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  1. Proper 1080p would at least be something, and the 60 fps over-cranking looks pretty good. At least an Atomos recorder gives you an improved display for video (peaking, zebras etc), as well as bypassing the internal codec, without costing a fortune. And if it doesn't have the A7S rolling shutter, that is also a plus.


    If you want to record 60p over HDMI, you have the Shogun for $2k, which is pretty much. Do we have any other options?

  2. with this camera having a super 35mm / APSC size sensor I personally would not be bothered using a speedbooster at all ever .

    as I want all  my lenses to be used at the super 35 'field of view' so I'm in cinema lens terratory .

    Im not into approximating full frame field of view with a speed booster .

    So for me this camera is fine as is.


    It would be fine for me too, but I wonder how well the existing NX lenses perform on this body. We'll have to wait and see, as we don't have too many options here.

  3. BSI helps the most with small pixel pitches, so I'm not expecting a miracle. 25-40% is not even a stop, so that's rather marginal to me.


    MF is definitely going to be by wire, so...


    One slight downside is that the NX mount flange distance is the longest of all mirrorless systems, so adapting M mount lenses is tricky. However since most use DSLR lenses it should not be an issue for many. Is there a Speedbooster for the NX mount?


    This is from the Metabones FAQ:

    "Will Samsung NX cameras be supported?

    No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit the optics inside the Samsung NX mount owing to flange distance and physical interference issues."

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