hope that your bigger presence on the "Monsters" will not result in less quality here, as I don´t have Facebook/Twitter/etc accounts. Don't need the tons of distracting nonsense over there. Looking for the gold nugget in the heaps of sh*t is nothing I´m willing to spend my time on.

    I think the position of EOSHD is quite comfortable. Yes, if you are VW, you sell millions of cars and belong to the biggest players out there - and somtimes you are in the bad spot-light because of politics or whatever. Nevertheless you earn billions of €€€. On the other end there is Porsche, not selling too many units but still very profitable. Now starting from that set-up it is pretty easy for Porsche to enter the mainstream market from their high-quality-level if they wish to. And they did, works pretty well so far. With their Cayenne/Macan series they discovered a huge gold mine they are digging now since a couple of years. Well, now look at VW and their Phaeteon-endeavor. Quite a disaster.

    EOSHD is rather in the Porsche position, providing high quality stuff and discussions. Said that, I consider myself being kind of Average-Joe regarding the content I'm producing. Nothing too sophisticated (yet) although my stills-photography is certainly in pro-territory (at least that´s what I'm told). In video I still have a long way to go and this site helps me significantly. I believe that the success of this site could grow further by improving the accessability to the great advice which is already there. What is 10bit 422, why, how to use LUTs and which for which cameras, audio is important, what to use etc. The content is already very good, and further development could carfefully go into the direction of the enthusiast videographer embracing all those who want to stand above all the cat-stuff on facebook. Porsche doesn't produce a VW Golf competitor - a Macan, however, (even though controversial for some) is a huge success. Good luck to Andrew - and to all of us who still appreciate high-quality nuggets in the huge pile of bollocks over the internet...  

  8. Yep, similar situation here. Picking up groups of kids (kindergarten, class rooms) or quick question/answer situations in the field. A classical interview situation with a lav mic is easier but sometimes you can't use it and/or need good ambient sound. @Gregormannschaft, are you always using the MKE 600 directly into the cam? I also have the KA 600 but prefer a preamp/mixer in between. 

  9. Anyone experience with the new Tamron 85mm/1.8 VC? Lenstip has a review about it:
    It would be nice to see some real life tests with this new baby.

    I find the lens interesting, one of the reasons being that it seems to resemble the Zeiss design - without the big price tag of the latter

    S Here´s another one

  10. I'm with Mattias on that one: Skin and audio are key. Not that fuzzy would be wrong either but if you have two alternatives for almost the same price tag, your priority is probably on these two aspects. Plus usability of course.

    All that said, I have tons of Nikon glass myself and have bought an NX1 (and the two S lenses for convenience plus the 16mm and 30mm primes). And two Nikon mount adapters. And an LX100 for really quick stuff.

    Happy so far.

  11. That's quite a lot bs in that article indeed. By the way, many people rant quite a lot about micro contrast and some sort of "magic" etc in their reviews. Well, lenses as well as sensors have gotten really, really good nowadays and as it has become difficult to differentiate stuff on such a high level, people start finding things which are not objective or not even measurable at all.

    I thing Thom Hogan has put it quite nicely in one of his most recent articles:


  12. On 12. März 2016 at 10:28 AM, Flynn said:

    Once they start putting that D5 sensor in other cameras you'll be able to get by with f4 for low light situations. I saw some high iso pics over on Nikon Rumors and it's amazing what that sensor can do.

    For video maybe less often but at least for stills you need apertures < f4 also for smaller dof, not only for low light. But you're right the new sensor generation will be very interesting. I believe they will start updating the higher end cameras first (D850 etc.) otherwise people might want to switch their bigger toys for cheaper ones leaving Nikon with less margin at the end.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Marcel said:

    Do you think still worth to buy the combo with the 24-120mm F4?

    Marcel, I don´t have the Tamron but the 24-120/f4 is really versatile. Not for dark situations but for these you have the primes. I have the 50/f1.4 (actually both, the Sigma-Art and the G-Nikkor) and the 85/f1.4D. Using them for stills (Portraits) mostly. If flexibility is needed and for video in normal light I don't hesitate to use the zoom - as a plus it also has VR. It is not the sharperst knife in the drawer but sufficient for most situations.

    But you should also know that around easter Tamron comes up with a 85/f1.8 with image stabilization and - depending on your budget - it could also be an interesting lens. I think I´m gonna get that one.

  14. 3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    NX1 meanwhile will give you better colour straight off the card, no fuss to grade, better ergonomics, top panel LCD, weather sealing

    Exactly. I'm a hard-core Nikon user myself and love my D810, or for special tasks the D4 as well. But the NX1 is ergonomically perfect. Not too small, not too big - just right. Image quality is great. I wouldn't have thought it but currently I end up using this camera most often, even for stills... Even the smaller LX100 or the RX1R remain in the bag or on the shelf more often than I would have imagined before.

    Regarding batteries: I think there will be enough third party alternatives for some time to go. And lenses are my least worry. The small pancakes and the S line provide everything you need. If you want to play, the Nikon mount offerings (or Canon if you´re into this brand) via an adapter provide a whole new world of choices. Yes, manual but the really high end stuff from Zeiss is without AF as well. Focus peaking on and everything is fine.

    For the next couple of years, until Nikon will have cought up, for me this is the solution.

  15. On ‎27‎.‎02‎.‎2016 at 11:55 PM, DPStewart said:


    Great, cheers! Btw I thought - as a long time stills shooter and absolute positive about monopods - it would be "unprofessional" to mention that here... ;-)
    I have this one and I really recommend that foot:

    It is incredibly effective in preventing any rotation and micro jiggles. Actually a must have for every monopod user, imho.


  16. 11 hours ago, NX1user said:

    I've had a DS1 for a couple of months now and it's been very solid. Any problems I've had have been from me trying to cut corners on pre-balancing it. As long as I properly balance it, everything is fine. The only other issues I've had are from not knowing what is happening with it due to the manual not being clear. So, here's some tips on the DS1

    Extremely valuable, thx! Haven't received mine yet, it is on the way...
    Guess I will rather use it with the NX1 + 16mm/30mm pancake. Me thinks that the 16-50mm S is more for handholding (with OIS) or even better with a monopod.

  17. Here in this thread would be great! For example where to get that shoulder rig...
    I've been looking for some stuff recently and only found more expensive toys:

    It is mindboggling how many alternatives exist... Btw, I finally ordered the https://www.owldolly.com/products/beholder-ds1-camera-stabilizer
    Your "fault". ;-) No, seriously, looks really good.

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