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  1. On my A7s I noticed that when shooting in SLOG2 if I go up to ISO 8000 the image will have a different noise pattern than if I go up to ISO 10,000 and then down to ISO 8000, same ISO but totally different noise I know that people have reported a similar issue with the A7sii with SLOG3 but what I read was it was believed to only be a bug with that picture profile It's this kind of "Trick" ISO that does something weird to the noise Going up give the ISO a kind of "Dirty" grain but going down to the very same ISO will give the ISO a "Clean" grain I compared Native 3200 to this ISO 8000 when it had a "Clean" noise and also the "Dirty" noise http://imgur.com/RzOCZko http://imgur.com/AWU0IED http://imgur.com/G6QoXWl The thing is I see this not just on SLOG2..I see it on all picture profiles..on multiple different camera models... On the A7s this happens on the following Picture Profiles on the following ISOs: http://imgur.com/SLmoyEF Here is a video of me going over the issue and explaining more in-depth: https://youtu.be/Omp5SMrifwI
  2. I've had my Sony A7s for a year now and within the week of getting it noticed that I had a hot pink dead pixel smack dab in the middle of my sensor..I noticed this while reviewing footage after a long day shooting a short... I was pretty upset but mostly just because my brand new camera had a dead pixel on literally the first thing I used it on After doing some digging I found that the camera doesn't have a setting to fix this like other cameras but you can force the camera to remap the sensor which will remove the dead pixel I made a quick video showing how to do so: https://youtu.be/LP1M7vZRwb0 I've known about this for a year now but just never got around to making a tutorial I've had atleast a dozen hot pixels so recommend doing this every time you are about to use the camera for a shoot Hope this helps somone
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