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  1. yea i know, we did way more scenes of her with the bra on inside the shower, at first i did not know if she would take it off, that's why i only added the scene when she was writing the name of the song.. just like a b-roll shot.. the artist wanted it like that too..
  2. Simple Music Video I Did Last Month With Over 1Million Views Already. Lens Used [16-50 S] {Song is in Spanish}
  3. yea, i don't have a monitor yet, but i did use one from a friend, but it did not have many options neither, i did notice when using the monitor you loose the grid lines from the NX1.
  4. i was going to ask for the same, most of my work is delivered at a 2.35:1 - but the grid line included on the NX1 its so thin that you can barely see it, i use to have a piece of tape on the 5diii so i could always be able to nail the shots the way i wanted it. that trick wont work on the NX1 touchscreen.. but i think i'll be awesome if someone can make the guide line thicker or simply all the way...
  5. last time i checked they had 0 units available, and it was mark as discontinued.
  6. After months of being Discontinued it's back in stock! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1081856-REG/samsung_ev_nx1zzzbqbus_nx1_digital_camera_kit.html
  7. even after some color correction and some heavy fx, denoiser etc?
  8. it's not grayed out, but i just tried singing out and in,, restarted, tried again.. still nothing - im reinstalling hoping i will work
  9. yes i did that, like i said all the other apps were updated.. i guess i might have to contact adobe support.. thanks for trying to help.
  10. i dont know why my Premiere Pro is not showing me to update, after effects and some others apps did.... :/ - i just finished shooting a music video, ready to start the editing.. anyone having the same issue?
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