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  1. The DX and EF-S lenses are nothing unique or worth holding onto.


    What D7100 owner would be tempted by this upgrade? Doubtful.

    ​I am D7100 user and indeed not tempted at all. But the Sigma 18-35mm (Nikon mount) is an excellent lens I'd like to continue to use...

  2. Camera makers are used to the "normal" food chain - pro bodies have all the bells and whistles and introduce new stuff to the public while prosumer and consumer cameras inherit only parts of it and only after some delay.

    Now the attack comes from the side-lines / from the bottom of this chain. Smartphones which contain little cameras with small sensors bring stuff to the party which has not been thought of before. Everyone here and elsewhere agrees that it's the usability and connectivity which is missing in the traditional cameras. But of course this would not bring back the compact market again - that's gone for ever. Everything which has a small sensor will always be worse than state-of-the-art smartphones.

    What they can do now, however, is to try to protect the high-end market. DSLRs or mirrorless which indeed massively improve on the above - but also excel in quality output. The only reason for people to buy big chunky cameras is quality and specialties you cannot achieve with a small sensor/optics combinations (think of ISO monsters like the A7s or lenses like the new 150-600mm zooms), A DSLR with all the skills of her smartphone would not convince my wife to use that one instead. But DSLRs - better usable and better connected, granted - with still a clear quality advantage over smartphones and over the last DSLR-generation might convince at least me to upgrade to the next level there...

  3. The director didn't want to see the Canon glass for the rest of the day.

    ​Which is strange, isn't it? Canon (and Nikon) are used for stills / portraiture in almost every professional environment out there. I would assume their colour science to be top notch also in film making? While we are at it: I learned that Nikon is not really used for filmmaking (yet) but how do you like the colours from their new cameras (D750, D810) out of the box? I'm asking because I know a few photogs who like these recent advances very much, being more brownish/pleasing in beauty shots with less post work than before - compared i.e. to the D800.

    Kind regards, Martin

    P.S. My first post here although I've been reading for a while. Sorry if my questions may be dumb at the beginning but I'm coming from stills photography and only recently discovered filmmaking for myself. Having a Nikon-past of more than 20 years, I have recently bought an LX100 for my first steps and find the Panasonic colours... uhm, well... sub-par for people/portraiture, sort of. I also have a Sony RX100 II and find even their rendition much more to my liking.  

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