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  1. Hi all, I have sold my NX1 and would like to remove the Otto / KS 2.15 hack. How do I do this? Thanks
  2. Hi everybody, I am selling my Samsung NX1. It's in fantastic shape. It comes with it's original box, documentation wall charger and cable. I'm also including 2 extra batteries with charger, a Fotodiox heavy duty Canon FD to NX lens adapter. The camera has a scuff at the top from putting it in a cage once; I've included a picture which shows it. The pictures show a temporary cap on the NX adapter. I have misplaced the original body cap, but I have a replacement arriving on Monday. The camera was primarily used for video. I could not find the shutter count. If I were to guess I how many pictures I took with it, would say less than 1000. Probably in the mid 100s. I'm located in Tampa, FL. I'd prefer to sell within the States. I'm asking $850 Thanks, Herbert
  3. @jonpais Thanks! Watching it now. @Parker Switched to my 35mm FD and the footage is noticeably smoother. Now I need to practice.
  4. Thanks @jonpais. @Parker, I'm sure you're right. 50mm is pushing it. Being my 1st gimbal, I hadn't stopped to think about it. So far, I am impressed with the build quality and packaging. Once I remove the dang user error, I'm sure it'll be as awesome as others have demonstrated.
  5. 1:58 of the video demonstrates what I mean. With the gimbal off, a properly balanced camera should not rise or fall when moved to different positions. Though I can get my camera to sit "level", I know it is not because it's heavily weighted and gravity flops it back to the "level" position. I guess I just need to really fiddle with it some more.
  6. I got my Crane last week. I've been trying to balance it with my NX1 and Canon FD 50mm. With the Crane off, I can get the camera level on the various axis, but I cannot get it stay in position when moved by hand. It always wants to flop back to the "balanced" position. Been following this video: My footage has been less than stellar, but I know it is user error (not properly balancing) and not the Crane. Any suggestions?
  7. Cool! Kinda surprised that so many people were clamoring for this, yet after 13 hours, only 3 people have said anything... Where's the enthusiasm, people? Thanks for the samples Ricardo and Marco. Can't wait to see more!
  8. Forced remapping may also help prevent certain Sony's from overheating: http://eriknaso.com/2016/06/29/how-i-solved-the-a6300-overheating-issue-when-shooting-4k-video/
  9. This gimbal looks fantastic. The price is great. The motors are great. The app is great. It appears to have stronger motors than the Optimus which is double the cost. The handle... For single handed operation it looks good. But, if I wanted dual handles... I guess I could rig something with a clamp. But what about at the end of jibs / cranes?
  10. Asked it the petition thread... I need a QUICK answer so I can overnight a card from Amazon. What card are you using to record 180mbps reliably?
  11. I could have sworn my card wasn't having any problems a while back.
  12. What's the best SD card for 180Mbps + ? I have a shoot on Friday. Using KS hack 2.15. Recording stops at about a minute on newly formatted SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95MB/s card. Enabled 128 swap and dropped the rate to 170 - 2 minutes recording before stopping. Should I get the Lexar Professional 2000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 or save a little cash and get the 1000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3?
  13. Hi everybody, I'm looking for the Samsung 45mm f1.8. I have a shoot coming up on Friday. So I need to get the lens by Thursday afternoon in Tampa, FL. Let me know, Thanks.
  14. Feel like everybody is abandoning ship.
  15. Yeah, Geoff, what are you going to be shooting with instead?
  16. Ha! Where's the link to the one you're selling?
  17. Looking at the gear for sale forum, there are a few NX1s for sale. Is it time to move on?
  18. Parker, Where are you located? US? How long is the shipping estimate?
  19. I think these are cheap compared to the 120T, if they deliver the output...
  20. I'm in Florida. Weird the price is up to $406. Go to: https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/product/pixapro-led100d-mkii-daylight-balanced-led-studio-light/ Add it to your cart. Use LM5OFFD for 5% off (from UglyMcGregor youtube.com/watch?v=jbPTPFDsrU0). Keep going through to have the VAT removed and add the shipping. Unless I'm doing something wrong...
  21. At $402 delivered with a discount code, it's significantly cheaper than the 120T, though that's without a battery adapter. And it's daylight! And shipping stays the same for multiple lights (I added 3 to my cart.)
  22. It's nice to know that there is a viable alternative, now that it's shipping to the US.
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