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  1. It is quite big and bulky... That is why we sold ours (alot of my work involves things like climbing mountains, glaciers etc).

    In terms of image quality, it is very good though. I think it beats RED MX and the colours are more natural than Sony's baked in looks. It is very, very versatile too (plus things like NDs, XLRs etc).

    Actually climbing mountains will be important here too, but I thought I just grow some muscles... or not. Let's see what this new Canon 1DXII offers.

  2. ha that makes sense, guess I was underestimating the Samsung ! The more I read you guys feedback is the more I want the 5D. I think I can match the sharpness to the NX1 with a high quality lens like the Milvus glass without the compression and sharpening artifacts. If that truly is possible then I just may have found a nice camera to compliment or exceed my nx1

    While you can get decent enough details with a good lens, I think the NX1's sharpness and detail is unrivaled in this price category.

  3. Don't get hung up on small image artifacts because every camera has them in one way or another. Look at the overall image. The whole picture. Do you like it for the job you're shooting? Do others watch it and also like it? If the answer is 'yes' then you win. Nothing more to be done there. There's always a more expensive camera out there and they're usually better too, but you have to work within reasonable expectations or you'll drive yourself crazy needlessly.

    I see your point but I just can't get past the aliasing, it's just so evident. For me it's like you see it once and then you see it everywhere. The overall image is gorgeous though, nothing can beat it in this price range, no argument there.

  4. "That aliasing in the first video at 2:20 at the fence for example, pretty ugly."

    Yes, you are right but i think this comes more from my mistake than from hardware side, i am still learning resolve. I will post couple of original DNGs from this particular moment for you to check.

    Thanks that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have just finished two short videos from last year vacations. Shot with 5d3 with ML installed in raw.

    Absolutely love colors of this camera, however there is one thing I notice in almost all 5D3 RAW videos. That aliasing in the first video at 2:20 at the fence for example, pretty ugly. I'm considering an FS700 + 7Q (for RAW), but I wonder if that could give me colors like this.

  6. Apologies, I forgot the H4n doesn't have a line-input option to by-pass the mic preamp, so you'll need an attenuator...

    Yes, here's a video showing that happening with the H4n 


    Which is why you need an attenuator of some kind to prevent it. Other recorders allow for a line-in.

    This explains what is happening to the voltage difference between line & mic



    Hope this helps 


    Okay I get it now, thanks for the clarification. Yeah, he will need an attenuator.

  7. The meter is referring to the signal in the NLE, not what was going in to the recorder. If you distort the signal as it goes in to a recorder, dial the recorder to 1, you'll end up with a weak (-24dB ) but already distorted signal. 

    Okay I'm not familiar with the Zoom H4N. Are you saying that it's possible to overdrive an otherwise clean signal inside the recorder and record it at an attenuated level?

  8. Changing to the line-in input should solve the problem.

    Microphones have a low output, which is why they need to be boosted, but if you boost an amplified signal (i.e. from a mixing board) you can distort it, which appears to be the case here. Try to monitor the sound with headphones from the Zoom H4n you'll here the distortion but you won't necessarily be able to tell by the levels on the visual display.

    Good luck for tonight and let me know if changing the input to line-in sorts the problem out or whether you need to use the attenuator. 

    If you boost a signal and it clips then yes you can distort it, but the waveform shows -24dB loudness, so I guess it was not the Zoom H4N that clipped it. The line in signal must have been already clipped.

  9. The C100 looked really good imo.

    I wonder how the FS700 + 7Q RAW would look like compared to these. I know it's old and hard to handle, but let's say I have all the time in the world and my priorities are color and DR, and I like having 4K, isn't the FS700 a good choice then? I was waiting for the URSA Mini 4.6K but I can't say I liked what I've seen so far.

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