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  1. You're right, it seems the firmware used was 1.35, whereas the latest should be 1.42. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. New video after firmware update:
  3. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    Well, I was mentioning places the average guy (like myself) knows. If there are other places better than those, good for you that you know them. Only in that case you have to agree they could not be considered common, as any simply research on the market will not return a 30-40% less of the price as you mentioned. In other words, it's sounds like something quite exclusive. In fact, when you say 60-70% of the original price and that's because of stores which I can't consider common (otherwise a simple investigation would open the doors of these "better" places) you're kind of stating something which can't be proved, unless you would reveal the source.
  4. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    Amazon, B&H and Adorama they're all on the same range, buck less, buck more. These are the places I trust to buy my gears. I assumed we weren't talking about a used one, otherwise of course there are other resources. I've bought a A5000 for $140 off eBay in mint condition, never used, after only a few weeks it was on the market. Canon is not Sony, and among their arsenal, 7D is not like others camera. So, yes, for the 7D is not unrealistic. For Sonys is a different story.
  5. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    Not really. A6000 is now $498 on Amazon. What was it back in 2014? $649? It took more than a few weeks to get to this price and is about %77 of the original price. Other Sonys may follow a worst scenario. A7s is barely 12% less than the original price after all this time.
  6. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    Oh ok, yes refurbished makes sense. 250 for the a5100 was a good deal!
  7. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    I don't think so. The A6000 for instance, except for very short periods never had a significant decrease price wise. Who has been lucky had saved about 100 bucks. $400 less for a new product like the A6300, even after an half a year in the market is not realistic.
  8. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    I don't see the touchscreen as an important feature. If I'm shooting with a Gymbal I can't use it anyway, other than that I'm using manual focus lenses, so for focusing purpose doesn't help either. After I assign a couple of options to the F keys, I'm good to go.
  9. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    I did a quick cc focusing on the skin tone, so yes foliage color is off. Well, an appreciation type of statement doesn't help much. Why don't you tell us what is wrong and how to get a better color rendition?
  10. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    Good point, although the examples you posted after cc are still off to me if we would be after a Canon look. How about this? Personally I don't like Canon either whereas I love Nikon.
  11. dsp_418

    Sony a6300 4k

    It sounds great, but after my recent experience with my A6000 I really hesitant to buy a new Sony again. My A6000, after a year and a month (of course, never withing the warranty time), started behaving crazy. Now, most of the time, I can take a picture or two, then none of the buttons work, none of them. I tried everything but no luck. The customer service didn't help much. The worst thing is if I want it repaired from an authorized center I've to ship it to Connecticut, and the average cost of the service it's around $250! On the Sony forum they just don't respond. So, after this experience, despite the new A6300 sounds really exciting, I think these companies should give customers a better support, but they actually don't care because people keep buying their stuff. Sorry, this went a little OT, but to me a new camera also means think for a moment about their support, because theoretically any new camera can have issues.
  12. Funny, when I had the 7D I always had to tweak the colors. Same happened with 5D files. I find Canon's colors so unnatural, in fact I find them too saturated and too contrasty. I enjoy Sony's color much better.
  13. Interesting article. There's something I don't get though: S-Log isn't the only way to shoot with the A7sii. People could pick a different workflow, easier to handle with great results straight out of the camera. Sony adding the S-Log to a consumer camera it is actually a great thing, because it gives an option to people who want to go that route. That said, I agree with the other points: S-Log is not easy to handle and, on top of that, can become a real hassle considered the 8-bit limit.
  14. Thanks TheRenaissanceMan, I was just going to edit my previous post to add some more details, but I'll reply here at this point. I was mainly curious about Emanuel's statement because it seemed kind of too open statement, so I thought there must be some reason and would have been interesting hearing more from him. Anyway, personally it's a tough decision. I bought the A6000 last year and waited for the A7Sii, hoping could have been the perfect solution for stills and video. It kind of makes sense that is not the perfect hybrid though. But now I'm left with a difficult decision (in fact I'm almost thinking I won't buy anything at all). I love the A6000, I shoot a lot of stills and it's a great camera. I don't complain too much about the video, definitely a great step above my previous 7D, plus Sony added the X-AVCs which is a welcome firmware update. But then I tried the A7s, and for video that camera it's a different story. So, I guess I just need to test the A7s out more for stills and see if that's enough for my needs, and considered I shouldn't expect more in terms of stills from the A7Sii, if the A7s works fine then I know what to buy. As others have already complained though, it's $500 more and I'm curious to find out whether the new features are worth the extra money. I'm especially curious about the IBIS since I use only old manual lenses. If the IBIS can really help me out with those old lenses getting a more stabilized video (though I'm aware I can't expect anything like an actual dedicated gimbal stabilizer), that could make a difference. 4k? Hm... not sure yet, never felt the urge for that, but since it's there I think it doesn't hurt (once we figure out the overheating issue).
  15. I'm interested in the new Sony's camera, both A7rii and A7Sii: why you consider the A7rii a better deal?
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