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  1. "because this has the potential to cannibalise both for resolution, low light and 4K quality." Well. Dont you worry Andrew. The 100mbps will make sure the 15mp quad bayered pixels are shitty as always ?
  2. Anyone interested in 8K should watch this first:
  3. "– 15 stops of dynamic range from new, cleaner S35 sensor" What?.. The 4.6K sensor already does this pr spec. And cleaner?.. No. Its the same sensor. Its just clocked faster and with faster internal hardware. Its not a new sensor. The old sensor has always been able to do this. Thats why the Ursa (big one) was advertised with 120fps 4K all those years ago. "a Black Magic BM Raw recorder would be great as well".... Cannot be done. Blackmagic RAW (or .braw) is partly debayered in camera and they need to profile the sensor, so there needs to be knowledge about the camera.. You cant ju
  4. For people asking about the stills function. This is just as the Ursa Mini Pro. Its a frame grab. I think they are marketing this WAY wrong. People think it take stills.. well.. no. It grabs a frame or the live video feed it produces from the sensor. Like a video for 1 frame what ever settings your are on. The format is DNG which you can convert to whatever you want afterwards. As it is a frame grab it will be at the resoultion you have choosen in-camera. So for 4K DCI it is 4096 x 2160 = 8.8mp (max). I would not buy this for taking stills - unless you are a cinema guy and don't expe
  5. What the Mini Pro shows me the most, is that BMD is really listening to the crowd. When they made the BMCC and saw how everybody rigged it up, they made the Ursa (major) so people didn't have to rig it up and big crews could make it. When people said that it was too big they made it smaller with the Ursa Mini. When people said that they wanted NDs, swabble mount, external control for power on/off and better preamps, SSD cage they gave it to the people.. Just like the Pocket, they made the Micro for POV mounting when people wanted that.. Sooo... Try to ask for the same with Canon :-D The
  6. It does record RAW to SD cards. For now its only 1920x1080p lossless RAW but i cant see why it couldn't take higher resolutions in compressed forms with software update. as 1080p30 lossless RAW is about 95MB/s. Thats about the same as 4K DCI 4096x2160p30 in RAW 4:1 at 100MB/s. Theoretical it could also do full sensor 4608x2592p30 in 4:1 RAW with a datarate around 135MB/s and UHS-II fullduplex is at (theoretical) 156MB/s - not a lot of overhead though.. So lets see how it evolves.. Also Grant showcased a SSD recorder (like the Atoch - but MUCH better design like the Rex Tech http://www.re
  7. The design of this i good. We just need a high quality version.. But i can't even find this cheap thing..
  8. The X1D looks like Blackmagic Design designed it
  9. I think he is talking about the Image Quality (IQ).. What you discripe is: 1) A bigger image - not better IQ ("higher resolution") 2) More pictures - not better IQ ("14 fps vs 16 fps") 3 Focus improvements - not better IQ ("touch screen AF", "dual pixel AF", "significantly faster auto focus") so more.. but not better
  10. Thank you! We see all these mathematical equivalent photos from different size sensors and some don't believe in it because they say they can see a difference.. OF CAUSE there is a diffence. The lens designs are proprobly not the same. When comparing stuff like this, you need exact copies of all the involved things.. sensor, lens, subject.. Only the size can change. But this is not possible in real world, as there are many small differences. It's like most MF sensores are CCD. It's a completely different design, so you can't compare the image 1:1. But yes. I think lens design is what
  11. The green cast is "normal" for the BMD displays. Look at 16:38 in this video: Andrew is the screen visble outside? It seems VERY reflective.. And it seems BMD use this for all their products How is the VAHD and VA4K compared to the other records and just as a normal display?
  12. Thanks for the article Andrew. Can i ask.. On a list, from "No stabilisation" to a "omg i don't need a tripod (for real).. where would you put the A7SII? (you can use 1-10 if it makes it any easier ). It sounds like you would put the GX80/85 at "omg I don't need a tripod (for real) (10).. But is this true?.. i mean. When i first heard of the IBIS on the Alpha7mk2 series i was blown away. But then i got hold of a a7Sii myself, and i was first pleased.. but the more I shot the worse it got in my mind. I've heard the phrase "end of tripod use" with the a7Sii IBIS.. But I, to this day, I do
  13. Well. I agree with you Andrew. But this is nothing new. Apple has done this for many years with all the other hardware you find in your computer/PC. And for that reason exactly, I am a Windows user. :) You can pretty much use any hardware you want - including SSDs :P And you can't do that with OS X because they have very limited hardware support.
  14. Arhmm... i think it's just the release lens button/lever. ;) But i know just as much as the rest of you guys :)
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